HARD SHELL GROUND BEEF TACOS | Gringo Tacos with Crispy Fried Shells

Hard shell ground beef tacos, or gringo tacos as I call them, were one of the classics on my family’s dinner table. But I’m leveling up your parents recipe. For these supreme tacos I fry the corn tortillas into an explosively crispy crunchy shell for well-seasoned ground beef (no packets) fresh toppings, and Ortega taco sauce (because nothing I could make speaks to my child brain the way Ortega does. It.Is. Good.

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8-10 nice corn torillas, I recommend a brand that’s preservative free and refrigerated
2-3 C. Fry oil (canola, soybean, etc)
8oz Pepper Jack (I like to grate it myself)
8oz Extra Sharp Cheddar (again, i prefer to grate it myself)
1 Head Green Leaf Lettuce
Sour Cream
Fresh Tomato

1 TBSP Vegetable Oil
1 medium onion, diced
4 cloves of garlic, minced
20g or 2 TBSP Chile powder
1g or 1 TSP oregano
5g or 2 TSP Cumin
5g or 2 TSP Paprika
1g or 1/4 TSP Chile flake
150g Chicken Broth or rough 2/3 C. ( video says 100g, but i decided to add a few more splashes before the 15 minute simmer)
100g or 1/2 C. Tomato Sauce
15g or 2 TSP Apple Cider Vinegar
10g or 1 TSP Brown Sugar
Salt to taste (1 tsp roughly)

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  • No "Let's eat this thing"? Come on!!! Nice technique on those Brian. Well done Sir.

    Sergio Kauffman Acosta 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • MORE TIPS: add fresh raw chopped onion, use a more crunchy green like cabbage, kale, radicchio, and make sure all toppings are COLD to contrast with the hot meat, choose your favorite salsa or add fire roasted peppers or jalapenos to add spice and moisture. Your experience will be elevated. Tomato powder is an excellent addition to taco seasoning mix.

    Violet 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Is chilli powder different in the US? If I used 20grams of what we call chilli powder in a dish, I'd be dead.

    Chilli powder in the UK is just there to bring heat (in a pinch, fresh chilli is always better) but half a teaspoon in a large dish is enough to make a difference, 20g would make food inedible.

    Greg Dawson 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • You need to find alternatives to seed oils. I suggest tallow.

    John Keller 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • No jalapeños?!? I'm trying this now… with chopped jalapeños

    Lafay Pettiford 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Growing up, I believe we used Ortega or something similar for taco night, too. I much prefer dabs of both Tabasco Green Jalapeño and Chipotle sauces, nowadays.

    Andrew Wyman 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • We've always done it the soft-fried way. Delicious as well. Just 15 seconds both sides, no bending required. lol. The taste of the lime in the tortillas (mineral not the fruit) really comes through. Like the steamed tortillas but better.

    NitroBuzz 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • I love your channel but need closed captions!!!

    Fraser’s Girl 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • So funny how you catered the vid to like college kids here. Low light, and the jokes. Awesome video!

    Burt Mcgurt 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • You could do a whole episode on making taco sauces. Ortega has a very nice flavor, I buy it for my wife. My favorite is Pico Pica but it's too expensive for the amounts I use, so I make my own. You can make a nice emergency one with chili powder, tomato sauce and spices. Pico Pica Taco Sauce


    2 cups dried red chili peppers, sliced in half with seeds

    1/4 cup dried onion flakes

    1 teaspoon salt

    1 teaspoon cumin powder

    1 teaspoon Mexican oregano

    1 tablespoon chili powder

    1 teaspoon paprika

    4 tablespoons white vinegar

    2 cups water

    2 (8 ounce) cans tomato sauce

    puree in blender and then simmer for 20 min.

    John Hanes 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • There's a really unique texture when shredded cheese is on top of all the ingredients (so it doesn't melt). Try it out some time. This is how taco bell does theirs.

    Obseq 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • My nostalgic taco sauce is La Victoria HOT taco sauce, which I can't find anywhere anymore. I can still find mild and medium, but not HOT. (And no, their Salsa Bravo is not the same thing.)

    Ortega is close though…

    Derek Allyn 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • I love me some Bri, but this recipe is nearly identical to the Cooks Illustrated Hard Shell Beef Taco recipe. Not cool Bri, not cool…

    Jordan N 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • I would suggest making tostadas instead of tacos, it's easier to make and you can fit more meat and toppings. Lose the piping bag and get some squeeze bottles.

    Shampoo Master 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Great video. Ortega is a good choice…but we've been using Pico Pica picante sauce for 50 years. Piping sour cream? Nope. Too wimpy.

    aaron aragon 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Tool

    Stephen Piper 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • La Victoria in my house growing up.

    Barney Maloney 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • i add 4 oz of chorizo to a lb or so of beef, really took my taco game up a notch

    Adam H 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Dude your recipes are so reliable and amazing! Best taco shell ever 🤩👍

    SimplyHEARTLESS Gaming 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Ortega is that fire booooi

    Benjamin Brand 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Yeah I'm weird with my tacos lol

    I don't use taco sauce at all. Matter of fact I'd pass on the taco supreme in general. Just give me the meat, shell, and cheese and call it a day 😅

    ANTHONYinCALI 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Chile de Molcajete, look it up and make it. Ortega!? Why this stuff's made in New York City! Also, try to find a Tortilleria for some really fresh tortillas. One last thing, try heating up the tortillas a little on a griddle to make them more pliable before frying.

    Peter Hernandez 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • I made this twice. It was much better the second time when I omitted the chicken broth. For me, beef and chicked don't mix well.

    BullToTheShit 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • I put Renee's Thick Caesar dressing on my Ol El Paso store bought taco kits

    Sol Star 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • THIS is why Ortega is sold out lol! Great video!!!

    Boxer Fan 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • No Ortega where i live… now what lol

    D_Man Oil 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • These look awesome, and yeah, messy to eat but hey, what's a proper taco if it's not messy !!

    XSM 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Everything but ortega sauce was dope

    sheep hearder 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Love the taco folding/fry technique will try that. Do you salt the shell? Also have you tried putting the lettuce layer down first? It prevents any grease or other moisture from soaking into the shell and it ripping. Great video as always.

    Nathan Floyd 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Just made this and my family loved it. Thanks for the recipe and the instructions. This one is going into my normal line up.

    Mark Womack 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Pondificate…

    wasabi1m 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • El Milagro brand tortillas are the best tortillas you can get, specially the ones that come packed in paper packaging instead of plastic like the ones in the video.

    Robert Kennedy 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Piped on sour cream?

    GolferGirl 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Ortega sauce all the way. Also want to add if you don't have two tongs use aluminum foil to make a mold to mold the tortilla around (thanks alton brown)

    Riley Termondt 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • As I watch your video, I am split in my focus between the technical aspects of creating the video to the ingredients, tools and methods involved. It is clear that you put a lot of thought into your planning of the video and handle the editing remarkably well. Thank you for sharing this. I would like to say that my Mexican-American mom used to slice the iceberg lettuce, and then she would add mayonnaise and salt to it to balance the iceberg`s bitterness. To this day, it is what I prefer – chalk it up to childhood memories. My stomach remembers. Now, I live in Ukraine, where you are lucky to find a dozen Mexican ingredients, definitely no corn tortillas, and heavily processed flour tortillas. I do with what I`ve got. At least there`s lard at the farmers market so I can use it in frijoles and flour tortillas.

    slocad11 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Taco Bell sauce available in bottled at the grocery store now. It’s what scratches the itch for me

    Heidi S 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Instead of Ortega, I use La Victoria red sauce in the tall bottle. Good stuff.

    Don Arbow 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • If I'm out of La Victoria hot sauce, I don't make tacos. Nice work on all the rest of this, though!

    Zachary Pennington 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • My wife LOVES when I crisp up shells, but the Bri recommendations are ALWAYS going to improve what I can create for her. My fingies will thank you for the two tong recommendation for sure!

    Dominick Carlson 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • the real tacos are from mexicos streets

    LEGO ANAKIN 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • that’s not a taco

    LEGO ANAKIN 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • Love this recipe. No dancing on this video? Miss that though. Would love to see you do more fish dishes. You da man.

    Lauranell Burch 23/10/2022 am6:41
  • We just use salsa instead of toco sauce

    Joann Rector 23/10/2022 am6:41