Hamburger Steak and Gluten free Gravy | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022


Hamburger Steak and Gluten-free Gravy —so many of you are trying to stay away from gluten for one reason or another.

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO FOR ME. ! ! ! Corn starch can be used to thicken gravy or a pudding.

This dish tastes fantastic. You have to try it with the old/cool weather we are having today.

Snuggle up and enjoy this temperature
Cooking with Brenda Gantt, Andalusia, Alabama.

“It’s gonna be good y’all!”

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People still cook some foods over an open flame, in addition to using tools like microwaves toasters, and stovetops.

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Hamburger Steak and Gluten-free Gravy | Cooking With Brenda Gantt 2022




  • onward Christian soldiers . I think of Sunday school years ago

    Juanita Taylor 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Love watching your video

    Kimberly Francis 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Growing up we called that Thanksgiving gravy. My oklahoma grandma made the turkey gravy on Thanksgiving that way. When She passed on the duty we named it Thanksgiving gravy. 🙏

    Kat 55 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Looks so good, thanks for cooking for us.

    Susan Williamson 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Love to watch your videos
    We ate what mama put on the table🥰

    Carolyn Thomas 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I just love watching you cook and listening to you chat. I lost my mom at a very young age and missed out on the experience of watching a mother and/or grandmother cooking and making a home. All the things you do and teach are what I imagine I was missing out on all along. I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing all this with the public.

    Lindsey Owoo 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I love watching you cook!

    ruby 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Another yummy dinner!

    Artie Watson 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Yummyyyyy

    Caroline Sweeney 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • My kids LOVED IT!!!!

    Nicole DeHaut 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • If you are gluten free, make sure you check the ingredients in you packaged sauces and gravy’s..most have gluten in them..

    Gramma Rose’s Open Pantry 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Nice job. Love the thumb idea to smooth out the sides of the burgers.

    Jennifer Jones 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Thank you for making gluten free gravy

    Ann Lee 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • The Gluten free gravy is looking beautiful!!!

    Josh Chapman 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I made hamburger steaks the other night. They were really good. More like Salisbury steak. Lots of onions. Really good!

    Linda Cake 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I bring my liquid to a boil and then add the cornstarch and water into it. No lumps that way. Much easier.

    Linda Cake 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Hamburger Steak is one of my family's favorites.

    Coral Hayward 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Looks yummy!

    Andrea McDonald 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Yummy

    Cindy Leidy 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    JOYCE 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I loved ONIONS for 63 years then somehow Covid made them taste & smell horrible to me, I can't tell you how much I miss eating/cooking with onions.

    gina gray 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Love all your good cookin'. Was wondering about the English Peas, Did you cream them? My Nanny used to make creamed peas. So good. God Bless

    BECKY LOWE 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • ☺️…my heart smiled when I heard you say china berry (salivary)tree we had two or three in our yard.

    Brenda Jones 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • We like ours wayyy thinner

    eleanor roberts 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • That sure looks Delicious, I'm definitely going to make this. Thank you for all your Great recipes.

    Lynn Burns 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • You could probably used mushrooms in hamburger steak too

    janet love 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Do you cook more then breakfast for the Coddle house guests?.

    janet love 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • This is delicious, I love to serve mine on grits.i haven't tried rice but I think it will be a definite on my menu

    Wanda Scott 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • That’s what I had for dinner last tonight. Hubby cooked it in the air fryer. It was delicious! He also made smashed potatoes and home canned green beans!

    Celeste D 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I just. Absolutely adore you. You’re so adorable.

    Breanna Isaacson 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I was Blessed. I didn’t have picky eaters. We raised our children to eat what was in front of them. That’s the way my husband and I were raised.

    Lucia Briseno 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • great video !!! love it

    Recipes Quick & Simple 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Thrilled to see a gluten free gravy recipe! Now show us a great gluten free bread recipe!

    Claire Smith 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • yum,yum

    Marleen Hagler 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Looking good from Philadelphia

    Eudora Salih 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • That's the way my mother taught me to pat out a burger.

    Sue Brubaker 26/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Looks delicious 😋 ♥

    CLKB70 26/10/2022 pm2:04