Hamburger Left in a Closet for 24 Years

Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a hamburger that was sitting in a closet for 24 years is revealed and looks exactly the same.

I meant to say parralel not perpendicular. Oops!

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Also in this video, a man uses a device that helps with his disability. A man gives a cat a high five. A person shows how the bones in your forearm work. Free WiFi has a very long password. A man can make music on a piano. A drone video on top of a cliff in Norway.

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  • My mom be like: "it's still good to eat"

    Salnos 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • What the ?! That burger is only 2 years older than me and it not rotten yet, wow 🤯, I'm currently 22 y.o. as I am writing this comment

    Emily Rabjerg 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • bro found my locker 💀

    CrackedLays 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Sorta like Tom Cruise, only it's about 50 years.

    43nostromo 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Lisa Guthrie 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Those are bones are NOT NOT perpendicular. You are so ignorant.

    Joy Hill 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Great vid, but you probably meant parallel, not perpendicular 😅

    Lucas Gerosa 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • As for the "surgical mask", if you can't breathe OUT, you can't breathe IN either!! VERY BAD FOR YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!! Take a hint!!

    Janis Hart 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Who saves a mcdonald burger on the closet lol😂

    kriuw 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • legend says the burger is still in her closet

    Molossis 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • 0:47 that hamster is verry SUSSY

    SwissCheese 312 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Talkboxes being discovered by 20-somethings. Peter Frampton says, "that's cute."

    Duneedon 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • That last one is Bull shit

    Thomas Fenton 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • That must have been an Australian hamster….

    You know because everything down under tries to kill you

    tyson skaggs 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Me after seeing her with the burger: NOW EAT IT

    Vesna Bernjak-Ord 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • You meant parallel and don’t touch not perpendicular (referring to the forearm bone)

    Bam Bam 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • "911 what's your emergency"
    "There's a hamster in my house"
    "Sir this is not a place to joke around"
    "No like this is serious he has a knife"
    "What's your address"

    Ariyan Zarrah 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Fuck,that burger more old than me

    SolBadGuy D 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Shows you what this stuff is made of 😐

    EcoNBeBop 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • its illegal to use a legal name
    read & share the BCCRSS

    Larry Tolley 25/10/2022 am5:38

    MilkyWay 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • when the burger is older than an anti-vaxxed child

    Crisantino Gene Mercado 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • She should have eaten it on video

    Problem?Let's talk!~No?Let's chat! 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • The Radius and Ulna are parallel and not perpendicular in Anatomical Position.

    MrTimelord77 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Bro that hamster said hold on I gotta go shit on these ops for a sec, man’s hopping around here like someone owes him money

    Daniel Jackson 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Of course it’s not going to turn off if he has the lighter over his nose and the other ones in front of his mouth

    damarisarecelis 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • the burger is older than me

    Leonardo Fonseca 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • holy shit, that this thing never molded means it has so much preservatives in it, that its not even healthy

    LcFan96 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Try re-heating and eating that McDonalds and see what happens…

    betaville72 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • Danger mouse

    Mina Ashido 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • POV: the leftovers

    kadenzhere 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • The hamburger looks like what we get at lunch at school

    Winter✨ 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • This video low-key should've been called silence occasionally broken by mark screaming

    Ho manh 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • I'm scared of nothing, but that mouse, it scares me.

    ♪ Nahida ★ 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • me holding my breath when walking into a McDonalds🤣

    theperfectgoat 25/10/2022 am5:38
  • I just got an add for burger king 💀

    †⟩ ālwå¥s wäπ¢hîn¶ ⟨† 25/10/2022 am5:38