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Hamburger Casserole. 100 year old recipe. This video had to be re-uploaded! In this video I’ll be whipping up a simple, one pot dish that is perfect for any weeknight dinner. The variations are virtually endless. It’s easy a, affordable and delicious. You can make it with the ingredients that you already have on hand. No need for a shopping trip in a specialty food store. This is the kind of meal that I grew up on, and I raised my 4 kids on.


1 lb. of lean ground beef
1 cup of chopped onions
4 cups of diced potatoes
1 cup of milk
Salt & pepper to taste
4 ounces of Provolone cheese (or any cheese that you prefer)
1 teaspoon of corn starch to thicken
**Optional – 1 cup of chopped green bell peppers

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  • Would 80/20 need to be drained?

    jammin8317 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Looks good, going to make it

    Janet Davis 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Do you cover it in the oven?

    Go Airborne 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • This is a good recipe for a newlywed wife who doesn't know how to cook. Basically, it's Hamberger Helper from scratch. Needs seasoning, though, and one doesn't need a cooking show to make it LOL!

    Julie Vorensky 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • I agree with you about breaking up the hamburger.

    Julie Hawkins 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • yummy

    Aaron Erskine 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Making this right now, with milk and pepper jack cheese….i am a cheater for flavor and open envelope of stroganoff, or mushroom gravy. I dont have bell pepper.😒 Thank you Becky!

    Jamie Carey 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • I take it the oven is set at 350.

    Mary Tinker 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Don't understand why you use milk.? What does that do? Australia.

    cat Lam 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • I love her recipes so basic but so tasty 😋 and most importantly She says “Put God first “ and love her Christian decorations and the flags she has

    Kelly McFalls 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Add a can of sweet green peas drained from the can it’s good. Added flavor

    Paula Tudor 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Misspelled Missspelled and SOORY sorry!!

    Mark Shore 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Soory Mispelled Varieties and chive was supposed to be CHOICES. Must be Tired LOL!

    Mark Shore 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • You are so clear, so concise and thorough, offering so many different verities of chive, I feel like I am standing right next you. Thank You!!! Love your videos. Your Friend in Christ, Mark

    Mark Shore 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Blessings Thank you ❤️ 🙏 Put God first

    Gail Stoddard 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • ummm. looks good and easy to make. thank you. now all i have to do is clean my big stovetop/oven pan up and will be reasy to cook.
    God bless you for taking the time to make this video and shring it.

    Mary Patten 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Awful lot in a small skillet.
    Looks good, like this kind of food, thank you.

    Bill 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Bustin up yo meat may hurt be careful.

    O Eff 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • could you use air fryer to cook potatoes while cooking hamburgers n peppers?

    Lisa ann 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Making this tonight for my family! My wife has to work late so it will be ready when she gets home!

    00 Coyote 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Looks good God Bless you and yours

    Debbie and Stephen Pickett 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Oh THANK YOU! This looks heavenly and we cannot wait to try it out – I'm certain we will love it. Judi

    Judith Storck 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Not a bad recipe, we had it last night. In the future, I would add more hamburger meat, fewer potatoes, and add butter.

    Try it - Like it - Create it 24/10/2022 am9:23

    seand67 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • This is amazing ❤

    Deanna 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Looks so good I'm going to have to try this recipe and thank you for your recipes and your time and you have a blessed day

    Diane Ownby 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • I guess I could use yellow peppers don’t like the green.thx for recipe.What state do you life in? I’m on the coast of NC.I saw TN I love TN..Got married in pigeon forge 😊

    Vicki Pittman 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Can you leave out the baking powder?

    Brenda Moore 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Ummm. Thank you.

    Dorleen Lastra 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Thank you. God bless

    Punkin PD 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • This dish is kinda like Shepards Pie. Instead of peppers (I'm allergic to them), I use green beans or about a cup of mixed veggies. Plus, the fresh or frozen veggies taste so much better than canned. Thank you for sharing. I'm new to your channel and just subscribed so I can catch up on some of your recipes.

    R B 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • 👍

    Hoop 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • Real nice!! right before the evening meal! mouth watering.

    Rick Wensel 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • This kitchen produces MY KIND OF EATING!!!

    jay graham 24/10/2022 am9:23
  • My mama makes this often. She just calls it hamburger hash. She also uses frozen Potatoes Obrien, and no cheese. Our family just lives it! Thank You for sharing your recipe! GOD Bless!

    Grace n Grit 24/10/2022 am9:23