Gordon Ramsay's Top Basic Cooking Skills | Ultimate Cookery Course FULL EPISODE

Gordon Ramsay demonstrates some basic cooking skills as well as some easy to do recipes. Including pork chops with sweet and sour peppers, pan-fried scallops to a stuffed roast chicken.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • the recipies look so good my mouth waters every time you show us a new dish

    Nadi O'Neal 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I love cooking!! My girlfriend and family loves what I produce. I, unfortunately, do not have a sense of smell. I always taste everything!! Anyone else have this problem? Just curious..

    Monkey mugs 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • good recipe, you should try to cook

    Laura Corby 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I've tried different recipes from Gordon – Amazing!

    Eileen NYC 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Why doesn't anyone remember….It's Gordon RamsEy not RamsAy. Ignoring the Mandela effect is the enemy's goal. Trust your memories.

    Joy Caywood 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Temperament my friend

    Kenneth Fox 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • i watched this

    Oliver 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Uhm Gordon Ramsay, I would appreciate if you actually cooked with ingredients that your average citizen might have. I can certainly say that lamb it is not a common food neither in America or Britain or wherever the heck people are watching from. So please stick to chicken, beef, fish, and pork.

    ana1ism 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Nghe Phúc hát mà nước mắt rơi mãi ….quá nhiều cảm xúc ùa về, quá nhiều kỉ niệm. Cảm ơn Đức Phúc thật nhiều, giọng hát anh ấm tựa nắng mùa Thu vậy.

    Raymond Aaron 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Thank you chef

    Busayo esan 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Two fingers in front, one behind, almost like a big cigar.

    Arpad Harangi 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Yummy

    Kamal Hanbli 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • You already know uncle Rodger is coming for you😅

    Lookinnid 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Handgun777 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I think I am hungry now…

    Elite Medical Equipment Inc 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Truly entertaining

    Roselyn Kelly 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I got tired to watch slow cooks, so I went here. He would love the swedish saussage pincers (svensk korvtång) instead of all other pincers. When they go bad, spread the pincers and put them in the oven for a little while. They are used in Swedish hamburgerbars and by me. I use them every day.

    Sigridovski 22/10/2022 pm1:07
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    Arroz Imortal 22/10/2022 pm1:07
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    Cooking with Polly 22/10/2022 pm1:07
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  • Im a young mother and I really don’t like working in the kitchen. But there’s no one who can cook for us so I need that passion for cooking..I don’t know what to do😬..anyone advice for me?

    Nina Camer 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Absolute Best Shrimp Recipe

    Worth The Weight 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • can you share the link where i cn download the app that you said.??

    18. Bình Khang Nguyễn 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • im on my moms laptop im 7

    Danielle Todd 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • love your cooking

    Danielle Todd 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Chef Grodon, thank you! After sharpening the knife, it is good to wipe the blade of the knife with a cloth in order to remove the particles of iron that will get into the food and food during further cutting (they are small amounts…but still there!).

    GRIC GRIC 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I cant afford those tools and ingredients
    But What he says really helps

    Seann SD 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Im not a big fan of gordon
    But i know he is great
    This is the first video i watched from his channel
    And i already learned so much

    Seann SD 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • “Pan fried scallops”
    Hell Kitchen chefs: 0_o

    Hey Frosty 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Chúc cả nhà ăn ngon miệng nha ❤️🙆‍♂️

    Josh & Staci Treece 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I wonder if Gordon Ramsey can actually cook or just make meals look pretty. I guess I'll never know. I had a dream of being a chef when I was younger. I had my life planned out to go to culinary school. Guess that'll never happen either. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I can't do shit now. Gordon Ramsey is my hero.

    Linn Pennell 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I would like to know the brand of knives you use.

    Debby Costanich 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Sir, you're the expert who will not settle for less but the best output money can buy; thanks for being here, maybe we'll learn something from here. Thanks!

    Washington Hidalgo 22/10/2022 pm1:07
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    Michael Smith 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I'm gonna be a cooking guide for fereign about Vietnamese cuisine so watching your videos hepl me enrich my vocabulary as well as techiques about cooking:
    – versatile, pull back and push on, caramalize, stock, chop, glisten, fluffy, crush, sieve, saute, soak up/absord, marinate/season, coat with, coriana, thyme.

    And thanks so much for your advice "Cook confidently". It takes time and patience to be better and confidence as well to showcase what we've learnt.

    Huyền Thu 22/10/2022 pm1:07
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    Artem Джогер 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • What type of pan? Non stick style

    AdamPlayz587 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • thanks Gordon, because of you I cooked my first pasta dish, I didn't think I could do it because I never cooked before but im able to make a good pasta now

    g money 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I just cooked GR's roast chicken, and it was amazing. I've never been totally satisfied with a roast chicken I've cooked, until today.
    And, I've been using a veg-peeler for decades to thinly slice just about everything (especially butter for pastry), but after some middle-class friends ridiculed me for it as a young man, I've felt like a fraud – I thought I was the only person in the world who did this, and felt ashamed. But Gordon Ramsay recommends it so they can go suck a dick. Sincerely, I feel liberated.

    Brett “Mac” McNamara 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • We need some of your books online to download

    Mawuvi Mordzifa 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • KAON

    Prince Mj Donguila Pagsac 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • Use fork to vertically poke a straight line across crumbed deep fried or oven baked fish or chicken fillet so you can make a straight knife vertical pockets incision without breaking the crumbs. 45 degrees angle cut down on crumbed fish.

    Test new flavors by using process of elimination. After all, it’s just the permutations of 6 main tastes excluding the flavour of main dish, sides and other sauces.

    Replace spring onions with leek.

    Jianfa Tsai 22/10/2022 pm1:07
  • I've got to say during Saturday and Sunday evenings, I've a lot of thyme on my hands

    Sir Thanxalott 22/10/2022 pm1:07