Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA

Here’s your guide to making the perfect burger from the ‘Master Chef’ Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!
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    Cobra 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • This idiot is “ literally” the most “ beautiful touch” of a pampas ass as I have “literally “ seen, plus “ a touch more of beautiful salt and pepper “ and “ on she goes” as an ass clown.

    Robert Brown 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • يعاااام 😂😂

    ᎻᎯᏕᏕᎯᏁ 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Nice but no, fried bacon, ketchup, gerkins or egg. I always love beetroots too. Sadly underdone..

    Susanna Masciulli 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Gordon should let me teach him how to make a burger.

    Deamonfox 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • When you’re watching Gordan make a burger while eating a burger.

    Okhwang Shingai 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Wow

    Adrian George 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • You don't even need blessing from pastors, Gordon can just season you.

    Nathan 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • for all the effort he put in I still wouldn't want anyone speaking while holding my food that close to their face

    Phil Mckenna 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Huh

    Sussy balls 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • 4:04 Wow look at those babies! (Talking about the food on the grill). Camera man zoom in on the bread on the table 🤦‍♂

    Memento 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Ewww cook it. It's a burger, not a steak. Called a chef, can't even cook a burger properly?
    F word burger for sure.
    When i saw it. Tomato on bottom, undercooked, i laughed asking "what the f is that?"

    We're All Thinking It 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • he put that shit on there wrong gota have more BUTTER and less british meat idk what u doin on dsat grill but WhatDaFukkk???? U Got dat shit alll wrong cuh u aint Got that Butter on there right u Gotta put chese on it at the end not right there U CANT DO THAT take it offe there bro take it off u taking to long

    bikkoOW 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • I've noticed that he says "Literally" alot lol

    Ethan Bannister 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Why tf do u need to protect a burger? You're eating it.

    Ethan Bannister 17/10/2022 pm7:15

    Eldgardio 🇺🇦 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • There was an interview with Gordon a few years back. He said it best "Food is as much art ,as Da Vinci using his canvas to create a masterpiece." His passion and what impresses me about his cooking is his attention to detail. He leaves nothing to chance, and he wants to deliver a "five senses" experience.

    That burger is tall, visually appealing, smells incredible, has a hefty feel ,and the sound of the crispness of the bun, lettuce, and tomato complete the experience as you take your first bite. Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine ,and so many chefs make cooking feel as food is not just life, but food has life and an energy that makes their art and craft as meaningful as any true artist or poet.

    Deathstrike 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Everytime he opened the grill there was a different number of items in there. Also those original three bugers and those two onions were probably burnt by then lmao.

    Devwardhan Kothari 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • I’m gonna have to unhinge my jaw to even eat that thing..

    PineappleThePine 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • 2:08
    Why tf does he only get a voice crack when speaking normally??

    PineappleThePine 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • How does his burgers multiply each time he closes the lid

    Johnson Fitzgerald 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Is A simple burger .but the way he makes it is just amazing the love he puts on every dish makes us want to came back . And this dude loves cooking 🍳

    brothers hauling junk 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • I dont get these Burgers with such a thick patty, like you cant eat them

    Lukas Falkner 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Hi chef

    Mr Chef hamza 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • So this is the Krabby Paddy secret formula..

    J-Bone McSwiggans 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • "You can't season a burger after its been cooked

    Seasons Burgers after they've been cooked..

    J-Bone McSwiggans 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • This is why the crabby patty is a thing

    America country ball 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • he touched raw meat than the salt =(

    Hosemen Band 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • That is the most perfect burger I’ve ever seen

    Gordon just takes his burgers to another level

    Salvo Viviano 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • Looks like pretty mid burger

    Shock Troopah 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • 2:23 cross contamination. That’s the left over oil from the burger. 👀

    Tom Thomsman 17/10/2022 pm7:15

    Blade Styles 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • 'how many times…

    Otto Olsson 17/10/2022 pm7:15
  • First time when he says “ a touch “ it is almost a touch ( in this case, mayonnaise) 😅

    Izia World citizen 17/10/2022 pm7:15