Gordon Ramsay's Kid Friendly Recipes

Cooking with children can be a great way to introduce them to the world of food, so here are some fun and easy recipes to try!

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  • I have been watching Gordon for a while, and am very glad that he posted this vid because of the kid friendly recipes.Thank you Gordan!

    Jun 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • My son is 10 months old and I'd love to try these with him in the future. Thanks Gordon.

    KT Speedruns 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • I loved how he just let her do the task without being so anal about it! Trusting that his daughter can handle it 😁 soooo cute together ❤

    Andrea Valenzuela 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • he really does seem like a sweet guy when he's not calling you a fucking donkey

    Evan 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • He's so talented.

    John Doe 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Imagine if ur parents served you these vegetables as a child. I distinctly remember my mother literally chasing me around the house when I was 3-5 years old with her disgusting watery zucchini casserole that I flat out refused to eat. People that hate vegetables grew up being served by people who thought of vegetables as throw-away food. My mother served us ramen and hotdogs (without buns) on good days. On bad days we'd just eat fucking cereal.

    Spongeborb 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • damn thats a good dad hes got a lot of patience

    Catsuplayz 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • How do you pronounce 🍅?

    ed basset 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Love this!

    Renee Alderson 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Hello, Gordon. I am Gina, from South Germany. I am always delighted to look at how you quickly and excellently cook. However is this dish (sausages cooked with wine) really for children? In Germany, we are very careful not to give children (under 18) food containing alcohol due to its bad effect to the kidneys.

    Gina Curie 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Why are so many of the videos reposteddddd

    Verina Mok 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Wow, recipes is so simple and the ingredients are affordable,definitely willing to try them out. Also the air is so pleasant, so attractive for the viewer

    Милана Савенко 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Delicious ✨

    NPC GAMING 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • De que año son estas weas

    Samy Joseph 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • He can do this stuff but can't make a grilled cheese?????

    Maya Anderson 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • I feel like I wacthed this video and I want to eat Gordon made

    Krishna Mondal 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Watching this while eating raw cookie dough

    J Mason 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • And i love your culinaric adventures! Greetings from germany! I just watch it on Pro 7 maxx!😄

    Angelika Noll 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Dear Gordon, i'm a big fan and i love the way you cook! I visit scotland a cupple of years ago! Amazing country, lovley people ! 😉 But good food comes from you only over there!!!!😁😅🤣😉

    Angelika Noll 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • What are the green apples called? another word from Grandma?

    Pink Lady Apples XD

    too cute XD

    Jonny Blaze 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • so much sugar and salt

    fred lacroix 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • I love halloumi😍

    Evu Chi chi 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Sussy baka

    simpzenitsu 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • I'm so excited to try the vegetarian recipe. It looks amazing. I love Haloumi and this is such a nice twist with it.

    Ines Hughes 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • hells kitchen.. S21E3] raw ciken stays and other go's ? when she was lazy wfrom the start..

    do i even need to ask if the tv serie is real ?

    dont bother, i unlike'd it, as i didnt watch is on tv but a site..

    if it was about a buy with a fire hose that wants to be female.
    i understand, if you go to jail..

    Mike Van Der Vegt 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • You’re so sweet with your daughter! She’s lovely and everything looks delicious. ❤

    Betty Forde 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Do you remember vietnam

    PhúQuýBòkho 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Hey Gordon I just watched a video on Dr. Phil and there was this girl who had "Jiggly Juice" can you react to it? The woman who made this "juice" is crazy

    Sarah Adee 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • I want to eat at Gordon’s house 😂

    Jan-baby 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • This is wonderful to watch.

    Rhoad's girl 🤘 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • And I used to hate pineapple on pizza but after a while I got used to it

    Melanie Lopez 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Hey Ramsay pineapple does belong on pizza and it’s a good pizza especially I like it so stop saying pineapple Doesn’t belong on pizza please a lot of people like it

    Melanie Lopez 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Well well well isn't me having all these ingredients in my fridge right now? I will try that recipe this weekend. Cheers from Canada.

    Annie-Pier Charbonneau 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • I could watch Gordon all day long!!

    Angelica 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • is your golden work fuck?

    denver anderson 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Hey Gordon Ramsay I bet you're cooking taste more disgusting than the way Joe Biden is running America.lolololololol

    Supreme downfall 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • That looks like complete bullshit and this British twat calls himself a chef smh

    Supreme downfall 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • Yooo so close to 20 subscribers

    R SHIELD 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • ❤❤❤

    The Squid 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • I don't know why but when gordens cooking he's calm and nice but in other competitions like hells kitchen WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE

    Rotrox 23/10/2022 am5:35
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    บัญญัติ วัชรวิจิตร 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • 🐉

    𝖇𝖔𝖒𝖇𝖕𝖔𝖕 23/10/2022 am5:35
  • We just call them beets lol.

    KingLT82 23/10/2022 am5:35