Gordon Ramsay's Budget Recipes | DOUBLE FULL EPISODE | Ultimate Cookery Course

Gordon Ramsay shows us his favourite budget recipes, including Home made gnocchi, Lamb with fried bread & a one-pot wonder that is Spicy sausage rice.

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  • Mackerel ain't cheap 🤣

    Yeng Yang 19/10/2022 am5:46
  • Great video. It makes me salivate just watching this.

    Restoration Rescue 19/10/2022 am5:46
  • Like Gordon Ramsay but when you say "my next brillant dish" cmon man 😀 you are too confident haha

    andy vuvan 19/10/2022 am5:46
  • Hah, I'm not sure if this actually budget recipes. Maybe for UK?

    Bass4eveR 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • I would not use city water use Spring or mineral water or vitamin water.

    Amy Condle 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Gordons the best chef in the world, Until you get him to make a grilled cheese sandwich lol

    QrazedGaming 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • luv

    Fariha 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Budget-Friendly Recipes!

    Spends $60 on the first meals ingredients because I don't keep wine, lamb, fresh bread, and most of the spices and herbs on hand normally

    SlayBodyz 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • I had a catering business and I have also cooked in commercial kitchens. Watched this…….went to eBay…..bought the book. My kind of cooking. Inspiring.

    hermajesty52 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • kitcheh

    Blanca Navarro 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • This an encyclopaedia of cooking in 45 mins. Holy shit!

    cameron smith 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • A tablespoon ONLY

    *proceeds to pour three gallons

    exocanna 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • I love watching him cook and his family is lucky to have him as a father and always delicious food. My problem is I don’t like a lot of the things in the recipe like spinach, leeks, avocado. I wonder what he would make just for a cheat night like hamburgers and fries lol 😂.

    Joanne Mott 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Hello Cordon, do you ever cook healthy food?

    Tamara Fedoroff 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • I dont think I have ever seen a chef MORE passionate about food. His relationship with food and how he instructs the care of cooking is really inspiring. I love food, talking about food, reading about food, eating food ect…but I never though about listening to my food and what it's is saying to me as Gordon does. It makes sense that for example, when the croutons are perfect are the sound they make when they hit the plate. He says, listen to your crutons. I admire that he uses the best ingredients because why would you want to put cheap unhealthy ingredients in your body.

    RedesignGreen 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • any way you slice it, happy gordon in his own kitchen is way better than angry gordon

    Christian Morgan 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Mettre en francais

    Claude Berthaux 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • this is the great video, I love trying this recipe

    Al Long 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • You are one of the kind !!!!
    Thank you ♥️

    Martha Suarez 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • What is the app name , all I can find in the app is games for kids!
    Please let me know

    E Dogjani 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Saffron is really expensive

    Carol Rude 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Gordon you are by far my favourite chef to watch. but I have a challenge for you. shop like us and create one of your gourmet meals with £3 – £5

    Alex San 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Chúc anh luôn sức khỏe và hát cho chúng em nghe nhé

    Josh & Staci Treece 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Maybe cheap for him!

    Debra Harris 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Thank you Gordon! So happy I found your channel! Love your teaching and cooking style!

    Deborah Barrett 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Hey Gordon I love your easy to put together recipes , however please please come back on TV now in these hard times with some tasty budget family recipes low cost cuts of meat I bet you have some great ideas best wishes Tracie

    Tracie Bushnell 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • basmati rice…hm… 10 minutes will leave it absolutely chewy. not done. I start with havy bottom pan. boil 2 cups of water add caramelized onion and carrots to water. add one cup rinsed basmati rice to boiling salted and pepper liquid. cover the lid cook on med heat for 15 min. under the lid. remove the lid cover with paper towels, cover with lid on a top. take off the stove and let sit for 15 more minuts. after you open the lid to serve it it will be fluffy and lovely from onion and carrots. Not from expansive spices. if you wish yellow color like from saffron you can add dryed turmaric half of teaspoon.

    Alla Kirichenko 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • i love ramsey he is great chef. But he is delusional about making these recepies for for cheep or as fast as he is doing. for many cooks making meat balls from pork and prawns( most expencive sea food) will take 40 min just to ground the pork and clean and chop prawns. salad with saffron will be great but will cost a fortune. Ox tail is expansive in U S. but we love you do not get me wrong your energy is amaizing. I was a personal chef all my life. Allways enjoy your recipes and cook from your videos. I am not on a budget.

    Alla Kirichenko 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Saffron ain’t in my budget, Gordon.

    Liam 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Love your recipes but being state side finding it hard to afford Some of the items or even find them. Being stuck in mid-south state. Can we sub some of the items for others like lamb (which is so costly and hard to find here)

    Dido K 19/10/2022 am5:47
  • Am pure starving now!

    franko 19/10/2022 am5:47