Gordon Ramsay Makes an All American Burger

Gordon is cooking up the perfect burger for the 4th of July! Even at the home, you can make the perfect burger!

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  • Well – that’ll do! Thanks.

    Juha Kernel 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Imagine Gordon Ramsay wisit Mcdonalds

    Iam Matrix 18/10/2022 pm3:29

    Iam Matrix 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Dude, it looks like you just stopped trying. I hope you will step up your game, i really miss old Gordon

    Bojan Pušica 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Gordon Ramsey makes a burger*

    OT 0161 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Gordon Ramsey hates the year, because it only have four seasons.

    Andrzej Karolak 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Looks great! Wish I knew what oil he uses/recommends

    A Grade Podcast 18/10/2022 pm3:29

    Ty Nation 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • I'd eat this over a Krabby Patty

    Strife Airay 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Now I know why there's a shortage of pepper in the supermarkets.

    Isaac Toussier 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • This guy is a PEPPER NUT! He put's pepper on his burger FIVE TIMES! 7XSalt, 5XPepper, and maybe some beef… Sad… IMHO. 
    (Yeah, I am going to try, and see what that much seasoning does to a hamburger… I always thought that beef was salty enough with out any seasoning, but I could be wrong… And no ketchup? I guess I will try it. I think he is right to put the lettuce, and pickles on the bottom.)

    Joe Morton 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • He makes fun of peoples burgers being so tall you can’t bite into them then he makes his burgers the same way lmao 🤣 I love some of his foods but he’s a bit of a hypocrite as well.

    Bob Shaw 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Where's the salt..

    Jelle Bigge 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Stop using that spoon on the pan!!!

    Ordinary Raccoon 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Somebody should introduce him to smash burgers, these thick ass patties are a thing of the past

    Daniel Fittipaldi 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • That’s assault.

    Martin Wyant 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Patty too thick. Smashburgers win every time. This is going to be an unbiteable house burger that's lukewarm and mushy on the inside.

    Daniel Moore 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Looks great, and I always enjoy watching Gordon cook. But to me a burger must be grilled. Sun or snow, it’s gotta go on the grill.

    Brent Emon 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • all american burger, what your all british chipshop?bahahahaha. are you an alien? snarf!

    Festadds Manster 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • really?… it's not American.

    hulleeseeya 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • My buns, lol

    reymicroc 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Salt n pepper every 10 seconds or you're doing it wrong

    Richard Beathe 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • That’s a mothafucking krabby patty

    Romeo Ramirez 18/10/2022 pm3:29
  • Don't over season it with the beef – it takes away from the flavor of the salt and pepper.

    Jetsam Peres 18/10/2022 pm3:29