Gordon Ramsay Makes a Quick and Easy Dessert in Under 15 Minutes

Looking for the perfect dessert to make at home and not take hours? Well this week on Ramsay in 10 Gordon is cooking up a Rhubarb Tart that, well, breaks the 10 minute rule….slightly. Using store bought puff pastry, rhubarb and finishing it with a delicious blood orange topping. There’s no reason not to make dessert…quick.

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  • 15 minutes of cooking, and 1 hour clean after . doesnt make it quik and easy

    Martin 20/10/2022 am2:57
  • So, delicious looking. Thanks for sharing such delicious recipes.

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  • Make a emu dish or ostrich one too

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  • Thank you for another awesome video! You bring PASSION to the art of cooking! So inspiring! ❤

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  • Looks good! When will you make a vegan dessert? Your vegan now right? 🤣

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  • It's really damn 💯

    cool adam 20/10/2022 am2:57
  • Try jollibee or mcdonalds

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