French Fry Addict Has A Meltdown Over Eating A Carrot | Freaky Eaters

Amber has eaten nothing but french fries for every meal for the last 26 years. Now that her daughter has started to pick up her fussy eating habits, she has decided it’s time for her to seek help with branching out and trying other foods.

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  • eating potato chips with ketchup while watching this

    vikk biff 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • Only in Ohio.

    Rin 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • I think making veggies look like french fries is a bad thing, as her mind will automatically think it does not taste right, because it's different.

    SydMountaineer 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • HP sauce is great with fries! I'm from the US, and the first time I tried HP made me realize what I'd been missing – I never imagined therewas a food or condiment that was so very different from everything else I'd had!

    SydMountaineer 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • I wonder if she has a deficiency that makes her crave the potatoes or oil?

    SydMountaineer 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • Shes over reacting

    Vz Zz 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • She could have arfid and seems to have severe anxiety around food. I understand making fun of her is easy and probably funny, but as someone who also struggles with severe anxiety, I commend her for working on changing what she eats! It’s not easy

    Foulbone 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • Sure gone have kidney boulders

    Donald Whitehead 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • She is Irish…what is abnormal about this?

    Nick Thomas 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • No sauce girl? Scary fryologist

    tuurks1 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • Mad credits to amber trying so hard to get better

    Just some random person 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • this is so sad 🙁 i hope she’s okay now

    weasel 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • she probably has synesthesia.

    Jonathan and Bethany Smith 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • How fake you want it to be?

    Avenexful 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • The fact that she said that its medical was funny its s choice like me i would love to eat veggies but my body wont let me but i still try

    Soul Demolisher 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • Fake 🙄

    Jenny W 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • 0:37 Bro that’s the best part about fries!

    Unknown_Ultra25 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • bro how does she not feel her heart stop beating

    fartpantsmcdingle 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • This is some form of ocd

    Michael Toney 21/10/2022 pm9:32
  • This is some funny as shit on God

    JayG7414 21/10/2022 pm9:32