French Fries Tier List

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The Liquid Ladder is a zany new measurement system that you can use to safely rank things that many people deem too dangerous to rank. Our patented system goes all the way from S to F, so you can be rest assured that you’re getting the most precise information possible. In this episode of Liquid Ladder, we force feed Charlie french fries. Will he survive the overload of calories?


Meatier Productions



  • penguinz0 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • he didn't try five guys dang

    Corey Tapp 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • kfc fries.

    Salad Noodle 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • when the most replayed moment in your video is right after the ad 💀

    Sharkattack™ 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Going to mcdonalds at 3 AM is like stepping into the octagon

    Esketxd 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • “I wanted to start with one most people wouldn’t think of, Culver’s” and then me, a confused Wisconsinite

    Ella Draven 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Good thing you didn't get the chicken fries they are the driest fast food item ever

    TheJShista 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Finally people are realizing how good Culver's is.

    Umbreonfan03 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • The fact that charlie had mcdonalds fries at the very lowest out of all of these other places is baffling. There isn't even any competition between them and the other fast food fries. Mcdonalds fries are #1 but ik charlie doesn't have the most normal pallet so I see why he chose what he did.

    Keysendo 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Bro culver's fries are the best

    Gavin Snodgrass 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • I like how matt is always like "let me feed you a fry" thats actually hilarious

    parallaxis 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Snoopys Hot dogs on Hillsborough street has the best fries

    KLONDIKE WHITE 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Dairy Queen is lucky they were spared from this list I would have put them down below f

    deadstop 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Popeyes fries with their buttermilk ranch is an out of body experience Charlie

    Travioli 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Fries Are Bussin Don't Get Me Wrong But Im More Of A Tater Tot Guy Myself

    Joey Smith 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • In middle school sometime they serve fries that's soooo bad, they are cold, not salted and very under cooked. It's nasty but I'll eat anything

    Willard_08:) 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Wendy's fries are a high A.

    Animeke 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Popeyes has the best fries
    McDonald's fries are sooo over hyped.

    Jhona Yo 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • a man who looks like jesus would be right about everything if he didnt live in the united states of dummies

    john doe 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Seasoned fries are top notch

    Topher QZ 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Fries without mayo is like water without toothpaste

    y are you mad 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • I'm not into ASMR but I got hard during those fry crunches
    I love crunchy fries so much I could eat an entire meal comprised of only crunchy fries

    crystal_wolfy 217 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • If you wanna see crimes at McDonald’s come to the UK. We literally have bouncers on most of our McDonald’s, you wouldn’t believe it until you’ve seen it

    MassiveTerry 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Finally someone who agrees Burger King's fries suck, and Culver's is underrated

    Angel 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Taco Bells fries where I live are the worst fries I’ve ever had

    Andreas 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • I love these videos with a passion but these guys look past the fries which takes out the enjoyment. Like just eat the fry and enjoy it for what it is

    Phoboticx 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Taco Bell came out of absolutely nowhere with some banger potato sticks

    Mike Cassidy 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Guys i think they love Checkers fries

    TDFan623 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • It's funny to me because Charlie says that it's the concensus that Checkers has the best fries but I didn't even know it was in the conversation until now hahaha. I'd never heard of it until watching the tier lists and the closest one to me (I looked it up) is over 4 hours away. Now I want to try it but that drive isn't happening 🤭

    Nonabear10 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • culver's makes french fries known as "crinkle fries", basically a french fry but kinda accordioned ykwim?

    chirone 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • If Dairy Queen was on this list, it would have been D Tier. Taste like microwaved Ore Ida frozen french fries

    E Man 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Best fries are brother’s fries in New Orleans

    icycorpse 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Shit like McD is really inconsistent and can be great or horrible depending on how busy they are when you order them. Culvers on the other hand are great and actually consistent, cause they make their shit fresh when you order. They literaly have you pull up in their parking lot for a couple minutes while they make it. Good stuff.

    𝙍𝙪𝙨𝙠𝙞 💜 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • jack in the box curly fries are amazing

    Hmm 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • mcdonalds fries are god tier you cant change my mind

    Sage Torres 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Sonic french fries will actually repulse you out of your car seat and into traffic. They are that bad.

    POLY BIUS 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • gotta get culvers cheese sauce and dip the curds in there

    Ichabod Crane 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • Sad at no Wendy's. They had the worst fries available throughout their whole history until a couple of years ago when they became awesome.

    Mage 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • freddys

    Firefalcon7193 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • the popeyes fries just beat them all. they are amazing

    Megawave79 25/10/2022 am11:27
  • 2:53 had me actually laughing lmao “😮😮wooooahhhh” “better or worse🤔?” “😐 it’s the same”

    Puff Puff Pass 25/10/2022 am11:27