Former officer charged for shooting teen eating hamburger

A former San Antonio police officer has been charged in the shooting of a teenager who was eating a hamburger in his car in a McDonald’s parking lot. The 17-year-old, Erik Cantu, remains on life support, according to his family.

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  • Rot

    Donald Krautheim 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Did he pull though??

    The Watcher 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • seems like all can be cop In USA As long as ur a US Citizen , whatever test they have ,prob its easy to do it.

    Adi Hanafi 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • This is the unfortunate a byproduct of the current political climate. It seems that the only people who want to be police at this point are the ones that wanna play cowboy and shoot first, ask questions later.

    asianpower3000 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Aggrevated assault?

    Nerwin Alester Bodios 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Legal gang that’s all

    Alexandra Taylor 22/10/2022 am12:31

    Notorious Mane 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • I have never e heard of someone chained whilel uncouncious and on life surport macmanus must resign
    God help the Sapd if this kid dies it gonna bring total anachry chaos and rioting around the nation people nerves are still raw over GF and B taylor

    momo amen 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • If he dies this will be a sad sad day. It already is actually when we the citizens of the United States have to fear of being killed by zealous officers willing to do whatever it takes to make a name for themselves. I hope the last video of this young man will not be of him being murderd for absolutely nothing.

    Frank's world 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Officer needs assistance, cow down, I repeat, cow down! We are on the corner of defund the police and harassment avenue, hurry send back up.👮👮‍♂👮‍♀

    AGAPE AGAPE 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Sad for so many procedural mistakes.

    Burner1999 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • TBH I'm glad the cops aren't going easier on people after all the BLM protests. Glad cops are not sacrificing themselves by not shooting.

    C J 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • All over a McDonalds Burger, now if the shooting had taken place at Dunkin' Donuts, that would have been a different story.

    Violet Eyes 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • This officer need to rot under the jail.

    Pamela Johnson 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Dude should have went to whataburger.

    Scott Champion 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Prison to this murderer

    dragvandill 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • I hope you guys know that kid ran from the cop a few days before. That’s why he was ready to bounce immediately

    Jawaid 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Hopefully the kid makes it and becomes a millionaire for suing that city into the ground for hiring such an incompetent set of chromosomes.

    Ryan Cardoso 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Police are always the Biggest Criminals!!!!!

    Timon 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • if not for that bodycam we all know how different this would have been. a bad cop of the street….only a million more to go.

    davy1458 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • This is very sad. How can you do that? I means how?

    BAZIE GODFRED 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Thats crazy…the dude was just eating his burger 😳

    extremeBrah 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • life in prison

    3ogdealers 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Fire the leadership too for failing to adequately train their team.

    Matt Bowden 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • So there is a hamburger still on the run that eating teens???

    How much you wanna bet you don't catch us all. 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • He even looks like that was not his calling in life. That's a shame this baby on life support 😡

    Pedro Quintreo 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Is he dead????!

    Megatron 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Tattoo = Not normal. Beware

    kiran 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • And the car was not even stolen! You go to the car and open the car door On an unexpected 18 eating a hamburger. You have got to be completely incompetent I mean completely do you think this kid even recognized you as a police officer you didn’t even announce yourself it’s dark and you open the car door Of an unexpected and Teen eating a hamburger. He drives away of course he’s startled and you just open fire and of course he’s gonna keep driving away because you already fired shots at him!!! And the car was not even stolen you had the wrong vehicle!

    Saint 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • The ONLY reason that pig is being arrested is because of bodycam. Cops lie all the time, folks. Most can't be trusted.

    Zom-B 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • I'm sure this kid was a real winner, Harvard bound, honor roll, whole 9 yards. Give me a break, cops don't mess with people who don't need messing with.

    blacksheepdog 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • "Eat Sh*t…get shot"—–Ice tea 🙁

    Copperhead H 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • The kid bro..

    Core 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Death penalty

    dbzmagus 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Aggrevated assault?! This is attempted manslaughter

    TheOtherSide 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • It's so nice that law enforcement thought to do this on their own with no public pressure whatsoever.

    Isaiah Williams 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Anybody want to bet,,, the cop will do less than 5 years

    Stephen Behl 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • 🐷🐷🐷🔥🔥🔥

    The Red Death IX 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • Eating a burger when a cop suddenly rips your door open then proceeds to shoot you. Only in America.

    Eddie Bax 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • There’s only one group of people in this country that shouldn’t have guns and that’s cops

    Nathan 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • With all technology, satillites that woman in conjunction with cell phone shouldn't of taken 2months to find sorry

    Nancy Smith 22/10/2022 am12:31
  • I think we should get all the facts before reporting…
    Especially an innocent kid eating a burger or situation leading upto…
    Just a thought we ruin lives

    Nancy Smith 22/10/2022 am12:31