Food Theory: What Makes a Sandwich a Sandwich?

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What is a sandwich? Most probably think that is an easy answer. You’ve eaten MANY sandwiches in your life, right? Well Food Theorists, you may have partaken of tons of food you never knew were a sandwich. Today we are taking the “rules” of what makes a sandwich and seeing what other foods qualify. That hotdog? Your favorite pizza? All sandwiches! Watch to find out why!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy  
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



  • A hotdog is a burrito

    Dream 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • i hit it an odd amount of times and now im unsubscribed do i hit it another odd amount of times?

    TheHauntedNinja 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Are humans a animals?

    Marinela Botezatu 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Of course Colbert uses circular logic. He's a leftist.

    Lee Sweets 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • I put ketchup on mine so that sucks

    shyenby 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • it's an open faced sandwich with a partial fold

    Sleepy Dragon Zarinthal 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Is A Corndog A Drumstick?

    Liam Bell 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • So… Tartinka isn't a sandwich?

    BezNiczego 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • A taco is starch on three sides with stuff inbetween

    Screaming Otter 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Toast is starch on one side.

    Screaming Otter 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • A sandwhich has starch on two sides and stuff in the middle.

    Screaming Otter 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • I love how MatPat framed the ending part as a Pheonix Wright game.

    Matthais' Media Mashups 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Hot dog is meat inside bread. How is that not a sandwich?

    Pedro Toledo 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • No, hotdogs are just s—y dogs.

    Bulut11 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • can u do an ep on is pizza a pie

    Katie Cooper 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • As A New Yorker, Yes, Tax Tax Tax.

    VietnamVlogs 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • SOS JA 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • In São Paulo, Brazil, we have hot dogs with 2-3 wieners, smashed potato, cream cheese, ketchup, mustard, cheese, an other type of potato, its good

    Craft Hermanos 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • It's fairly too bad that amayo isn't a hot dog topping

    Shawn Carlson 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • The best way to describe a sandwich is a amount of ingredients between one or more edible materials, whether the stuff you incase your other ingredients is bread, pastries, biscuit/cookies or even globs of ice cream, (you disgusting monster,) it is a sandwich. In other word a sandwich is a amount of ingredients quite literally sandwiched between one or more things like by folding the bread you've sandwiched ingredients between a single slice of bread, an open faced sandwich is something sandwich between [INSERT EDIBLE SUBSTANCE] and air and burger is just a facy way of saying sandwich but it's on a bun. So yes, a hotdog is a sandwich. By Technicality anyway. Because a hotdog is also it's own thing.

    Dextreme 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • New York Taxes your income, purchases and sandwiches and still doesn't have enough money.

    I'm fine with the Ocean taking Manhattan Back

    IRM 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • It's pronounced woster

    sir nighteye 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • I love the background music in the intro

    Katie Quezada 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • So subway sandwiches are not sandwiches?

    ƵΔDIΔG 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • this is like that "the ocean is a soup" quote xD

    P3 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • what the organization defines as a hot dog is the saddest thing ever

    Jen & Random Arts 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Love how he turns a simple question u can find the answer to on Google into a full 15-30 minute video

    D3V 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • A hotdog with ketchup mustard mayonnaise cheese and pickles is perfect 😂😂😂

    Jason_Beyond_All_Evil 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • 10:41 what's that echo lol 👀

    Antonio's Remastered Works 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • I love food Theory and I hope my comment makes you happy good job keep up the good work

    DaffySquid 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Very, VERY important question!

    Is egg a meat?

    E Deinonyjess 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Thank you for placing Waldo somewhere I could find him. 5:16 🤣

    Leeci’s Channel 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • A hot dog is a sub.

    Dieo 20/10/2022 pm7:44

    Ereny Hennawy 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Is a Fig Newton a cookie or a cake?

    Ki Control 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Can I point out how the dictionary definition ALSO did not describe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a sandwich?

    Kayley Hoberer 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • If I was the only one watching this video I would have thought I going crazy spending 20 min to find out what a sandwich is, and then I saw 7.7M views lmao, this guy is too captivating and we are going mad :)))))

    Marius Milu 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • If you see this comment matt, i have sometinhg to you see, brazilian hotdogs is one of The crayziest thing that my country ever made

    VEIGAR AGlOTA 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • if its 2 bread and any type of filling is a sandwich a hotdog is not because its 1 bread not 2 but also does not go in the taco catogory because if were talking about tacos there's more than like 6 to 7 things and the hotdog only has like 4 to 5 so it should have its own catogory too bad the world doesn't like that so it really goes in between

    C245 aka light 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Next on food theory: Is a chicken really a chicken

    ImranTube 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • A sandwich is two pieces of bread with any filling in between, ergo a hotdog is not a sandwich since it is ONE piece of bread cut open and stuffed with a sausage. Were you to cut it all the way through, then yes, it would be a sandwich.

    PikaLink91 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • For this argument specifically, I think it is what you think it is. If you define a sandwich as "anything between pieces of bread" and think a hotdog is a sandwich, then it's a sandwich to you specifically. If you don't think it's a sandwich, then it's not a sandwich to you specifically.

    SketchingInGreen 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Can you do if cereal before milk has a difference on something with taste or crunch

    °§- CinnamonRoll -§° 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Hold on, then the dictionary is claiming that many typically thought of sandwiches don't count. What about a PB&J? That isn't included. And quesadillas ARE INCLIDED IN THAT DEFINTION WHICH THE JUDGE IGNORED.

    Too Many Opinions 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • 7

    trey gaming and shorts 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • Cube theory of food: hot dog is a taco, sushi is a burrito, and a tostada is a pizza

    Maya Watkins 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • 2 years late but a hotdog is a sandwich. By your definition a sub is also not a sandwich or a meatball or sausage sandwich is also not a sandwich. Way off the mark on this one.

    Regular Guy Jedi 20/10/2022 pm7:44
  • So what is subway or all the sub shops? Because it’s one slice of bread

    Logan 20/10/2022 pm7:44