Fish Tempura Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

We will show you how to make Fish Tempura, deep fried white fish in Tempura batter.
You can use any fish fillet of choice, such as cod, halibut or sea bass.
For the batter, flour with less protein like cake flour and katakuriko (potato starch) are preferred so that the fried batter has a crispier texture.

Complete recipe:

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    Lorna Sibbaluca 22/10/2022 am3:12
  • In American South we eat a lot of deep fried catfish with a cornmeal based coating. I know that it sounds weird to eat such an ugly scaleless fish, but it's a very light and flakey texture with a very mild taste similar to cod. It's very tasty and delicious with lemon and tartar sauce.

    Rebecca Dyches 22/10/2022 am3:12
  • Delicious 😋
    Thank you Chef 🙏

    Vince Grant 22/10/2022 am3:12
  • Thank you so much for your recipe

    Cooking with Mimmo 與米莫烹飪 22/10/2022 am3:12
  • May I use tuna instead of white fish?

    Farnaz Darjani 22/10/2022 am3:12
  • Matcha salt is amazingly delicious with seafood. I really feel like trying this recipe.

    みずまんじゅう 22/10/2022 am3:12
  • recipes for baby, please

    Philip 22/10/2022 am3:12
  • I love cooking but never really deep fried anything. How many times can the oil be reused and how do you store it? Thank you. I love your videos.

    Digital Yogi 22/10/2022 am3:12