Faster No Knead Bread – So Easy ANYONE can make (but NO BOILING WATER!!)

!! NO BOILING WATER !! – 130° F MAX !!


3 cups bread flour or all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups hot water (NOT OVER 130° F)
about 2 Tablespoons extra flour for shaping



WANT IT EVEN FASTER? Make it in 2 HOURS with more yeast:



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  • I've just seen a video using the same recipe and method using 1 for 1 gluten free flour..oh boy, I'm trying it both ways 1st for Hubby, then GF for me.

    Ani Cole 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Gracias por compartir esta bella receta, bendiciones.

    Katherine Guevara Freire 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I loooove bread , especially baked bread, love this channel

    Malikah E 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Made this bread today can out wonderful, same with your easy simple whole wheat bread. Thanks Jenny

    S. F Beals 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Is there a recipe somewhere 🐹?

    Sophie 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Wholewheat bread

    thys van staden 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I saw this youtube some time ago and didn't have a cast iron dutch oven, but I went to the thrift shop recently and saw one JUST LIKE the yellow one on Jenny's stove. The handle was all wrong and the inside was stained, so it was $5 and I got it. I took the handle off and put a metal drawer pull on it and some washers because the lid is not as thick as a drawer, and it worked. A metal handle. Then I washed it twice in the dishwasher and scrubbed the stains, but I didn't care much about the stains because I'm cooking on parchment. I just left the parchment in there afer I took the cover off. The dutch oven is not as pretty as it once was, but now it's functional, and I saved myself some money. It'll only be for bread making.

    D Olin 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Best bread recipe ever!!!!!

    Lena Cisowski 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Perfect bread!

    Vladimir Dolgov 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Kocham Pania ogladac… i sluchac -DZIEKUJE PIEKNIE!!!! za wszystko co nas Pani nauczyla.Chetnie przekazalabym moja wiedze o zapomnianej polskiej ,pieknej gwarze.Cos mi w duszy spiewa ta staropolska mowa,gdy korzystam z PANI przepisow-serdecznie pozdrawiam z NJ.

    Maria Bednarz 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Um.. No… I make bread under 3 hrs same day. This takes longer…

    Allison Duhaney 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I love ❤️🥰😘❤️ it. Thsnkyou so much my desr .I'm going to bake a bread 🍞 like that . Wow 😲😲😲. GB you .

    Dorothy Heather 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Gotta love that this is from 2014 😀

    Bonnie Yausie 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I love your energy Jenny!

    Deanna McIntyre 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Why didn’t mine rise much? Still turned out pretty good!

    C Free 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Something is off about this, it diesn't rise with only 1/4 teaspoon on yeast

    zski ya 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • How hot water?

    denise bissell 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Brilliant! Can't wait to make it for my family this weekend!

    Christine Faller 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I love this bread! DO any of you add things like cheese, spices or whatever to it? I would like to use the same recipe with add- ins but have no idea when to add them.

    Tina PRYOR 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • No knead is for me! Thanks

    Patricia Keough 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Lol the baseball

    Chris Yang 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • This is a solid recipe. Comes out nice, family gobbled it up. We approve, thanks

    leaf it to beavis 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Awesome, loved the final comment. Thks

    Carlos Solis 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I’d add check cinnamon and raisin sometimes! Love the kitchen colors! Happy, fresh and vintage! Love the recipe.

    Sharron Pettis 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I love her

    Kantuta3240 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Is there a printed recipe?

    Nelda Cotter 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Hi Jenny
    Love all your videos. Love that apron too. Where did you get it? I’d love to have one. ❤

    Dolly408 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Do you leave the oven on at 450 while bakeing.

    Raymond Hudler 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I made this today! I added a little sugar and honey. It is very tasty!

    Heather Shultz 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • The parchment stuck to the bread and I had to cut the bottom of the bread off.

    searayboter26 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I just made this bread exactly step by step but I think the yeast I used was expired or just no good so it didn’t rise enough. The dough inside was a bit gummy so I scooped it out and trashed it ….but the outside crust was amazing. I am going to give it another shot.

    Paulie G113 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Please add instructions to your recipes in print. Thank you

    Eth C 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Mmmmm that looks so good. Please share the recipe?

    PA MC 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • this woman is probably dead now

    PizzaRave 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I love your kitchen very colorful utensils

    Bibi Veerasammy 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • This recipe is simply the best. Bread making can be intimidating but Jenny, u have made it so easy to follow the video. We made this a few years ago many many times…..and here I am again , made a butternut and lentil stew to kick off the fall season and this bread is the perfect pair to it. THANK YOU ( I don't eat bread anymore but this is the exception!!

    Trish Guthy 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • I have now made this bread twice your braided cinnamon raisin bread twice now. I wish you continued to make more videos. More current because you are amazing

    Heather Cuevas 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Video: how to make bread fast
    Her: u have to leave it for 3 hours for the first phase

    Unlimited Horizon 17/10/2022 pm8:55
  • Since trying this recipe , have made it everyday for 3 days in a row 😊Thanks !!

    Holly 17/10/2022 pm8:55