Farmhouse Roast Chicken | Keep Cooking Family Favourites | Jamie Oliver

Roast Chicken but not as you know it!

Taking inspiration from France Jamie has ditched the spuds and created a rich lentil side dish rippled through with creme fraiche and beautiful spinach.

Bursting with flavour and served on a bed of wild mushrooms this recipe is simply “délicieux”!

Keep Cooking Family Favourites originally aired on Channel 4. If you’re UK based stream Jamie programmes on All 4

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  • F me that looks nice!

    David Avery 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • 🤤👍😘thanks for the recepi u are good chef

    Asih Pratiwi 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Cool

    Anthony Fraser 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Oh lord! Amazing food bro!!
    I love seasoning meat and chicken. I think seasoning food, especially stews, is a great form of art! It's so sensitive sometimes to one overdoing it with spices or like mixing spices together that don't really match. After all these years that i am cooking, i still mess up on the seasoning. I kinda like mix spices together sometimes that don't really match. Seasoning meat and stews is really something i need to practice a lot. Especially stews drive me crazy! 🤣😎 I am hopeless! 😆😃😃😃😃
    Big love.
    Peace in the world!

    Farinaz 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Jamie's great at explaining how the juices infuse with all the ingredients of the bird good job sir…

    cdmDiego 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Hi Jamie! Great idea this chicken, have you ever tried the salt chicken recipe? Inside the chicken you put the juice of a lemon, rosemary and herbs to taste, leave a whole lemon inside the chicken and then tie the legs to prevent it from coming out. In a baking dish, put a bed of coarse salt, then lay the chicken and cover it with coarse salt until it is almost buried. Two hours in the oven and you can touch the sky with your finger!

    Sara Giraldin 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Those vegetables can make any food better, they just don't know how it's done.

    banjo099 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Jamie Oliver's cooking is pure class

    SIGAN Viendo 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • I would love to try this, however how do you clean the oven??????

    Charie Harris 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Simply love Jamie's cooking from the Naked Chef days 😋I always google his recipes. He's my all time favorite. 🤗

    Rene Rampath 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • I ‘m about to receive my family and I intend to do this recipe with pride :). Thank you 🙏. Keep up the passion

    Manon G 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • But how long does the chicken stay in the oven second time round?

    Lee Phillips 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • I'm sorry, but I think he's going through the motions and he's lost some passion. Something or somebody sucked some life out of him. It still looks like a great recipe, however, and I'll probably try aspects of it. I do appreciate him posting these.

    Glen MacPherson 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Ok, this i could eat

    TheBlueberrys Workbench 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • I donno why i didn't find Jamie videos earlier …
    Now Gordon videos feel overrated … They are good.. but he does things like he is cooking for the royals …
    This guys videos feels so much at home …

    Manoj Dokku 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • He makes everything looks so simple 😍

    Chanda Devi 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • I love watching Jamie Oliver cook it motivates.

    Тай Лук 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Scrumptious and lovely. Thank you Jamie. Love Maria Montreal Canada 😻

    Maria Pietroniro 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • The King 👑

    Кухня Бочанова 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Thx J.O

    MrTraveller 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Where I can buy that tray?

    Katarína Vrzgulová 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Guy just knows how to throw amazing food together. He is effortless and natural. I love his use of ingredients and flavors.

    Valerie Burkett 20/10/2022 am8:25

    8nan sky 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • No food for the kids apparently, lol !

    Shelf feather 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • love it!

    Rose Honney 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Jamie Oliver I loved the roasted chicken dish u cooked.Stay blessed.

    amitabh mukherjee 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • The king of meal inspiration, always time for a Jamie recipe.

    Chow Time 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Can you hire me to taste instead of you? Please💐😁

    Nany 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Love seeing Jamie cooking on herre. I would love it even more to have another round of Jamies does ….. maybe once restrictions lift? 😀

    LeRainbow FPV 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • I am single so often make a small game hen rather than a Turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas and I always put bacon on the breast to keep it moist! Cook's treat!

    Faith's RV Trip 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • That all looks amazing, except I personally don't like mushrooms. What could I substitute them with that would work as well? Please, someone, help me.

    Scooby McDoobers 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • What time open your restaurant in Saudi

    Soso Alkashan 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Today we're going cook a loverly desert, baked Alasksa. Hot pan. Salt. 86 litres of olive oil.

    boost 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Look so good

    NgeeSuperKitchen 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • Delicious 😋👏👏

    Atlas Agri 20/10/2022 am8:25
  • who's cleaning the oven?

    tfking10 20/10/2022 am8:25