Family Home Style Roast Chicken ( using the 3 stages roasting method)

Family home style roast chicken: a delicious one pot French style roast chicken recipe to be enjoyed by the whole family.

This simple home recipe consist of an oven roasted free range chicken cooked, with a mix potatoes, onions, garlic and tomatoes. Simple ingredients but delicious French flavors.

This French cooking video recipe is filmed in a step by step tutorial format where you will be able to learn the following French culinary techniques:

– How to roast a chicken ( using the 3 stages French culinary
school roasting method)
– How to flavor and truss a chicken using a simple butcher string.


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  • *Et bien voilà ! Je sais enfin comment ficeler mon poulet…… comment le cuire correctement
    Vos démonstrations sont impeccables, merci Monsieur. Et comme je vous l’ai déjà dit ,mon anglais progresse en même temps que mes « talents culinaires»

    Rossignol 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • What’s a great wine to add to this chicken ?

    MR No Name 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Great tip with the side cooking first!

    Christina Marcille 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Beautiful

    Augusto Bombonatti 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • That chicken looks strange very different from the one we have in France, the breasts muscles looks oversized and the muscles on the legs too, how old is it and what kind is it?

    mahn 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • My fam (family) and I so wanna go to France! I'm a pastry chef and I am constantly looking for the perfect roast chicken recipe, I think almost every chef is too! I'm definitely going to try this because it looks so good, and pretty simple! I'll let you know how it goes 🖤

    G DeVz 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Always remove feathers and cut off the tale BEFORE you roast.

    John Marquardt 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Nooooo the tail which everyone calls it's 'butt' for some reason when it is actually just the tail muscle, is actually some of the most tender meat on a chicken!!

    Adalind 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • You should put this recipe on the new website.

    Daniel Train 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • If I wasn’t feeling the tomatoes are they necessary for this particular recipe? That is to say could I just use the potatoes? Or other route vegetables?

    antmagor 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Open fire and a Lodge 16 deep camp oven. Onion, carrots, celery, garlic, mushrooms, and green beans. High heat for 30? minutes, and finish low and slow.Magnifique, Y'all.

    Floyd Vaughn 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Thanks very much Stefan for this very practical one-pan dinner. Can't wait to try.

    W Mathews 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Well I forgot to turn my chicken and it turned out fine.

    Born Free 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • lovely accent you´ve got there ! New Jersey?

    Alain Couillaud 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • The link to the recipe and list of ingredient is broken

    Pamy 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Rotary spit is still the best, but roasted chicken is always good to

    Nieczerwony 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • The chicken tail has soo much flavour. Can’t believe you cut it off. Apart from that looks yummy

    Haruspex 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • I watch A LOT of YouTube cooking. I think this format should be more popular. Pure cooking, no flexing, showboating, bragging etc.

    Stephanie D 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • A quick advice. If you put salt and pepper all over your bird (chicken, turkey, duck, etc) and let it sit in your fridge overnight, you'll have it well salted at the time of roasting and it'll develop better crust. That's how we usually do it.

    Артём Мартынович 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • I guess the turning is to reproduce what happens in rotisseries where the chickens slowly rotate.

    Anton Boludo 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Hello is it possible to cook Turkey this way?

    Odile 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • What happened to the Bay Leaves? And, why wash/leave the potatoes in water prior to roasting? Thanks in advance.

    thepanamahat 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • This came out really good and lovely, easily a repeat one for meals!

    V P 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • I tried the 3-stage roasting method and my results were amazing! All parts of the bird turned out juicy and tender. I love how fast and easy it was to pull together a complete meal (just added a salad).

    Using a bit less tomato, I subbed small chunks of kabocha squash, turnip and mushrooms in place of potatoes. Of course, I added onions and garlic. Also tucked plenty of herb butter paste under the skin, made with anything I could find left my garden and fridge. Made a quick gravy/reduction with pan juice.

    Got lots of favorable feedback. Always happy when my 95 year old parents enjoy a tasty dinner!

    Amy Vlietstra 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Love your channel. I’m a little bit uncomfortable with all your produce around a raw chicken though.

    Chris Wright 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cooked this recipe. Absolutely delicious.

    Mr. The Great 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Thanks!

    glkfamily 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • C’est magnifique. Merci beaucoup mon ami.

    David Abraham 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Are you still in Australia? If so, may I ask, why?

    Thomas 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • I have been doing this for 53 years or since I got married to an Rhodesian from British heritage. I'm so surprised to see how many people are surprised at how to roast a chicken, but glad that the younger generation are learning this from this channel.

    Africo 21/10/2022 am1:24
  • Merci!!!!

    Daughter of the most high frey 21/10/2022 am1:24