Extra Crispy Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Simple chicken drumstick recipe, that’s oven baked. The chicken is first poached to separate the skin helping it crisp up. The drumsticks are slow cooked to maintain juiciness, then cranked up for that delicious roasted crispy skin we all love. So simple to make using basic spices and a little thyme. Enjoy these extra crispy Roasted Chicken Drumsticks for any occasion.

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  • If I was to remove the tendon before blanching them would that work?

    Jack Lawson 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • How long do I boil how long do I cook

    MrOnlineGaming 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • So cruel to that collie lol😂😂

    Rob Richardson 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Your time and temperatures aren’t accurate at all. 30 mins at 200 degrees did absolutely nothing. 375 for an additional 15 mins gave me rubbery soft skin with uncooked/red center. Put correct times and your baking

    Animalbeast 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Dz. Boiled 2 min w 3 chix boulion, seasoned w crazy chic, pellet smoker w hickory 200 1/2, 380 til 180 ish I.T. ..Awesome! ..oh, I did sauce 6 w Devils Spit. Better bare!

    J 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Does this recipe also work with whole chicken legs or does it have to cook longer? Thank you in advance!

    S.A.G 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Followed directions exactly. Cooked 30 min. at 200 and 30 more at 375. Still not crunchy. An approximate cooking time at 375 would be helpful. I just can't tell how long to keep going. I'm hungry and frustrated. Lol.

    NONAMEJANE 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • A must try recipe but right now can't turn oven on we are in a heat wave in Brooklyn.💯👍💯👏💯☘️💯😍💯😋💯🍗🍅🥗🫑🥑🥒🍛💯

    Barbara Sutherland 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • what purpose does the poaching serve ?

    eggs panda 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Joel, I made this recipe at my restaurant, but used wings and my customers loved them, thanx dude

    Kent Dahl 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • I made this and it was pretty damn good I am making it again for sure thanks!

    Ron Douglas 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Hi Joel. Would like to clarify the oven temperature used for this recipe – 200F seems too low for a recipe for a crispy result !!

    Rick James 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Yo where are them fumes? Not even when you opened the oven door. This food is as cold as ice.

    Martin Smith 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • No chicken? 😂👍

    felix. 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Hi chef 👨‍🍳 I made this tasty recipe yesterday and it turn out very good very tasty serve with rice 🍷🍷beautiful thank you for sharing 🙏🇨🇦

    Diane Ferraro 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Bože. To je dobrota.

    Zdeněk Knopp 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • I have followed the recipe 100% yet the drum sticks didn't turn out crispy. Don't know why?

    A Iqbal 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • 👍l put some honey on the skin and baked another 5 mins, heaven. Thanks

    Sarina Cheung 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • GET BACK LORETTA…….This recipe really works. I mad a few small seasoning adjustments, but I am now the hero of the neighborhood! Thanks, Joel!!!

    Gordon Holland 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Hey Joel, Can you please tell the oven setting like normal convection, fan mode, or bottom burner only. I don't get the desired crispness, I think it's may be I am using wrong mode in the oven

    Nabaneeta Sarkar 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Nice ! How long should we leave them to get nice and brown ?

    Samantha Richard 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Got the drums prepped on baking sheet with spices. Ready to pop in oven. New to your channel. But I’ve seen about 20 recipes already I’m into. Awesome tutorials. Thx from 🇨🇦 gal !

    sista love 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Das schaut mal wieder verdammt lecker aus 👍🏿❤️ und die Knusprige Haut ist sehr appetitanregend. Grüße aus Deutschland 🖖😷🖖

    Muschikatze 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • When i put legs in boiling water the skin shrank up the leg…how did yours not do so?

    Geri Reski 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • It worked…it worked! I followed the “poaching instructions”……and then put them on the grill outside, all the while following as close as possible the cooking temps suggested. They were wonderful, and I didn’t make a mess in mama’s oven! Thanks, Joel.

    Gordon Holland 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Hi Joel am glad to see that you gave that beautiful dog some chicken looks yumy😊❤️

    DiMiTrA Argyros 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • I'm going to try this recipe this WE….I LOVE chicken so MUCH…
    Thank U Chef Joel…🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Didier Vacher 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Yummy 👍😀

    Phillips Mom 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Sauces are burned
    Male Chicken Inside
    Dry Jummies are Boiled up

    Bhavesh Mansharamani 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • I have to admit you're making magic here Chef Joel🌷..
    I couldn't believe that recipe is so quick and so easy, and at the same time so delicious and smells so good, I've cooked it three times until now, and one of these times was at a big party for a lot of people, that's really amazed everyone,
    It's forbidden easy Chicken Drumsticks, Which no one think of cooking despite it's availability and so tasty.

    Sama Mustaffa Mousa 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • I enjoyed watching your video😀😀

    Wolf Cook 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • "Extra Crispy Baked Chicken…"
    #1) Boil chicken.
    Me- "Whoah"

    neuvocastezero 1 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Hey Joel, Whiskey is a good boy, my good boy is Sebastian, he's a Korat Cat, he says Hi to you ALL!!

    William Fluck 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • Chef, can you link where you’ve gotten your spice containers from?

    K Moss 25/11/2022 am12:06
  • wow you're living in my dream. a nice organized place, with great cooking skill and a dog

    Fluffy Moon 25/11/2022 am12:06