Everything I Own – Bread (Lyrics)

Everything I Own – Bread (Lyrics)
Everything I Own – Bread (Lyrics)
Everything I Own – Bread (Lyrics)
Tracklist :
You sheltered me from harm
Kept me warm, kept me warm
You gave my life to me
Set me free, set me free
The finest years I ever knew
Were all the years I had with you

And I would give anything I own
Give up my life, my heart, my home
I would give everything I own
Just to have you back again

You taught me how to love
What it’s of, what it’s of
You never said too much
But still you showed the way
And I knew from watching you
Nobody else could ever know
The part of me that can’t let go

And I would give anything I own
Give up my life, my heart, my home
I would give everything I own
Just to have you back again

Is there someone you know
You’re loving them so
But taking them all for granted
You may lose them one day
Someone takes them away
And they don’t hear the words you long to say

I would give anything I own
Give up my life, my heart, my home
I would give everything I own
Just to have you back again
Just to touch you once again
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  • Mucg

    Monna Claire Abogado 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Never knew this was a remake of a raggae song😲

    Hector E 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I always loved this song but it took on a new meaning when I lost my dear mom. Now when I hear this I cry…and think how I would give anything to bring her back!! 😭😭

    PrincessofGod 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I remeber my grandfather that just died yesterday.

    Nathaniel Marquez 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • linda si

    Evely Leal 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Love you Mom and Dad. I would give Everything I Own just to have you back again.

    Rick OnTheDrums 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • This song reminds my graduations days 1985 when i was high school I never forget this it was so memorable

    jun tagasa 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Love the music from the 60's 70's. This song reminds me of things I left slip by.

    Joe Gatchie 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • me to God, so perfect song❤️❤️

    Ai Loves You 🖤 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Missing you everyday father. I'm still hoping to see you in my dream and to tell you i love you.

    KB 24 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • My Brother just passed away very unexpected at the age of 68 and we will be playing this song at his funeral. This is from one of his very favorite and first albums he ever owned. I miss him So Much. 🤟🏻🙏🏻🌞

    Ablueaquarium 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Thank you for subscribing and supporting my channel !💓💓💓💓💓

    Love Music 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • To aqui por causa de Annabelle 3

    pedro igor 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • An Old but Gold Masterpiece

    Marilou Balan-eg 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • When it was too late to say goodbye to your loved ones

    David Clarke 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • True love. God bless David Gates and grant eternal rest to his good father.

    May they be reunited one day never more to be parted. Amen.

    Ambrose McLaren 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • 1:26 And I knew from watching you. missed it

    thejmez26 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Menard Urtula 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I loved this song as a kid and completely understand it now. Beautiful song.
    This video is beautiful (but missing a few words)

    RaeAnn Moldenhauer 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Ewews hahahaha shems 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Kitty bueno 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I dedicate this song to my dad. Thank you for giving life to me, always making sure I was loved and cared for. 22 1/2 years he’s taught me everything I know and I appreciate everything he does for me. I love you so much dad. Love your daughter Sara.

    I hope I have many more years with you. You just turned 60. I treasure every moment with you. You are getting older and I worry about you all the time. I don’t know what I’ll do without you dad. Your the best dad a girl like me could ever have.

    Sara Shoemaker 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Love all songs from BREAD

    dzoel kifli 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I miss you Mama and Papa, and sister Clar…😇🥺😢

    Norman Buchanan 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • my fav. song 🥰🥰

    Ivy Gonzales 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • David Gates wrote this song for his father. It has such a beautiful double meaning. Dad, I miss you so much.

    Elias Jammal 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Donald Trump is Jesus Christ

    Imma Messenger 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • favorite song

    ALPHA_MUSIC 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I Love you MoMA ♥️. I miss you so much 😓

    Jojo Gurl 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • beautiful song..favorite song 💓

    Miles Lumibao 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • POV: You're here because of TikTok

    Samuel Zotomayor 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • That is so lovely…..
    Thank you my Love xx 💜💜💜

    Judith Feldman 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Beautiful! Makes me think of my Love and missing him even more! 💖💖💖💖💖

    Mickie Jonesy 25/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Belíssima 👏👏👏👏

    Amélia Aparecida Tavares Gomes 25/10/2022 pm8:23