Even More Family Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are even more recipes that are perfect to be cooked together with friends or families.

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  • There wasn’t a lot of money in the house, but proceeds to show ur mom at the pub. Love it. Oh the Scottish memories. Fun xs.

    Donna Cabot 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Love the videos with your children and Mum.

    Paula Miller 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • 🙏👌❤️my best grets wrld chefs

    Shriram Joshi 20/10/2022 pm8:05
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    Sierra Clark 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Nan: "Have a nice day at school?"
    Jack: "Uh…yeah."
    Me: "The way you answered that and the look on your face tells me something else."

    Mysteria 5 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • You should show you and your family eating together at the end for a minute or two, laughing and talking etc. That would be a great ending. Really enjoyed the video regardless though!!

    ReLoaDit 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • The amount of sugar and butter you put in is crazy lol

    Wolf. 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • I just realised this is an old video. 🤭

    Sabarni Das 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Sprinkle the pan with caster sugar he said

    James Taylor 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • He’s delicious. 😍
    Oops… I mean…
    The food looks delicious. 😋
    His genuine smile with Tilly and his mom is just adorable. He’s aging so well. Happiness is a much better look on him than anger in the kitchen. 😂🥰

    Lexi Hay 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Absolutely love this Sir please keep on making more videos 📹 like this you not only teaching your kids but teaching me how to get closer to my family and friends food for love and love for food ❤️

    Avelino D'Almeida 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • your ultimate comfort food dinner is sooooo looking so delicious Chef Ramsay!!! oh my Tali is really mouth-watering with all your homemade foods! it was soooo fun to be with your Tali when your cooking!… pls have her with your cooking always!

    NottyButNicey 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • She is so serious like her Dad. Love her so much.

    Kathy Ropa 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • L❤️VED THIS!!!!

    Elizabeth McGowan 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • I sooooo would love to cook Mr.Gordon Ramsay Persian food 😊😊😊

    shadi sarlak 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Hello its cool that you still have time to enjoy family time while you cook

    David doss 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • I wonder what would happen if any of them brought home fast food.

    Psyclonus 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Love watching you cook with your Family. We need more of that in todays world. God Bless.

    charlie Guidarelli Sr. 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • I don't know if it's ever been done, but I would LOVE to see GR make a meal for the men and women of fire and rescue at their fire stations. There is a tradition in some of them where at least one time, one of the firemen has to make the most amazing meal because they'll never know if they'll be back from a call.

    Lesevesel 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Спасибо маме за Гордона

    Дания Маркова 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Loved Moms reactions when she tasted the shepherds pie! Priceless..

    Dolores&Bruce 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Thank you Gordon 👌🏻seni çocuklarımla izliyoruz ve bayılıyoruz 🥰🧿👌🏻

    Şifa Demir 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • I just love Gordon so much ❤️❤️ He’s so sweet with his Tilly.

    Andrea Tarling 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Have so many favorite meals from Grandmother and Great Grandmother. #1 chicken and dumplings, #2 Butterbeans with ham hocks and #3 cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower fried in bacon grease. 😋😋😋🥰🥰🥰

    Sarah Albright 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • You can always tell when someone will become a great chef. They don't do the washing up!

    Lynette Ray 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Gosh. This man can cook! I’m hungry watching this.

    jay c 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Che cazzo me ne frega?

    Klesk Quake 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Um Mr. Ramsay I need advice about a sauce I make. You may not like it as it is kinda very low in health value and extremely high in salt content. What it is is Sriracha lemon juice sugar and chili lime shrimp flavor ramen with flavor packet and beef flavor ramen with flavor packet. Al of this is combined into one flavor conglomeration and while I enjoy the flavor it feels incomplete and would like advice on how to improve upon it

    zeridoz 20/10/2022 pm8:05
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    Jackson Pelletier 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • 👌👍💪♥️😊😋🙏

    Joe Unforgiven 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • He's gonna be the wrinkliest old man I'll ever see.

    Jared Flaba 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Gordon: you know how to slice onions right?
    Tilly: yes
    *slices them wrong
    Gordon: what are you doing you f*cking donut!?

    tronald dump 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Hey sir I am from india 🇮🇳 make indian food 🍲

    rahul 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • I enjoy watching you cook with your lovely daughter. So sweet 💙❤️🌺🌺 Dad's and daughters are so sweet. Thanks for sharing! More great meals to have my family try. 💙❤️💜💞

    Michelle Kach 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • I agree with what you hope from your kids Gordon and if I ever have children I hope that their favorite for reminds them of me

    Madara Uchiha Black 20/10/2022 pm8:05
  • Nic

    Ravi Ridlan1990 20/10/2022 pm8:05