Eating Nothing But Fries For 26 Years (Food Addition Story) | Freaky Eaters (US) S1 E4 | Only Human

Amber lives on a diet of french fries every meal of every day for the past 26 years. Her seven-year-old daughter is following in her footsteps.
Freaky Eaters documents the intense struggles of those with a dangerous compulsion towards a particular food. With the help of two experts, the Freaky Eater confronts the painful truth behind their food obsession and fights to reclaim control of their diet and combat the destructive side effects their behaviour is having on their health. Patients include a girl who drinks more than 30 cans of cola a day, a 29-year-old mother who only eats French fries and a diabetic who has a life-threatening addiction to cheeseburger. Can they overcome their dependencies and learn how to manage their diets?

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  • Its pathetic that people are taught to give in if someone is unwilling to eat something and thats its better to let them just eat what they want to. Im sure if you leave the food out there long enough and not give into whatever they want they will eat it.

    li 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • This video made me order fries! Lol

    Addy 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Roberta. Anthony. Hello

    Roberta Anthony 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • where does she get her fries, that is the question. does she make her own?

    Max Percer 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Uske mu me challe nai aye

    Raghav Saxena 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • The title of this show should be

    How not to kill yourself slowly

    End Boss Eleven 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I knew her problem was serious when i saw her enjoying CRINKLE FRIES.

    Tina W 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Amen may GOD bless you JESUS loves you so you should love him he is your lord and savior JESUS is coming back soon to save his children 🙏 Amen trust in the name of JESUS Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jsparkle!!! 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I had a student who only ate chicken nuggets everyday. It was a sensory thing, if he ate anything else, he'd gag or want to throw up. And it HAD to be the exact brand and some kind of nuggets He had to go to therapy.

    Queen Murillo 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Her food shopping must be so quick and cheap
    Potatoes and oil
    It wouldn’t be as unhealthy if she didn’t have to deep fry Which is so inflammatory

    Feebi 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • jj Virgin claimed fish oil woke her son from a coma

    Chris 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • She and the cheeseburger guy And the soda lady to team up

    TGW International 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I'd never force my kids to eat something they don't like….but I'd be getting them help if they got to where they'd only eat 1 thing. They're picky but they eat a decent variety.

    Natalie Knight 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Eating fried food makes your kutch slimy

    DovahQueen 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Don't let her go to a cannibal community….they be like, does she come with fries on the side?

    Alex in The Middle 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I'm not sure if I would have started with rainbow coloured french fries! Maybe tater tots, hash browns, different dipping sauces including mushroom sauce, then sweet potato fries, chicken fries, zucchini fries, shish kebabs, doner kebabs, halal snack packs etc etc!

    Alex in The Middle 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I mean this in the least rude way possible but she looks like someone who indeed only ate fries for decades.

    Sara X 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • It's behavioural before it is genetic. Without having a role model the chance that children will eat varied food is very slim

    shani1928 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I would Try The Rainbow Chips Ngl The Green Ones Look bussin

    MorganUnderscore 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Omg I can’t with these so called “professionals”. They are awful.

    Karen F 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • If you can't eat vegetables as an adult, you should not have kids. You will just fail them.

    pink cloud 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I'm surprised she's a mother , thought carrots scare the life out of her ,🤔🥕

    Maggs M 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • her french fries don’t even look that good…😭 and why does she take off the best crunchiest part???

    lexee does stuff 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • you are not a freaky eater, u are a 5 year old kid with a 50 year old body.

    PR1N7 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • This video is dangerous for children

    Mauni Kxng 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • 20 years with no health issues and is the healthiest person in this video. Leave her ALONE.

    Rohen 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • I think if she could do long lasting fasting like 15 days, her body becomes less picky after that

    Juliа 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • That's it? I was hoping they will help her

    Juliа 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • This is her mom's fault. She should've taken Amber to the psychologist. She has ARFID. And also, you don't allow your child to choose only one food for every meal of every day!

    John Kanahele 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • It would kinda be embarrassing crying in front of some one when your eating be like😢🍟❤💛💜💙💚🧡😐

    Ranee 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • 😐😐😭🍟💙💜

    Ranee 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Nothing wrong with the potato, it's the oil that's bad

    H S 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Normal day in Ohio

    Unrealistic 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • The only way to make her eat other foods is to let her starve because when your starving even the plain bread will taste like meat

    Arya Azad 21/10/2022 pm2:04
  • Those colored French fries looked so good 😫

    Andrew Garfield’s left toe 21/10/2022 pm2:04