Eating All the Miami Style Tacos | Todos Los Tacos

There truly is nowhere on Earth like Florida. Paco travels south to try out different kinds of Floridan tacos, which come from Cuban, Mexican, and Puerto Rican influence. He meets up with Chef Hector and Ivonna of Taco Sonara 305, then travels to meet up with internet sensations Chef Frankie and SoFla of La Jama TV, and ends with a traditional Tripleta taco from the notorious El Bori Foodtruck. Created in partnership with Camarena Tequila. #ad

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  • Cuban Tacos 🌟

    Jose Gomez 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Remember when you had these right wing idiots tryna fear monger about taco trucks on every corner? I was like, “So? Why not?” 😀 Tacos are life! 🌮

    nas84payne 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • I ain’t gonna lie maybe I didn’t find the right places but I hated the food in Miami

    A. p 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Miami style tacos makes no sense

    Average guys channel 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • May God bless you all 😍

    Elvin Sam 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Where Tiago Tacos at??

    limit 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Paco and taji carry this channel

    Tim A 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • I'll stick wit Texas tacos

    ShO 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • English m#@$@#$!!! Speak it!

    Putin Believes in Climate Change 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Hace días estuve en Miami , soy de Hermosillo, Sonora , la cuna de la carne asada y tacos , como fanatico de la carne asada y tacos no podía creer!! tan lejos de casa y el sabor tan identifico a SONORA , neta neta que me dio mucho gusto que alguien allá dado en el clavo en cómo elaborar algo tan icónico como lo son los tacos de carne asada Sonorense !

    Angel Mendoza 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Love your travel taco and Latin American food videos. I'm Asian but love Latin American food, especially tacos n burritos. And the best tacos n burritos are always at the little hole in the wall joints around here in north GA where they hardly speak any English but the food is the best.

    Harry V 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

    Andrew Perez 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • amigo chilango mira hasta donde andas ya ….. un orgullo mexicano. soy del df. radico en washington dc. vendo tacos de cansta… .. miro a cada rato tus videos.. chingon chilango.. ya no as dicho que paso con tu restaurant que abriste en argentina.. . saludos. paisano un orgullo mexicano .. te discutes con el ingles.. chingon

    Ricardo hernandez 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Anyone else feel like he was ignoring the female founder in the beginning….he interrupted her and then didn’t cheers with her

    TherealMissKat 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • I love the language, food, ladies and the style of Latinos.

    Good Man Truth 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • You should sprinkle some coca on a taco. Coca Taco 666

    Good Man Truth 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • TIL… La tripleta is La Campechana!

    juan gutierrez 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Miami is the sh*t bro 🥰😛 y les falto Viva Mexico 😩

    Christian P 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Taco got old churrascos empanadas and arepas are better

    Juan Cardona 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • This host is better

    SlipperyMooseCakes 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • For some reason, I really want to have some Camarena tequila.

    SomeDudeNameNate 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • If I put a hot dog in a tortilla, and put a ketchup mayo sauce on top – is it a taco? NO. Many of these are NOT tacos. Call them wraps, but just don't call them tacos. You can't put just anything in a tortilla and call it a taco. Tacos must need: tortilla, freshly cooked meat, freshly diced onions, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime with salsa on the side. You can change the meat, how it's marinated or cooked – or even use veggies. But there should be NO mayo based sauce – EVER. Stop the gentrification and appropriation of a culture for capitalist ideologies.

    Charlie P 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • I don't know why, most Mexican people that I met they are from Sonora maybe 80%?

    Fly to The Moon 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • I cringe when i hear Miami style tacos. 😖

    obelisk 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • I love this so much, more of this guy please

    Vesstig 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Those tacos look bomb af. I wish I lived in Miami.

    Anime Sekai 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • I don't consider myself a food snob and have nothing against fusion food, but those Miami tacos don't look very good. When I think about it, Mexicans really do have one of the best cuisines in the world. The food in the rest of Latin America actually sucks. Everything in Mexico is good, but other Latino countries have one or two dishes that are decent, but nothing spectacular.

    Bradly B 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Dope dope dope

    Andy Vasquez 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • I’m sorry but this shit is trash there is no Miami food you want attention so you take other culture creations and just throw shit together and call it Miami food fucking ridiculous

    Hector Calleros 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Na tacos in Miami suck ass

    Huyoken 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Generations of Cubans discriminating against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans and now they all want to start jumping on the taco craze because they see how profitable it is? Florida stays taking L's.

    newthrash1221 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Francisco is a fantastic host. I love this series.

    Mentat 1 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • If you're in Broward come to The Taco Project in Coral Springs tho.

    SKtheCheF 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • i see Francisco i like

    Eamonn 17/10/2022 am3:25
  • Nice piece of details, I love the vibe I get from Miami when it comes to looking for that late night bite and this videos does show they have a lot to offer!

    LORD JORDAN JAVIER 17/10/2022 am3:25