Easy Weeknight Roast Chicken and Potatoes | Today's Special

Ashley shows you how to make the classic combination of chicken and potatoes weeknight-friendly by using an everyday 12-inch nonstick skillet.

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  • You compost those yummy potato skins and their paper towel! The meal looks soooooo goooood! Thanks!

    Teresa Miller 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Just made this–sorta–and my kids loved it. I didn't have time to bake it, so I browned the (boneless skinless) thigh pieces first, while microwaving the potato slices. I removed the chicken and tossed the potatoes in the shmaltz, then put the chicken back on top. My 12yo sous chef cut the slices thin, (my bad) so we pan fried them, stirring every few minutes until tender and brown.

    Chantelle Baker-Ortiz 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • It looks good and i want to try it, but for some of us, this would not be an easy weeknite meal. I work til 6pm and not home til almost 7pm This will make a good thing to make on the weekend with my daughter. Thank you, it looks delicious!

    Carl Johnson 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • I made this tonight, and wow. It's phenomenal. Just stopped by to upvote and comment to pay you back for it.

    ReadTheShrill 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Ashley is the bestttttt

    Kyle Kulhanek 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Look delicious must try 👍

    vasantha Subramaniam 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Lots of comments abt the chicken being undercooked. Don't thighs usually need more cooking time than the breast (which was thoroughly cooked, per temp and appearance?) Personally, I don't get too worked up abt a little bit of pink at the joints, as long as the rest of the meat is cooked.

    Anne Dwyer 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • When the legs were cut off from the chicken, there was still a raw look at the joint … not cooked long enough I think!! … other than that, the recipe and method is nice and simple. Can be done with just chicken legs, seasoned an placed on the bed of potatoes for smaller portioning.

    Seycas 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Looks absolutely delicious! I'll have to size it down but I'm definitely going to give this a try!

    Jan Zebuski 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • I made this tonight, delicious! I used tarrago instead of thyme though.

    marcia mcgrath 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Chicken needed a bit longer in the oven…

    Amethyst 208 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Funny – awesome – great. Super fan here!

    K Klock 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • I’m sorry. Breasts to 165 before carryover is a crime.

    bajajoaquin 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Looks great as always! 🙂

    Alexander Ivory-Brown 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • I'll take a thigh and leg Thanks !!!

    Gene Hammond 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Is it just me, or is there blood still showing? 🤔

    rina valiente 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Does anyone else think this chicken is not cooked enough? Too much red for my liking.

    Kathy Soma 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Won't the chicken breast completely dry out at 165 degrees?

    Sharon Joseph 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Ha! Very smiley video, funny and TALENTED chef … oh, and love the recipe! You're a Natural Teacher.

    Okie Jammer 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • This is a great recipe. The chicken looked underdone to me, though.

    C M 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Weeknight Roast Chicken or Cast Iron Baked Chicken – I guess that puts me on Team Bryan Roof! 🤔🙂🐓
    Although lately I've been just buying packages of drumsticks and using the spice rub plus dried thyme from the Cast Iron Chicken recipe (or variations with smoked paprika and different chili powders) and chucking them in my air fryer. Done in less than 20 minutes and even the cold leftovers are delicious! 🍗🍗🍗🍗

    Sandra H 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • Always 30 minutes per kilo and the veg in the pan the last half hour.

    I have a spreadsheet which computes when the veg go in.

    tarjei99 22/10/2022 am6:29
  • I know you checked the temp but that chicken really doesn't look cooked, I'd never serve poultry so pink. Otherwise the recipe looks delicious an the potatoes- yummy!

    Ruth Eglinton 22/10/2022 am6:29