Easy Roast Chicken Dinner with Crispy Leeks | Home Movies with Alison Roman

I’ve never met a roasted chicken I didn’t like. They’re a classic, reliable standby that truly never disappoints, but they usually don’t really excite, either. They almost always elicit a “this is really good,” or “this is exactly what I needed,” and very rarely a “holy shit, this is maybe the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” Enter: this chicken. It’s deeply golden, perfectly juicy, and the leeks that roast with it will be the crispiest, schmaltziest, silkiest leeks you’ve ever tasted. Who knew leeks could be the star of the show? Not me!

My favorite thing about this recipe is that it’s truly a full meal— a real “spring chicken dinner,” if you will. There’s a punchy, bright leek salsa verde, a creamy, garlicky aioli, and all the springy vegetables you can find (think radishes, blanched asparagus, tiny potatoes). It’s my dream spring dinner, and probably yours too.


0:00 Opening
0:15​ Home Movies with Alison Roman intro
0:14 Intro to Roasted Spring Chicken with Crispy Leeks
2:01 Prepare the chicken and leeks for roasting
8:26 Start boiling the potatoes
8:39 Chop leeks and spring onions for the salsa verde
12:00 Slice and blanch the asparagus
14:05 Remove the radish tops and set aside
14:37 How to make the aioli
18:53 Take the potatoes out of the pot
19:03 Remove the chicken from the oven and let it cool
20:43 Plate the asparagus, radishes, potatoes, and sauces for serving
21:14 Carving and plating the chicken and leeks
23:41 Taste the Roasted Spring Chicken with Crispy Leeks

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Director: Daniel Hurwitz
Editor: Matt Maltese
Director of Photography: Dennis Thomas
Sound: Brian Cushin



  • vence buchanan 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Spring Chicken with Crispy Leeks

    Sae taro 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • that is just perfect

    Teri Scallon 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • I make this chicken recipe all the time. It is so good. I even impressed my dad with this chicken and that is hard to do!

    Kassandra OB 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Made this last night sans the asparagus and radish since I didn't have it one hand. Also added a preserved lemon to the salsa verde since I don't like capers. Two bites in my SO exclaimed that, "This is delicious! I feel like I'm eating like a king."

    This is a winner winner chicken dinner and so easy to put together on a weeknight.

    tom fondly 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Man 425 – thats a hot oven.

    peanutaxis 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • This chicken was absolute perfection. The leeks were DELICIOUS. I’m so happy to know o can use leek tops! Yum! My only variation was deglazing with white wine. THANK YOU!

    Annie Washburn 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Grow up David.

    Paul Clanton 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Beste Art Eis herzustellen ist mit Sahne, mit alles was Sie möchten können Sie mixen & Portionieren & im Eisfach über Nacht lassen, Bon Appetit

    Assal Radio 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • I love how you say "Wush-tershire" 😂

    Ali 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • My channal subscribes kary thank you my channal name daily routine work Muhammed imran h YouTube par subscribes kary thank you sister

    Muhammad Imran 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • God bless you and your family

    Muhammad Imran 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • "I have this weird piece of lemon and this old fennel bulb…. maybe I won't use the fennel" 🤣🤣

    That Rad Guy 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • I love her! She needs her own show. She transforms the love of cooking into a wonderful, whole new world.

    Linda Theubet 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • What brand of anchovies did you use?

    Debra Palmer 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • "if you want to eat crispy chicken, EAT FRIED CHICKEN!" – Alison Roman

    JH Teo 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • What is your hot take on sandwiches and what is in the door behind you!!

    Stevie Stern 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Please can we have an episode with Lauren!!! ♥♥♥

    Gabbi D 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • That "grow up David" was so unnecessary.

    Arsh Behal 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Love this!!! My new favorite chicken recipe!

    Catherine Sosa 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Yummy!
    And omg you guys are so funny

    Sokphear Em 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • She keeps saying she is eating the anchovies "raw"….they are NOT raw. They are cooked because they are canned which = cooked it is part of the canning process. She is making garlic mayonnaise, aioli is something else. Why do younger women – or women trying to be young – have to constantly use the words "like", "literally" and fry the ends of words? When the hell did this insanity start??? I complain a lot when watching her videos but she really puts together some nice food.

    wendeln92 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Hi! Could you use a deep Dutch oven for this too?

    navishkashah 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Yummy!

    Sylvia Metos 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Love the salt in an ashtray my mom had in the 70's, lol

    carla jackson 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • She cook like most of us;
    Yes to raw egg yolk sauces
    No to ice baths
    A little garlic skin of the potato water is all cool.

    Just a dude Man 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Hi sister very nice.

    Ramalakshmi Ramu 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Potato!🥔 Alison, love your honesty, sense of humor and energy. So refreshing. Thank you 🙏🏻

    Nurolinx 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • I’ve been binging your videos and just loving them all – love these full dinner party meals especially!!!!

    Lisa Battaglia 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • 🤤 yummy

    달 SUNPARKNYC STUDIO 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Made this for my hubby…it was phenomenal !!!thank you.

    Giancarlo Pia 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Alison * bending and snapping the asparagus* Me in my head: "Oh my God! The Bend & Snap! Works EVERY time!"

    Liia Magi 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • I’ve already made this recipe twice. It’s so good. I was searching for what to make with all the leeks I grew and stumbled upon your channel…now I’m a subscriber.

    NaturallyMariam 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • I hope that Home Movies gives Babish and Weismann a run for their money 🙏🏽

    Passive Agressive 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Made this and those crispy leeks were like CRACK. SO good.

    Gabriela Taginya 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • This is gentrification is a YT channel.

    PapayaCat 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Rather a juicy chicken than crispy skin. Any day.

    rocket7697 19/10/2022 pm10:45
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    Neide Sousa 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • Love this show! 2 questions: 1. What is in ur tiny closet? Used to live in an apartment like urs, I used mine as a broom closet. 2. What are the pics above ur stove? I cook ur recipes every week. Extra question, is it true u bought a restaurant upstate, and ur apartment is up for sale? I read that on one of those entertainment sites.

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  • I’m trying this tomorrow !

    Joseph Liang 19/10/2022 pm10:45
  • How much for another great recipe I always love seeing and hearing all about this now I may even get interested in trying to grow garlic after watching this video hugs and kisses from grandma Sandy another great cooking video and a great tip about the garlic

    Grandma Sandy 19/10/2022 pm10:45