Easy Roast Chicken Dinner with a jug of delicious gravy | Formula for Perfect Roast Chicken

There’s minimal prep needed for this easy roast chicken. No trivets, no butter under the skin, just a simple, tasty and juicy roast chicken with a big jug of delicious gravy. This is the best way to roast a chicken.

The key formula for the perfect roast chicken is to cook for 45 minutes per kg (2.2lbs), plus an extra 20 minutes at 180C/350F – until the internal temperature of the chicken is 75C/165F.

Free printable recipe here: https://www.kitchensanctuary.com/easy-roast-chicken-with-rich-gravy/

Ingredients for the roast chicken:
Whole chicken – 1.75kg – 2kg ideally free-range
1 tbsp olive oil
½ tsp salt
½ tsp black pepper
¼ tsp dried thyme
½ lemon chopped into two wedges (optional)

Meat juices from your roasted chicken
3 chicken stock cubes crumbled
3 cups (720ml) hot vegetable stock – from your boiled/steamed vegetables and potatoes
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp gravy browning optional
2 tbsp cornflour/cornstarch
5 tbsp cold water

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  • I kinda searched for alive chickens but my mom might love this recipe

    (No I searched for them bawking and clucking)

    _mothyxx 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Made the gravy yesterday Sunday wow easy & well worth doing delicious.

    Honest Opinion 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Way my mom taught me…..my now grandkids enjoy it just the same. X.

    choppergeeza 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • I'd eat that, no trouble.

    socialmeaslesinpartnershipwithvegetablepolice 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Lovely! Thank you

    ClaireEdment 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • I am sorry, but that gravy was sh1t. Might as well have gone to KFC drive through and bought the same. Very poor show, as she didn't even use the roasted chicken juice to add to the gravy, let use to make the gravy.

    Collywobbles 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Thanks for using Fahrenheit as well as Celsius! A nice small detail. (Looks great also)

    Gayvin McGinnes 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • It's that all salt and pepper 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂

    M A 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Love your accent!

    Fresh Evans 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Can you make a video with an example on how your mom taught you to cook with a similar step-by-step list she taught you with?

    my little reborn love 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • I made this for Christmas but added more salt for preference and it was delicious ! Thank you x

    Watermelon Queen 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • This recipe was so delicious!!!!♥♥♥

    J D 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Proceeds to season chicken🍗 with just🧂 and pepper🤦‍♀️ looks a different colour on the inside….

    I do mini slices on my chicken and for the spice i mix olive oil, onions, garlic, a drizzle of lemon, dried mixed herbes, chicken seasoning, a bit of barbecue sauce, chicken tikka masala and some ginger powder. Stuff the chicken with the leftover lemon, onion, garlic and spice. I try not to add salt as it is in the chicken seasoning and masala.

    For veggies I add a little bit of seasoning and vegetable stock and olive oil.

    Leftover gravy could also be added to the chicken at the end.

    S M 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • tried this way and killed my nan YouTube where's my compo

    dads midnight creation 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Mouth watering 😋

    Coops 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • I always cook my roast chicken breast side down on a bed of onions and unskinned garlic , that way the breast meat doesn't dry out on account of all the juices running down into the breast as it cooks. One thing though you don't get a crispy skin, but the chicken is moist. The caramelised onions give the gravy color and the roasted garlic can be squished out into the gravy and the whole lot strained through a strainer leaving nice smooth gravy. Hope you don't mind me saying.

    B Smith 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Love how you keep things to the point and simple, really helpful for people learning to cook. ❤️ your kitchen

    ccciip 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • There is a bunch of fine feathers on that chicken that was not properly cleaned off and the seasoning mix is so paltry and sad. Not to mention, the application, which is a very light surface sprinkling, does not allow for penetration into the meat ensuring depth of flavour.

    Jo 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • I have arrived in Lincoln UK before 20 days ago. I want to try typical British food breakfast,lunch, dinner what they eat usually? So I found ur channel. It's really amazing! Please let me know British food ingredients items too like wat kind of sauces , vinegar, spices, cheese or anything like that ?

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  • Hi, just made this recipe along with the gravy- delicious . Thank you! Great video

    Maggie Meyer 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • yeah but by using cornflour slurry you can't use the gravy next day as it turns to jelly

    Steve Turner 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • i add butter, bay leaf and butt lemon to gravy

    Bawse Life 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • About to try this. First time ever trying a roast

    Anthony Byrne 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Well for my next masterclass I’m making your chicken first one I ever roasted doing it tomorrow will follow you to the letter as usual my chicken is 2.2 kg but I’ve bought my self I cooking thermometer thank you for great easy to follow recipes

    rovers4lyfe 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • Do hash brownies

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  • Awesome, I love you haha.
    All I wanted was to find a nice simple British roast chicken video, so many are proper fancy. You saved a single, retired soldiers day 👍🏻
    Roast dinner is the food of the gods 🇬🇧

    Thorny_Boy718 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • ohhh gonna be my Christmas Chicken dish with some yummy roasted potatoes Thank you so much

    Sarie van Vuuren 20/10/2022 am6:00
  • I love this Recipe

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