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Nothing beats an easy to make and even easier to prepare roast chicken! Masterchef John Zhang shares tips on how to make juicy roast chicken packed with unbelievable flavors, crispy skin, and so juicy! Recipe: https://tastelife.tv/recipe/roasted-chicken-with-special-seasoning_3454.html

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You’ll love this Crispy Roasted Chicken Recipe for dinner! So good!

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  • He put the whole garlic I use in a week

    Victor Yepez 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Très belle recette je vais l'essayer

    Philippe Maubouche 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Testy 👌👌👌😋😋😋


    PRAJITH PULIKKAL VLOG 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • What does vinegar do?? I'm so curious

    S Chung 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • When I saw the amount of garlic I knew I was at the right place 😂😂😂

    Harpsichoré 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • This is so easy to make, I made one today and the people working for our house loved it! Thank you!!!

    Jenina 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Can i see your face

    Rully Prasid Wibawa 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Going To try Cook This for my boss tonight wish Me luck

    umi aoi Sora trafalgaluka 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Good 👌🏽

    Akshay Sonone 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Nice video . Yummy Yummy.

    Cooking By Sophy 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Nothing i dnt like at all

    BANLUMLANG SHABONG 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • This video shows the most delicious, easy to make, weekday chicken. Unfortunately, it’s a 4 hour ordeal that, only after much modification, looked somewhat like the video (definitely not 375F for 60m). A nice recipe, but not easy. Many moving parts, mis-en-plas, timing, correct temperature not to burn crisp.

    M. N. 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Got burnt and still raw in the middle 🙁

    Ahoymcoy 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • I'm HUNGRY 🥺🥺

    Sumit Bhardwaj 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Very Unique!

    Chao Akash 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Best Chinese recipe I always find and try it and you get the real look of the same…taste hmm it taste excellent but what chef John has may be more better.

    John Wilkin Einstein 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • May I know what are the ingredients sir? Thanks

    K I S S 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Your amazing I love watching your videos you make it look so easy and I've done some of your recipes

    Lilly anne Lovegreen 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Where are your recipe for roasting your chicken like that

    NottyButNicey 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Wow looks so tasty recipe

    Tuba's Kitchen 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • He looks like Xi Jinping while cooking.

    Mark Javier 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • 😋👌

    vadinamma vantalu 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Bet your chicken comes out RAW if you only cook it for 60 minutes at that temperature.

    Alloment Proof 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • What song is that? 🙂

    LordShiva 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Very nice recipe. I hope i could make one of that recipe. 🙂

    Johnny james Ubongen 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Looks like a thanksgiving turkey 🦃 lol
    but it is a chicken instead and used for Chinese New Year 🧧
    [Gosh Dang!!!!]

    VenomSmoke 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • made this just today for dinner and it was soooo disgusting…

    no, not the chicken, which tasted more than epic, but my performance compared to chef‘s elegance 😁

    I adapted the recipe just slightly, maybe this is helpful for someone:
    – because my (fav white wine) vinegar is a bit aggressive, I stretched it 1:1 with (warm, destilled) water
    – to avoid burning the honey, I roasted the chicken on lower heat (300F/150C) for 2,5 hours

    the result was a total mouthgasm, super crispy skin, juicy and tender meat with most delicate flavors – exceeding our expectations by far!

    thanks a ton for this more than delicious and also wonderfully presented dish ❤️ highly recommended to give this one a try!

    Alexander Christof 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Would you like some chicken with your garlic?

    渡辺大介 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Chef John is the best 💯🧐

    Lintan75 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • do you have to take out stuffing before you serve because its the first time for me making this 🙂

    Sukulinas Sarkar 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Love those scissors

    rcopterboy 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Looks delicious and tempting…
    New Friend is here joined u…
    Pkz join us

    Safina's Food Hub 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • Can replace the vinegar with lemon juice?

    B Jacquelynn 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • That recipe is crap

    Markshi Beblue 23/10/2022 pm9:15
  • This chicken looks like he caught hiv

    Bre soccer cards 23/10/2022 pm9:15