Easy Char Siew Chicken Roast | Chinese style red honey bbq chicken

OPEN for ingredients! Today we’re making Char Siu chicken. This is a Chinese style, oven roasted bbq chicken marinated to savoury, sweet, sticky perfection. Also super quick and easy to prepare, it’s one of my all time favourite chicken recipes.

This is ultra versatile, personally I love eating this with chicken rice (my one pan chicken rice recipe here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ISJtmdsK4I) but you can also top noodles with this.

I mentioned chicken leg in the video, this is the entire chicken thigh and drumstick portion, bone removed. I realise this is not that easy to find for most, so use chicken thighs as per ingredients list below. For bone-in chicken thighs, double the time in the oven to 30 to 40 minutes. Check that the internal temperature at the thickest part of the chicken has hit 74 deg celcius or 165 deg fahrenheit to ensure it’s cooked through. Or just poke a fork through thick part and juices run clear and blood-less 🙂

More info: http://nomadette.com/char-siu-chicken/


– 300 grams Boneless Chicken Thigh (fatty ones are best)
– Marinade
– 1 tbsp Honey
– 1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
– 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
– 1 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce or Kicap Manis
– 2 tbsps Brown Sugar
– 1 tbsp Ginger-Garlic Paste (2 garlic cloves + 1 inch Ginger, pureed or grated)
– 1 tsp Chinese Five Spice Powder
– Pinch of white pepper
– 1 tsp red food colouring (optional)


EDIT: Yes, I am aware traditionally Char Siu is made with pork. This recipe is for some of us who do not eat pork (me)/prefer chicken. You can use these same ingredients for pork, though be aware that roasting time in the oven might differ.



  • What other recipes do you want to see? Let me know 😀

    Nomadette Eats 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Do you need to let the chicken come to room temperature before cooking?

    Seabass5000 26/10/2022 am2:29
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  • Wow it looks amazing!

    Moonlight & Decor 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • This tastes great! My family loves it. I used chicken thighs instead of the boneless leg

    Hope Skies 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Do I just need to double the ingredients if I were making for 4 servings

    Arr Luu 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Is this recipe possible in an Air Fryer and if so has anyone tried? If someone has can you explain what needs to be done for that – TY 🙂

    The Shipping Store 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Que bien, comer aluminio, lo más sano que hay.
    Os recomiendo no usar el aluminio para cocinar ni en contacto con material orgánico, ya sea bocadillos, carne , verduras y otro tipo de comida. Es muy tóxico.

    Enriquitaun DC 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Trying this now thanks. Looks like it will be tasty. One bit of feedback is that i double double / triple the portion sizes suggested. I added ingredients as per video and there was barely enough sauce at the end to cover a single chicken leg

    Martin Burman 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Yummy!

    tarik15380 debarge 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Does red colouring has chemicals?

    Elena Елена 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • hello, Nice showing

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  • Since no one said it….. SIUUUUUUUU

    Kaushal Nair 26/10/2022 am2:29

    faleen toby 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Your pork reminds me of when I was in Hawaii and ate char siu for the first time. Tasty

    WillieDeans Kitchen 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Perfect nasi ayam Singapore ,,respect from Malaysia

    EONE SUKRI 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Lovely recipe! The only change I'd make would be to use baking paper to line the dish as opposed to aluminium foil which leaches, particularly when coming in contact with acidic food eg tomatoes, lemons, garlic etc.

    X-75 Hurricane 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Wow enjoy ❤❤❤

    Arlene Agapito Vibar 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Mine has been 20 minutes in the oven and still uncooked. Can someone tell me the exact time please?

    Ana Ortega 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • 😱😋..My mouth is watering badly while watching this video and I must urgently make this BBQ chicken for everyone in my family. Thank you for uploading 🤷🙋💕👍👌

    禁営 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Lost Mr at food coloring.

    Tanya A 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Char siu? Maybe fix your title.

    Zanna 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Do you even know what char siu is? its pork! your teaching people to make pork chicken?

    manbolo2 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • it Looks yummy full of nutrients

    CHHUN DARA 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Awesome! 🇨🇦🙂

    Joe Morello 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • looks so yummy!

    Hidayat Hafid 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Wow interesting, I want to try

    Jessdar 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Your chasiu sauce is so easy to make. Thanks for sharing experience!

    Phat Le 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Hi i just made this and the family love it i used 1kg of boneless thighs and there was just enough for the marinade but no dipping sauce so a 10/10 thank you, Chas.

    Chas bad 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Aunty, what are you doing? Char Siu sauce comes in a jar. It's made by Lee Kum Kee. You don't have to go through so much trouble. Just buy the jar of sauce. Easier and cheaper. Taste just like a restaurant char siu.

    Chinatown Boy 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Thank your for the recipe 🙏

    Cindy chanel 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • chicken would never be cooked in 15 minutes.. There is no way. I don't know what oven did she use, what temperature, but that chicken is not cooked. I do everything like on the video, tried twice. In 15-20 minutes it comes out raw and full of liquid. There is no way!

    Diana Lee 26/10/2022 am2:29
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    yanling zhu 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Wow nice 😋👍👍

    About Food Production 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • I want to know what chinese fried spice powder you use, I can't find in my local store 😭

    Entah Eh 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Wow nampak delicious

    Hana Pang 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Hi, look yummy.. mouth watering. How do u cook chicken rice. The chicken rice look olden style but now no body make lik tiz… Can do video for chicken rice please ya

    Vinmalar 1508 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Greetings from Malaysia…
    Wow, your char siew roasted chicken looks super delicious…perfect menu for a birthday party @ family gathering…

    Alicia Uvang Kitchen 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Good stuff 🇺🇸🌇🇬🇾

    Richard James 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • And you spelled siu wrong.

    lloyd aguilar 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Wasnt there just raw chicken in that sauce?

    lloyd aguilar 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Love this recipe. It looks delicious. Thank you Tracey from Austin Texas

    Anonymous 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Do we triple the ingredients for triple the weight in chicken

    Pets Are Funny 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • PERFECTION!!!!! Sweet, sticky PERFECTION!!! Right up my alley, thank you!!!

    alexxdaye1 26/10/2022 am2:29
  • Best wishes for you and beautiful recipe stay connected with the new friend 💕😊 very tasty and good

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  • Very nice

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  • My family loved it. Great recipe!

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