Easy Artisan Bread Recipe | No Kneading!

This easy homemade Artisan Bread recipe only requires 4 simple ingredients to make! This crusty bread recipe will be the easiest yeast bread you’ll ever make. You don’t even need a mixer to make this bread with its thick, crispy crust and chewy crumb. It’s a forgiving recipe that comes out perfect every time and is excellent for beginners or pros who want a flavorful bread recipe.

RECIPE: https://preppykitchen.com/artisan-bread/



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  • Also, where do I find the bonnets for purchase?

    Renee Hughes 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I like to prep the night before. I'm recovering from some health problems so doing it in parts is easier on me. I love your channel. You're so friendly and open and it makes this old lady feel like a friend is sharing a recipe with me. I like that you keep it real. We all have minor mishaps in the kitchen and the fact that you show yours makes me fell less like a dolt. I'm sure I'm not the only one. You're appreciated and I'm learning new tips and tricks from you every day. Besides, my cooking has never been better thanks to your recipes.

    Renee Hughes 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • 10/17/22
    Made your bread today. Let me tell ya, that over night rise in fridge is the taste I’ve been looking for. Oh my gosh!!!!! That long rise did the trick. Wonderful recipe. I let mine in fridge a full 24 hours. I made spaghetti and meatballs and everything got done together. Lunch was great. Thank you soooo much.

    Florence 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • his teeth are haunted

    pork cutlet 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Can a glass Dutch oven work? I do not have a cast iron pot

    Cyndie Marano 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Prefecture. My lag is cooling now. I also use your methods for sour dough starter and bread.

    Betty Johnson 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • as soon you touch dough its called knee ing

    nic claass 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Hi, I've just tried to make this bread and it was way too wet. I couldn't understand why cos I measured everything so carefully in grams then I found out why. 1 1/2 cups of water weighs only 320 grams ( not 360 as your video ) so I ended up with a sticky mess which did not want to work. I should have realised, as I make granary bread all the time and use 650 grams of flour to 350 grams of water which works perfectly. Just thought you ought to know. I will try again using only 320 grams and see what that works out like.

    David Jennings 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Can I add chopped fresh moringa leaves please?

    Georgio del Kruz 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Hi! I'm a big fan of your recipes!
    Thank you for everything you're sharing here on your channel!
    Your creations look amazing and you have great insights!
    Oh and yes, please make a sourdough video /tutorial! 🙂

    Adelina Mitrofan 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Do I have to bake this bread in a pot?

    Safeeyah Mohamed 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • How Elise can you cook it in if you don’t have a Dutch oven?

    Marian Gomz 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Can you use an electric mixer?

    Marian Gomz 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • to the flour I added grated cheddar cheese and bacon bits – delicious.

    nanascottie 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Yeah…"I forgot " buuuuurn. Thanks for video recipe I was putting less yeast and not getting the rise I wanted. But thanks to you I will try again.

    Ed Cabral 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Hi John, I just tried your recipe and at 7 minutes in you say to put it in at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. And that did not work. And now I’m sad cause I did all this work and used up all those ingredients and it came out undercooked. What do I do 😢😢😢?

    cyndee fand 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • They need to add ‘bluh’ to the English dictionary!

    Heather Shultz 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Sour dough would be nice

    ziggy morris 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Im confused…do you EITHER let it rise 1 1/2 hours or so and then bake OR straight into the fridge and bake next day? Or do you let it rise about 1 1/2 hours and then put in fridge for overnight?

    Cindy lea Storch 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • May I know if active dry yeast works the same here in this recipe?

    Priscilla L 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • How to cool, store, wrap to keep the crust crispy? Please give a 2 minute tutorial …

    Alison 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Wheat flour can be used in bread making.

    Madhuri SurajBharath 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • anyone here who made it with all purpose flour, how did it turn out?

    ahem 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I was scrolling thru YT and thought Matt Walsh was making bread lol

    blueravenchick 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • ❤❤❤

    Baronetess Tonya Dawson :Jax: 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I'm new to all of this, what size is your Dutch oven?

    Tammy Stevens 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Can I make this on a baking tray?

    DeDe Mandy 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • with inflation, this recipe is perfect!

    Airplane Life 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Hello! Do we need to let our bread cool before slicing it?

    GodSpoke_thescripturerevealed 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Did the dough rise to at least 2x in size before putting it into the hot Dutch oven?

    Chan Eliza 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Sourdough bread recipe please

    Chan Eliza 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • made this yesterday. came out beautifully. thank you for unintentional vegan bread receipe. we ate half of it already. . Made it again… 🙂 I will never buy a loaf of bread again.

    Alison 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Question…do you put it in a quiet a place, let rise, and then put it in the frig, or just put it directly in the frig without setting aside and letting it rise?

    Shupe Family 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I LOVE this recipe. I don’t buy bread anymore 😂 I don’t have a dutch oven so I kind of use a makeshift one using 2 dark cake pans. Works pretty well 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hahaha

    Thea Castillo 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Can't wait to bake this bread now

    Madhura G 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I made bread for the first time this weekend – I experienced the opposite and my dough was too wet. I’m going to try again soon but is this common?

    H N 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I’ve made this bread a few times now, I don’t have a Dutch oven or a stone but I use a cast iron, it can be a flat one or the actual pan and it doesn’t really make a difference, and then I don’t have a cover so I fill another baking pan that I don’t care about with water and use that to create steam. Works perfectly

    Tree 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Can I replace the bread flower with whole wheat flower

    Benbouza Ferial 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Yes please I really want to know the process of sour dough

    Benbouza Ferial 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • that's called kneading my guy!

    Honest Duck 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • new subscriber here

    Chris Medico Vlog 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Lol warm water about 120degree

    Daonoi 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I would love to see the sourdough recipe. I love sourdough bread.

    Marci Togo 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • Can you make this bread in a regular pan or you the Dutch oven. It will be my first time making this

    Avery Falcon 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I just found and subbed to your channel and I’m just gonna weigh in yes for sourdough if not done already.

    Serena Henderson 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • I just found and subbed to your channel and I’m just gonna weigh in yes for sourdough if not done already. I’ll search for it after this one!

    Serena Henderson 18/10/2022 pm1:49
  • What about for those can’t afford the pot? It’s super expensive here ( Malaysia ) do u hv any suggestions?

    Mazira MJ 18/10/2022 pm1:49