Use code BRIANL and get 20% off your Kettle and Fire order at https://www.kettleandfire.com/brian Your #1 taco boy is back.This super fast and easy taco recipe borrows the flavors of al pastor, but uses a shortcut cooking technique to give us the charred, spit-cooked flavor in a fraction of the time and effort of cooking on a trompo.

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75-100g (½ of 1) White Onion, small diced
100g (1 whole) Poblano, small diced
350-400g (5-6 whole) Tomatillos, medium chopped
15-20g (5 cloves) garlic, minced
5g or ¾-1tsp salt
50g or 3Tbsp water

Add onion, poblano, tomatillos, garlic, salt, water to a saucepan over med-high and bring to a simmer. Once simmering, lower heat to medium low, cover and cook for about 10min. Stir and cook for another 8-10min over medium, uncovered, to allow to thicken. Transfer to cold bowl and cool in fridge or freezer.

50g or 1/4c pineapple, diced
100g (2 fruits worth) orange juice
25g or 1 3/4Tbsp water
25g or 1 3/4Tbsp white vinegar
20g or 1 2/3Tbsp sugar
20g or 1 heaping Tbsp salt
30g or 2-3Tbsp achiote annatto paste (or sub in lime juice, chile powder, & paprika)
2g or 2tsp dried oregano
5g or 3.5tsp garlic powder
5g or 3tsp cumin
10g or 4tsp chile powder

Puree all ingredients until smooth.

2lbs/1kg boneless skinless chicken thighs
4 “planks” of fresh pineapple, cut in similar size/thickness to chicken

Add ½ of marinade or 100g to chicken and mix to coat. Lay thighs onto a foil lined baking tray close together in the center of the tray. Place 2 planks of pineapple along side chicken (see @4:32 )

Preheat broiler on high. Place chicken/pineapple on rack closest to broiler and let cook for 5min – keeping a close eye to be sure it doesn’t burn. Rotate tray if needed, cook for another 5min. Chicken should be nicely charred on top at this point. Flip chicken and return to broiler for another 5-8 min to char 2nd side.

Corn tortillas, heated
Chopped cilantro
White onion, small diced
Queso fresco (or feta)

Chop chicken and pineapple into ½”/1.5cm pieces.
Add long squeeze of oil to a nonstick pan over high/med-high, add in chicken/pineapple. Fry on first side for about a minute. Add 40-50g reserved marinade to pan. Toss to combine and satee until sauce is reduced.

Place chicken on double layer of corn tortilla, add chopped cilantro and white onion, tomatillo salsa, sprinkle of grated queso fresco.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Starting the salsa
1:59 Al Pastor marinade
3:30 The meat
4:56 Checking back on the salsa
5:12 Sippin on Kettle and Fire bone broth
6:15 Checking and flipping the chicken
6:55 Finishing the salsa
7:28 Finishing the chicken
9:23 Plate up
10:16 Let’s eat this thing

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  • Use code BRIANL and get 20% off your Kettle and Fire order at https://www.kettleandfire.com/brian

    Brian Lagerstrom 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • You cook like a gringo

    Bob Lasure 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • I’d also add a pineapple jalapeño sauce too. 🤌

    Zac Kieser 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Instant save!

    Kim Chi 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • I made a 3x batch cause I wanted to use the whole can of pineapples and I am super glad I did. I cooked it on cast iron and chefs kiss

    I was worried maybe the mixture of pineapple, OJ, and sugar was gonna be too sweet, but it wasn’t. It’s a very robust flavor of smokiness, sweetness, tartness, and spices that are just great… especially on chicken where it doesn’t penetrate the meat at all. Thanks Bri!


    Bobby Omari 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Lovely!

    tristanrl1940 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • I made these tonight. Unfortunately I didn't have the special paste, but they still turned out really good! The chicken was cooked to perfection. Definitely going to use that method in the future for other recipes as well. Thank you!

    ctfpd09 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Great recipe, aside from the raw corn tortilla

    Charismatic 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • How many tacos did you get from that batch?

    Jerry Gorman 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • No sour cream what a serial killer

    Krabrangoonies 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • U teach well no shortcuts

    Luis Burgos 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Cold salsa is a fuckin SIN.

    theglitch713 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Looks delicious. I love tacos.

    Kevin Foley 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Made this last night and it was great. I think I will try it again though without the final frying step, as I felt it dried things out a bit too much. Right out of the oven, I felt like I could have eaten the entire tray of chicken myself.

    kalyarn 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • this looks great 🤤

    YumYumSnacks 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Took me an hour but nailed it. Worth every minute as the family devours & raves about dinner. Brian is my new secret weapon.

    Jamie Graff 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • I'd never had this taco before but it awesome out of the oven. I do regret doing the second part where you add more sauce and saute in the pan. It was too intense and gritty after that. It was much better just out of the oven. But overall, a winner.

    Amy L 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Bri, my daughter REALLY hates cumin. Like an allergy it tastes too acrid to her. Any suggestions on a good substitute?! Thanks!

    Neil H 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Substitute for tomatioes for us Aussies pls …

    sydney oz 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Shops here in Australia don't have tomatillos. Anything you can sub them with? Always see then on youtube but just cant get them here.

    Jank Rogs 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • I freaking LOVE whenever we see something else Brian has prepared from an earlier video chillin’ in his fridge or freezer. Nice cameo of that delectable Danish.

    Di Milton 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • One of the best features of ceramics over glass is low thermal expansion. The chance of cracking when adding something hot to a cold ceramic is unlikely. Of course if the temperature difference is very large it will happen, so don't put molten sugar or hot oil in there, but food with a high water content should be fine.

    Tony Christney 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Why are you Josh Weissman….

    Nate's Life 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • What does religion have to do with TACOS? Bless me father, for I have chomped?

    David Kempton 25/10/2022 am4:54

    CaliMeatWagon 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Id highly recommend grilling the meat on the barbecue along with all the salsa fixins to make a nice grilled salsa.

    Daytimerocker 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • First video here. Came for the food, stayed for the memes!

    m0rv4i 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Next time, cook the chicken on a rack and it will be more like real al pastor as it won't cook in its juice. You could even out the thighs and then cut it into thin strips and put it on skewers and do it under the broiler on a rack and it will come out like real spit cooked meat.

    Matt Shannon 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • This is far from a 30 minute meal!

    Comrade_Cosmicov 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • You are not the momma

    Matthew Plaskon 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Tasted like soap.

    Keith Dixon 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Where’s the alternative recipe without annatto? And can you include the measurements not in grams?

    Don Cérignon 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • I couldn’t be more proud of you! This is an authentic Tacos al pastor recipe! I think you could add queso manchego or queso Oaxaca instead of those. 🥰

    Schwarz Man 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • i would never throw steaming food into my freezer ^^ I have an extra space for new stuff to "pre-freeze" before it goes into the same compartment as the other stuff in my freezer. So if "normal-outside" warm is too much, I can't believe that "steaming-hot" is fine for the other goods 😀

    Dextera 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Queso fresco on Tacos?!?!

    Daniel Tapia 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Hey Brian, love your recipes. How many does this serve? I want to make them for a party but, not sure how much I should buy in terms of ingredients. Thanks!

    Doug Babb 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Are you a chicken Shepard?

    HakWilliams 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • I just made this, and it tasted incredibly dope!

    Jordan Fish 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Not bad. I dont like tomatillos with seeds or skin. I cook them and use a strainer to catch the seeds after I peel the skins off.

    joe rivas 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Made these last night. My daughters absolutely crushed these tacos. Inexpensive, easy to make. Thank you for helping me look awesome in the kitchen!

    Jack Gordon 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Cumin in the green salsa bro

    EDM 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • Fun fact tacos Al pastor aren't Mexican they were actually invented by Lebanese people it's original name is shawarma Mexicans copied it 😁

    tako cat 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • You can sub in Goya's Sazon with achiote, it does the trick. @2:34

    Remy 25/10/2022 am4:54
  • What temp is the broiler?

    allenm7 25/10/2022 am4:54