Don't buy bread anymore! Super soft milk bread without an oven!

Don’t buy bread anymore! Super soft milk bread without an oven!

Today I‘ll be sharing with you a super easy and delicious buttery milk bread recipe! Only one fermentation can be steamed or baked, so simple and delicious!

For Ingredients:
Warm milk 150ml
White sugar 25g/2tbsp
Active dry yeast 3g/1tsp
Egg 1
All-purpose or bread flour 300g
Salt 3g/0.5tsp
Unsalted butter 30g/2tbsp
Unsalted butter 5g (for baking pan)

For recipe:
Welcome to my channel!
Today I’ll be sharing a super delicious bread recipe
You can steam it, also can bake it
150ml warm milk
25g white sugar
3g active dry yeast
1 egg
Mix well and wait for 5 minutes
300g all-purpose or bread flour
add 3g of salt
mix well
knead the dough with your hands
30g softened unsalted butter
knead the butter into the dough
Continue to knead until the surface is smooth
Cover and rest for 15 minutes
Spread some butter on the pan
The baking pan size is 20cm in diameter
After 15 minutes
Cut and divide into 8 equal parts
Take a piece of dough
Shape the dough like this
Place the dough in the baking pan
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Cover and rise until double size
600ml water
Place the baking pan and dough into a steamer
Steam for 35-40 minutes on medium heat
Wait for 5 minutes after turning off the heat
Place on a rack to cool
This bread is so soft and fluffy!
They’re super delicious!
This bread can also be baked
Take out 10ml egg to brush on the bread
Brush the egg wash
Bake for 15-20 minutes at 356°F/180°C
After baking
Use a cup to remove the bread from the baking pan
Place on a rack to cool
The baked bread is also super soft
The inside is buttery and fluffy
This bread is so delicious!
If you like soft and fluffy bread, you must try this super delicious recipe
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Thanks for watching!

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  • Shape the dough like this: ⬆️↙️↕️⬇️↗️↖️↘️↔️↙️↗️↙️➡️↙️↔️↙️↕️↗️↙️↘️⬅️↔️↙️↪️ okay but seriously thanks for the recipe

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    Lea Jane Allen 25/11/2022 am7:53
  • In South Africa we also have bread similar to this one.
    It's a traditional type of bread.
    It's really amazing to see other methods🇿🇦🇿🇦

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    Nicholas Lawrence - lets talk! 25/11/2022 am7:53
  • My mother received a medical diagnosis earlier this year that DRASTICALLY changed her diet. Suffice it to say, nearly no affordable store-bought bread checks every box in her requirements. THIS ONE DOES! Thank you, thank you!

    Rachel Das 25/11/2022 am7:53
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