Designing Desserts with Claire Saffitz | Class on Studio

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Discover your inner dessert person in my class on Studio! You’ll learn to make 4 different types of desserts, picking up essential pastry techniques along the way. Then, using your own creativity, you’ll learn to design and customize your own original dessert.



  • this would be such a fantastic gift for the holiday season!!! wishing you all the success claire!!

    Jasminemei95 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Very beautiful woman. 😍😍😍😍

    just me 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • 🎉❤ this is awesome!!

    Elizabeth Valverde 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • The background music is super annoying.

    Gene 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Congratulations Claire🎉🍾🥂✨💐

    Been watching you since “Gourmet Bakes” (watched all of them 👀) You are an excellent chef/baker and your teaching abilities are awesome!!! Wish I could take your class but septum surgery next week. I look forward to many more classes in the future!!

    Way to go!! Please don’t leave us for some fancy university!!

    Goeshen 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • As an avid fan, I’m so proud of you.🎉

    Daryl JQY 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Claire Saffitz you’re the Mary Berry of our generation 💖 I cannot wait for this course, and the book right after 😭

    Sofia Bell 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • i cant even bake bread properly. It doesn't rise properly and last time i baked one it felt like a heavy brick

    Bob Lob 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Love it! I guess this also answers "What does Claire look like fresh out of the salon?"

    Daniel Pentecost 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    joemama 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • what a hustler get it claire

    KTKU 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • $19 per month, BILLED ANNUALLY?!?! That's $230 plus materials O.o

    EasilyStartled 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Ahhhhh yes!

    Mary Lockwood 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Congrats!!🤍

    Porter Collins 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • "I'm Claire Saffitz and this, is Masterclass"

    KingQuentin 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Love this Claire! ❤

    Ariane Mariano 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • i want claire to be my mom

    Ollie Gustard 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • This is so exciting!! Congrats Claire!

    joseph M 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • I’m so excited for this and happy for you ❤

    Juliana Marko 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Claire is our Julia Child

    josie phillips 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Congrats!

    Tommy Alan Raines 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • How fun! Congrats on yet another huge and impressive undertaking!

    MondayNightBallroom 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • omg I will sign up! 😀

    Ariel 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • This is wonderful! I’m sure that this is going to be very successful ☺️

    AussieAngie 20/10/2022 pm4:21

    obhatti 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • I´d freaking love to take this class, sadly I don´t make enough to pay for it… Gotta hate the third world

    zDiegoChz 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Super excited! See you in class!

    Alexandra Holbrook 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • makeup artist should be fired.

    iplaywithfoodtt Mohammed 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • literally claire is an icon. im so proud of her and every endeavor she commits to.

    Matthew Fiorentini 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Thanks for the video

    Eat Carbs Outdoors 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Proud of you 💜

    Myriam Touil 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • I remember watching the BA stuff to see the way Claire worked things out with the Gourmet Makes, cos it was fascinating and entertaining (and I hope the tempered chocolate PTSD has subsided now!), and now I just love to listen to Claire cos she's just so listenable… 😀

    twocvbloke 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Omg! Congrats 🎊 🍾🎈 I’m so happy for you! You totally deserve this, you are so kind, welcoming, and fun to watch!

    Lg Gall 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Claire is queen

    J H 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Yay Claire, amazing! I love this for all of the lovers of this channel but also for you, we love seeing you succeed!

    hawey 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • A video of Claire not done in Vinny's style… It just feels weird 😄

    J Ska 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Claire, I’m extremely excited for this to come out! Especially the parts about recipe development. With the holidays coming up, I have a few riffs on traditional desserts I’d like to bring to my family and now I’m hopeful that I might be successful in bringing those new ideas to fruition after watching your studio! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into all your content😊

    Styled By Jamal 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Every new video I think "this is probably my favorite video" but then, a week later the next video comes and I think "no, this is my favorite video" I love Claire so much 🥰❤️❤️ But I guess everyone loves her 🤔❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Brian van Haaren 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • This is great and all but Studio people should know that their site cant even create a user, let alone buy into this course.

    daget34 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Hi Claire! I’m very interested. Will you be present online for any of the lessons to answer questions and offer guidance or is this just the curriculum you’ve created and you won’t be present? I love you!

    Casey Jones 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • wow, even lipstick!

    Big Coffee 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Go Claire!

    Jonathan Coltman 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • yes claire!

    CAMi 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Gotta make hay while the sun shines and I mean it in the BEST way possible. Claire is amazing, she has helped me develop my passion for baking, taught me so much and made me the bread star in my family, haha. She deserves all the success.

    Aleksandra Ostrowska 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • This is so cool! You're reason I was able to conquer making pies (my former arch nemesis) and become more confident with my baking. <3

    J L 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Love Claire also made me such a confident baker. Also Claire is wearing makup!! lol

    János Neumann 20/10/2022 pm4:21
  • Mama, the hair and make-up! Who is sheee

    Alessandro D 20/10/2022 pm4:21