Deliciously Simple Dinner Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are some quick and fun recipes to try out for dinner.

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  • the soucy sausage rice is a classic at home. It's delicious

    Izza Roy 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • I tried the first recipe and it was delicious and easy to follow. I love the freshness of the tomatoes and green onion at the end. I substituted cilantro for parsley and my family loved it. I will try the meatballs next! Thank you!

    Michele Delgado 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Holy ginger Batman! Fuck that’s a shit ton of fresh ginger cooking with those meatballs. Fresh ginger is INCREDIBLY potent. I’m not a chef so what do I know but damn! Those meatballs definitely had a “kick” I’m sure. Lol

    •allstopblue • 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Did he say freezing the meatballs for later? Serving frozen food? But… I… it tastes frozen!

    T riv 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • I hanent made quiche for years but this looks umm

    Ruth irwin 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • He even makes tearing plastic wrap look easy.

    Fry Sause 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Turn on the gas.
    Me after eating spicy sausage.😲

    I'm the Boss 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Turmeric and Coriander is spicy to him? LMAO Wow☠️☠️☠️

    Eli 17/10/2022 am9:53
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    Oliver Smith 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • So where do you get lemon grass in New Mexico?

    audreyblanc 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • transparent olive oil = shitty olive oil

    Gianluigi Moro 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Thank you for sharing, you do a great job

    Keith Burns 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • The first recipe doesn’t rice take a while to cook?

    Sam Shimshi 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • lmao laing

    Angelica Datu 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • That looks wonderful. But my mom is old school, she like her veggies mushy so I'd have to cook the tomots, parsley and onions in at the beginning.

    stacy jobe 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • I have the feeling that if he was served this on his restaurant rescue show, he would say it was tasteless mush…

    JayBird 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Just a tablespoon only.. then pours out a whole swimming pool of oil.

    Alex-898 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Quite disappointed. The video description says to buy the book for the full recipe. I bought the book and the recipe for the spicy italian sausages in rice does not exist.

    Papa Smurf 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • what did you do with the Rice you taken out of oven? wasting the food? and lot of utensils are used, who is going to wash all these, just to eat little amount of food you are using so much time, resource and food.

    Karthik Rangaraj 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • 🥰🥰🤤

    Annie 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Can someone please count how many times the man said “nice”? 😂

    Liana Petrosova 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • White win stock and the rest it becomes more complicated.Sausages unions rice olive oil do for me.

    smurf 17/10/2022 am9:53

    Austin French 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Loved the meatballs. Tried to make the quiche, but no way do you add "200g of butter" for the crust. Pretty sure that's a mistake. Looks more like he adds 3-4 tablespoons

    Michael Richardson 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • im like is he cooking or making a witchy potion? or BOTH lol 🐑🙏 it looks so good

    dixie normous’ 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • The second one is DEFINITELY NOT simple 🤣😩😂 Aight, imma head out.

    DeeDee 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Dude just keep adding random shit

    randall armstrong 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Thai Tom kha

    om yongsuwankul 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Asians: what the hell are you doing to the rice?!!!

    Min Castor 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Simple Dinner Recipes

    Coconut milk.

    G҉o҉d҉ 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Absolutely amazing and perfect recipe with mouthwatering taste.👍 Rate my recipes

    Paprika 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Absolutely amazing and perfect recipe with mouthwatering taste.👍 Rate my recipes

    Paprika 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • Hi Gordon, really great and easy to make dishes. I think to start with the "Asian" Meatballs 🙂 Cheers from Berlin my dear

    Adrian Menck 17/10/2022 am9:53
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  • Oh my he's rubbing his fingers like a fool

    Millennium 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • wait… is the a reason he doesn't rinse his rice? it's legit to put dry, unfettered grain in ur dishes?

    Mark Llamas 17/10/2022 am9:53
  • "Just a tablespoon of oil" *pours half the bottle

    Dustin Shafer 17/10/2022 am9:53