Delicious Bread For Breakfast, I've been doing it for 20 years, it has never misled me!

Anyone can make this easy Bread! The most delicious bread for breakfast that you have never eaten. No oven, I’ve been doing it for 20 years, it has never misled me! Fast and tasty recipe.

Bread recipe ingredients:
1 cup warm water (200 ml)
1 tbsp yeast (10 grams)
4 tsp sugar
1/3 cup vegetable oil (60 ml)
1 cup warm milk (200 ml)
1/2 tsp salt
5 cups of flour (600 gr) + ~30-50 gr to work with dough
100 gr butter

The glass I used is 200 ml.

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  • 😊 awesome recipe

    Yesenia 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Fast and easy… proceeds to take over an hour to make dough….. 😂😂😂 I was looking for a quick 10-15 minute thing and this is what I find.

    Christina Kasko 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Amazing 🤩 thank you 🎉

    Dani M 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • How large is your "pancake" and what temp do you set your cooktop? Mine turned out a bit thick and, though I set the temp to the lowest setting, also nearly burnt while still being too gooey in the center (so we ended up peeling off the outside edges to eat just them). I used a 9 inch pan. I did try 2 variations: one with cinnamon and nutmeg, and another with garlic, herbs, and salt. Both tasted delicious.

    Laura Maaske 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • You need to eat more protein for breakfast. This is not sufficient

    Killjoy 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Gracias

    almudena pita 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Looks wonderful. I should try this.

    Linda Simons 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • I want to try this! It might be a silly question, but should I use a bread flour or soft flour?

    Roja 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Video doesn't mention how hot to keep the cast iron, so some trial & error there. Different pans will require different heat, so that's all right. Delicious results!

    Commander Pulsar 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • This was oddly unnerving to watch

    FlyingGrindyWheels 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🌸

    Esra Soyak 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Thank you for the recipe! One question, If I make this batch but just want to eat one per day, how should i store the remaining dough?

    kkuma97 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • インド料理?❤️

    n n 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Love this video, thank you for showing it to us!! 😀
    Just a quick question, do you cook on high, medium or low heat please?? Thank you 😀

    Bruno Anderson 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • I'm from Kenya…it's a wow

    joseph shiro 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • this takes so long to make to be a breakfast

    REI 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • ☺️

    Eduardo Gómez Rojas 19/10/2022 am10:00

    Joe ann Nelson 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Mein Teig ist nicht aufgegangen, was hab ich falsch gemacht? Ich habe Backhefe von G&G benutzt

    MikeMelony 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • It looks easy and tasty. Thank you for the recipe!

    Hasimah Hasan 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

    ゆき 山村 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Das habe ich heute nachgemacht. SOOOOWAS VON LECKER. Zu Gulasch.

    Na Dine H. 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • That is obviously not 5 cups of flour 😮

    Susan Elizabeth 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Looks so yummy!
    How high the heat?
    I’m from the US, so how much flour is 30-50 grams?
    And how much butter?


    Rosamartinez M 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Lol it’s still raw

    Ana G 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Hi! Amazing recipe ! do you use salted butter to layer the bread? And what type of yeast do you use? Thank you!

    lemons 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Am watching it from africa kenya,and for sure youve taught me more its applicable

    KEVIN AIDAN 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • I've never made bread before but I'd like to give this ago. Do I need to buy bread flour or can I use plain flour, I'm from the UK.

    Tilly Li 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • Muita palhaçada pra pouca M…. vou na padaria compro pão em 30 segundos.vai lava um tanque de roupa,e uma pia de louca!!!

    Marcelo Gomes 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • What flour is used?

    Drewdonger 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • I've never seen this before. I love this idea! Subscribed!

    Sage Lenyatsa 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • With that amout of sugar can you really call it bread?

    BrainySurfGirl 19/10/2022 am10:00
  • これ食べたい😂

    サムライ 19/10/2022 am10:00