David Gates ft Bread Greatest Hits Full AlbumEverything I Own, Take Me Now, Make It with You

David Gates ft Bread Greatest Hits Full AlbumEverything I Own, Take Me Now, Make It with You
David Gates ft Bread Greatest Hits Full AlbumEverything I Own, Take Me Now, Make It with You
David Gates ft Bread Greatest Hits Full AlbumEverything I Own, Take Me Now, Make It with You
00:00:00 01. Bread – Everything I Own
00:03:04 02. Bread – Make It with You
00:06:08 03. Bread, David Gates – Take Me Now
00:09:26 04. David Gates – Goodbye Girl
00:12:10 05. Bread – Baby I’m-a Want You
00:14:34 06. Bread – If
00:17:06 07. Bread – Aubrey
00:20:42 08. Bread – Diary
00:23:47 09. Bread – Lost Without Your Love
00:26:39 10. Bread – Diary
00:29:43 11. Bread – Hooked on You
00:32:00 12. Bread – Games of Magic
00:35:05 13. Bread – Come Again
00:39:05 14. Bread – What a Change
00:42:44 15. Bread – Make It by Yourself
00:46:34 16. Bread – Look What You’ve Done
00:49:47 17. Bread – Yours for Life
00:53:08 18. Bread – Today’s the First Day
00:56:33 19. Bread – Fly Away
00:59:40 20. Bread – I Want You with Me
01:02:31 21. Bread – She’s the Only One
01:05:32 22. Bread – Picture in Your Mind
01:10:14 23. Bread – Daughter
01:13:37 24. Bread – Move Over
01:16:13 25. Bread – The Chosen One
01:20:53 26. Bread – Belonging
01:24:12 27. Bread – Just Like Yesterday
01:26:27 28. Bread – Live in Your Love
01:29:13 29. Bread – Too Much Love
01:31:59 30. Bread – Didn’t Even Know Her Name
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  • David Gates ft Bread Greatest Hits Full Album❤❤Everything I Own, Take Me Now, Make It with You
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    W i n d 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I like the song, luv it

    mario centeno 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I used to listen their mellow music before going to bed.

    Lani Geling 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • The first song so reminds me of my mother playing Bread LP in the 70's "just to have you back again "…

    Magic Dexter 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • During our high school days way back 1973 we were head over heels with this band…now in every reunion we had since then, their songs are still being played by batch'78… listening to their music bring back great memories of what we used to be…2023 will be our Seniors' Prom and i'm 100% sure this album will not be lost on the list…😍😍😍😍

    Ric Isiderio 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Fine,. Its , useless. Look at it now.kanturahi aman anik .
    Amara andu anak buaka adun….

    Ernie So 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Anh hát bằng cả trái tim bảo sao mà cứ ngọt lịm như vậy. Bài nào cũng cảm xúc luôn

    Keven Andrade 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I love bread

    Janice Winning 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Love the songs 🎵

    Pria Bugauisan 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I am a dreamer, & poet,artist 2!

    Sheree Barrett 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Had Bread in high-school 1973,74,75¡

    Sheree Barrett 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I have u, all thee through! Catch my my hand ,like running passing thee Paton, run! I gave it 2 U!

    Sheree Barrett 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • It tears me up!

    Sheree Barrett 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I didn't take someone for granted!

    Sheree Barrett 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Had thee album, in high-school!!!!

    Sheree Barrett 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Reminiscing!!!

    Ramie Masarque 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Everything I Own 💙

    Ilona Kovacs 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I used to listen before going to sleep. Nice ang relaxing.

    Teofila shirajam 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I was born in 1964 and later in life when they made this I used to listen to the music and it sounded very good to me

    Roger White 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I was born in 69 this group always calmed me as a young teenager my life was a battle field . this group has always soothed my soul. By far my favorite group I feel the songs fill you just like ppl who eat bread for comfort I listen for comfort.

    Ann Blevins 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Colección casi completa, solo faltó: Lorilee Saludos!!

    José Luis Martínez Herrera 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Goodness

    TWINZAIDER ADVENTURES 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Old song 70s

    TWINZAIDER ADVENTURES 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I was with my Djeng enjoying these songs in 70s

    Reynaldo Brion 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • My only wish in life is that when I die that God will let me go back to that time and relive those times….it was a wonderful time. Nothing today compares to that time.

    John 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I really love this kind of music, awesome

    Arnel Luda 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • What an antidote for mind and soul!!! Better Impossible

    Soft Rock Love Songs 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • i love Bread thank you for this video

    adon adon vlogs 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I could do without commercials in the middle of each song 😔

    Emanuel Perez 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Only YouTube would put ads in the middle of a song!

    Better Alone 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • WOW, So amazing, Click here to listen to more great songs 😘❤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEsqrbasFME

    HN Media Group 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • WOW, So amazing, Click here to listen to more great songs 😘❤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEsqrbasFME

    Music Collection 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • I remember this when I was 16. I would give anything I own for those times like 1977.

    James Travenetti 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • The best of the bests

    Soft Rock Songs 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Muchas Gracias excelente 👌 está genial y gracias por compartir

    Héctor Martín Soria Jiménez 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Memories of the 70s…… Why couldn't we recognize back then how special they were? What a truly perfect band.

    Olivia Rinaldi 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • As músicas dele são todas maravilhosas.

    Justin Gaming 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • where can I purchase this 30 song cd

    James Chevalley 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • wfe5

    Michael Lingad 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • ,

    Michael Lingad 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • que hermosas canciones,recuerdo haber pasado una noche con una linda chica escuchando estas canciones y haciendo el amor 💘

    Pedro Saldia 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Yes my favorite

    Marife Lepiten 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • Sweet songs, sweet Bread, make my heart sweet every time I listen. Thanks for sweet moment sharing.

    pattana achanasuppat 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • such a nice music

    vincent encallado 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • My favorite band ever Bread

    Vivo Phone 18/10/2022 pm11:54
  • miss this song so much

    Emilia Elsberry 18/10/2022 pm11:54