David Gates & Bread Greatest Hits With Lyrics

Bread greatest hits collection of love songs. Including some of David Gates’ releases. Music playlist with onscreen lyrics.

Not your ordinary Bread music playlist. With edited photos, special effects, well timed lyrics and originally created thumbnail brought together for your enjoyment. Be in-LSS with Bread and David Gate’s love songs!

Click on the time stamp below to select a track:
[00:00] 0) Introduction
[00:10] 1) Make It With You
[03:21] 2) Everything I Own
[06:27] 3) Baby I’m A Want You
[08:53] 4) If
[11:27] 5) Aubrey
[15:05] 6) Diary
[18:12] 7) Lost Without Your Love
[21:06] 8) It Don’t Matter To Me
[23:55] 9) Sweet Surrender
[26:30] 10) Never Let Her Go
[29:34] 11) I Can’t Find The Words To Say Goodbye

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  • Siempre quise oir a bread, y con mi mujer escuchar todas las mejores canciones de mi juventud. Y decirle todo amor del corazon que se siente.

    Fernando Matadama 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • thank you so much for the lyrics i love this singers during my high school years thank you

    Gracita Estepa 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • the best pampatulog songs at the same time you feel emotional i dont know why im just always carried away😥😥😍😍😍

    Mhyrla Arnigo 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • I love you..♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Lani 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Hello 😢 I love bread music it reminds me of my brother Steve so I subscribed to you because he no longer has his mental capacity anymore and in a fire in his apartment the fireman tossed them over the third floor and I went through the burned items and collected his vinyl record collection and saved them. These songs remind me of him and in my uncontrollable crying listen to every single song. Love you Steve hope to see you soon. 😢

    Theresa Fox 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Good sound.Jun Jun CEA.gmrc.

    Jun Jun cea. 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Wish i didint let him go. 💞💜😭😥

    LenLen 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • super hits❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Rock Collection Hits 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • lagu lagi belajar malam . lagi nyiapin PTN thn 84-85

    Nathan Adelard 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Where are you sayang?

    Meyanti Cilacap 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • My favorite 😍 💓

    Kim Fleming 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Squirrel cakes 😋😘😈🤘🤘🏟️🏈🤑 is very dear to me.

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  • 💔 Her 💋 name ❣️ is 😍 DANETTE 🤣 LEA 💗 GOBLE 💔💋❣️😍🤣💗

    HBJRTV 16/10/2022 pm5:48

    HBJRTV 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • 2022 still listening to this song.🙂

    Gm Nericua 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • When Bread was cranking out the hits, teens my age made fun of them and called them a chick band. I loved them then and oh so much more now. The lyrics are amazing.

    Brian Allen 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Bread…a.song.that.never .fade

    Dalisay Abing 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Bread..a.senti..m

    Dalisay Abing 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • i giải thích dùm đang diễn gì vậy?

    Feff Vdf 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • I’m 67 years old but to me the sixty’s, seventies, eighties with bread, moody blues, bee gees etc are the greatest hits and years ever 🎵🥰

    MW3Mydropzone 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • So much great music………..so many great memories.

    Chad Luke 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Buenísima música , tengo 48 años y la recuerdo desde mis 9 años mi tío la escuchaba y se quedó conmigo , cuando quiero recordar esto es lo que escucho

    Nidia Montecino 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Napakahusay nang pagkaareglo nang kanta….hindi kumukupas sa pagdaam ng panahon…..ibabalik ka sa iyong nakaraan at pakakalmahin sa iyong hinaharap..Music with a heart🥰

    Quivster Derilo 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • one of my fave bands in the 70's .

    moni alcid 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Don't take the lyrics here as gospel folks.

    ali xena 16/10/2022 pm5:48
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    Wise Man From The East 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • NICE selection.
    You may consider listening to this playlist. Enjoy.

    Diana Enriquez 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Bread music is beautiful to listen to.

    MrJoey01winters 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • It's now September 2022 and still enjoying the music of Bread. I am now 64.

    Remberto Gonzales 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • im listening to bread while lying down in bed this brings back memories for me i want to cry 😥😥😥

    Angela Cassidy 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Thanks this memory music remembering to my father mother passed relaxing music🎶💖💖💖🙏

    Loreto Jundelou 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Pretty darn good!!

    Ralph Winfield 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • No mascamos inglés pero fueron éxito de los que te gustan🤪😉☺🙄

    maria esther lop 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Que musica mas bella ..

    Cecilia Cappelli 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Oh I really love those music….of Bread

    Ernesto Guevara 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Con lágrimas en.los ojos debo decir que BREAD fue y será el grupo de música que estuvo conmigo en mi adolecencia vivio mis mejores años.y culmino mencionando la balada mas herza que bailé con.mi amor platónico. Fue la canción AUBREY..Laly.

    xd乂乂匚卄尺丨丂ㄒ丨卂几乂乂 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • How i wish this kind of music is back again. We should just sing ….Love love love and love..always. The world would be more calmer and youngsters would just sing and dream like the old days. Songs now adays are so wild and too much swearing. So ugly.

    Maria Flor 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • This playlist is good.

    Patrice Estrada 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • I really do love this love song from david gates

    X Skusta clee 16/10/2022 pm5:48
  • Trump MAGA!!!❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

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  • Smartasses

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