Crunchiest French Fries ASMR-MUKBANG | Compilation

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  • Foreigners: Yoo fries tastes good with cheese
    Indians:Hold my Momos Chatni(sauce)

    ITZ HELL 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • I want FF right now!!! 😭😭😭

    john paolo mañalac 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • Everyone: "im so hungry"

    Me: "did that guy just ate a cardboard?"

    Also Me: "oh nvm its just an edible cardboard, im so hungry"

    Jin2.0 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • When you say you need that cheese recipe its just melted cheese

    Yaboyyyys 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • Anyone else watching this at midnight feeling hungry ? 🫢🙈

    Gabriela 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • I love freis

    ♡hallowen1230♡ 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • Imnwatching this at 13:12

    ❤︎WOLF__SAMUシ︎❤︎ 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • Haha! I'm eating fries while watching this so the fries are more delicious!!!

    Glitchy Møon 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • I am hungry and drowing

    Nahida Ahmed 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • Really craving fries now

    Jelly 🌼•sunflower•🌼 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • Love this video! It makes me hungry for Dary queen arby's Burger King and McDonald's fries 😋

    Bluepenguin gamer2 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • I am soo hungry

    Fatimə Məmmədova 25/10/2022 pm6:55
  • 🤤🤤🤤

    Lucy David 25/10/2022 pm6:55