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There are many methods for making shrimp tempura, and after trying most of them I believe this is the simplest, easiest way to achieve what I consider the ultimate result – perfectly cooked shrimp encased in a light, airy, very thin, but extremely crispy shell. Enjoy!

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  • 本物の天麩羅そこまでガリってしませんよ。

    et wt 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • A friend made tempura veggies using Arrowroot instead of wheat flour. No idea what else went into batter but it was so light & crispy.

    Cheryl Anderson 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • "the bigger the better"

    It isn't about the size, it is about how you use it!! ="(

    Strateeg 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • chef John what are you doing now? the tail of the shrimp is the tastiest. you're not going to let that go, are you?

    Jottumpie 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • This just looks amazing! I had to laugh at myself, but I actually got goosebumps when you bit into the shrimp and it crunched so nicely! I can't wait to try this, my husband will love them!

    Kathleen O'Connor 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • It looks delicious and not fat wit batter

    Carmen Regalado 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Not gonna eat the tails?! Your loss.

    Ddrenzo 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • From appetizer to meal; Simply use your batter on thin sliced vegetables.

    Dee Parks 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • crispy shrimp recipe is so yummy.

    Khmer FoodTV 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • How well do the shrimp fit inside their coating?

    Max Pankau 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • When making tempura a few years ago, I ran out of stuff to cook but still had batter left so started trying…things. Turns out what became my favorite was tempura honeydew melon.

    Love your show, keep it up!

    Laurence Hand 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • You are the New York skrip of your tempura skrimp 🤙🏻 🍤

    Bill Brasky 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • just perfect! my favorite style of shrimp.

    No One 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • It's tempura shrimp, not shrimp tempura.

    Morris Green 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Sauce was listen in transcript as Tensuyu but it is Tentsuyu, and yes that is the sauce of sauces for this fantastic dish! Thanks John!

    Aldo Schmedack 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Yum.

    Jane Lightning 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • You're supposed to put 3 or 4 shallow diagonal cuts on the underside. Then turn the shrimp over and gently "break" the flesh a little bit to elongate and straighten the shrimp. And then dust w/ rice flour. Other than that, the batter looks great to me! I also don't use an egg in the batter because it creates too thick of a coating.

    Joe Blow 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Space price for Shrimps ☝️Thank'You ❣️

    Yellow Boot 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • It just seems a waste of time to heat all that oil just for a half dozen shrimp for an appetizer for two. Especially when there's an excellent Japanese sushi house that delivers piping hot tempura.

    Susan Carr 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Terrible accent. Europeans have sore ears 🙁

    AKahlo 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • turn the shrimp belly down. then similar to how you did it, slice slits in the shrimp all the way across the entire shrimp. Then using both hands, pointer and thumb on each, press down in a slightly pinching motion. This will kind of split the shrimp. Do it all the way the entire length of the shrimp. It'll give you the straight long shrimp.

    TW 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • "Contractually obligated pictures.." Love you, Chef John. Always humorous.

    iluvmyboba 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Could you make a Bahn mi video?

    Aran Fitzpatrick 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • I saw on another channel how it's often a good idea to cut off the ends of the tails because sometimes there can be a bit of water trapped in there and cause unnecessary popping of hot oil when they hit the pan.

    Jbirdyhome - SWFEC 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • I love me some food wishes… Chef John makes it really easy to follow his recipes and learn techniques.

    MultiGemgirl 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Good batter, but your technique needs a lot of work! The shallow cuts along the bottom are key, but they don't need to be so deep. Then you flip the shrimp over and press it down so that it feels almost like it breaks, working toward the tail. Then when it goes in the oil, you drag it in and give it a little jiggle. Then after all your pieces are in, you dip your fingers in the batter and flick it on the tempura. These steps add fluff without using thick batter. Then the fried batter bits get used to add to other things, like your yakisoba.

    Megan Arenque 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Drooooool time again! ♫

    Lia A. Eastwood 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • You're the hero we knew we deserved.

    Jen Liu 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • you forgot to press down on the muscles of the shrimp to stretch them out a little and to prevent them from completely curling

    Mr. J 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • 100% underrated channel on YouTube chef John always has a clear easy to follow breakdown of all his recipes and I’ve learned so much from him over the years

    newvegasman 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • "Ace Ventura?" 😉

    Robert Marquez 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Red Argentine shrimp. 👍

    Brenda Colman 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Perhaps you should spring for a larger deep fryer so you can cook more then 3 shrimp at a time .

    Richard G 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Waiting for my oil to heat up! I’m so excited to try this!

    Taco123 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Made these today and they were absolutly fantasic. They were rated and I quote, "As good as any restaurant tempura".

    0DarkIron 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • eat the crispy tails, too!

    Marcia w. 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Was going to correct you about your ten-su. But we don’t need daikon trees. Love you’re videos. You make me smile.

    Vygal Nix 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Killer! Loved this! Great job, CJ!! I love that you didn't even need vodka!

    Jason Smith 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • That's some seriously HAIRY HANDS. What nationality are you?

    Dean Williams 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • If you call THESE things shrimp, how big do they have to get to be called prawns?!

    azraphon 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • I won’t do these for appetizers just a ton for dinner cause 3 of these just isn’t enough chef!

    kimmy0868 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • The mention of Ace Ventura was way more than enough to excuse the lack of daikon. The reason being that this doesn't have to be so traditional to taste amazing on the spot and you still made me laugh with your witty pun. If I had store bought frozen tempura shrimp I wouldn't bother with daikon. Your dipping sauce is still holding the fundamentals of flavor. Also, ice cold batter is key along with your shrimp prep. I really learned from this vid. The shrimp prep is what I've been doing wrong

    GnawT Satyr 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Very small portion…. very small portion. Have a Michelin star!

    Andre Silva 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Your way looks fine and not too fussy to me and produces a nice product. I have seen the pros score them diagonally on one side then the other to make an accordion shrimp that stretches out about double the size for lots more surface area. Also see they drizzle some batter on the frying shrimps to add more cragginess. And wondering why no acid at all, a couple of drops anyway, in the SR flour to make more CO2.

    Gordon Freeman 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Other people have probably said this already, but… eat the tails. Nutritious chitin. Easier to eat once fried.

    Kevin Kim 18/10/2022 pm12:00
  • Oh wow my mom used to make this a lot!! Good times… thank you for sharing, love your channel! I’m subscribed 😀

    WakeNbake Recipes 18/10/2022 pm12:00