Crispy French Fries & Cheese Sauce

How To Make Crispy Potato French Fries & Cheese Sauce at Home ​[ASMR]
ポテトフライ世界一美味しいチーズソース [Eating sound]
Recipe by: @The Terrace Kitchen @مطبخ دارنا @Kusina ni Lola @매일맛나 delicious day
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
– 800g Potato
– Water
– Wait for 30 minutes
– Water
– 1Tsp Salt
– Medium heat 5 minutes
(中火 5分)
– 20g Corn starch
– Vegetable oil
– Medium heat 5 minutes
(中火 5分)
– Cool off
– 20g Unsalted butter
– 5g Flour
– 1/4Tsp Salt
– 1/4Tsp Chilli powder
– 100ml Milk
– Black pepper
– 70g Cheddar cheese
– 10g Sugar
– High heat 5 minutes
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1. 바삭한 감자튀김 치즈소스
2. Khoai Tây siêu giòn sốt Phô Mai siêu béo ăn siêu đãaaa
3. Kentang Goreng Saus Keju Resep
4. กรอบมากมันฝรั่ง ชีสซอส
5. क्रिस्पी फ्रेंच फ्राइज़ नाचो चीज़ सॉस | घर का बना क्रिस्पी फ्राई | रेस्टोरेंट स्टाइल फ्रेंच फ्राइज़
6. 起司醬薯條
7. صوص الجبنة للشيبس و البطاطا المقلية



  • Reminds me of taco Bell's nacho fries

    OhioChic79 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Ingredients:
    800g Potato
    Vegetable Oil
    Unsalted Butter
    Chilli Powder
    781 tissue paper

    MunnaG 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • the cats make me drool

    Eylis 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • i love nacho fries

    jacobtb1 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • They were listening intently to your gulping noises.

    Elisa aus Berlin 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Your cat was actually about to take a bite while licking thier lips lol

    Ratatouille 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • it only says cheddar cheese, but u'll need these american "fake" cheese slabs, they are needed for the consistency, without it will set up as it cools and become thick and lumpy.

    SleepyCreepy-QuidProQuoJoe BeijingBiden 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Mashallah nice recipe

    Taha Bshsh 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • This was absolutely crunchy and delicious thank you

    gorona F 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • POV:You don’t know how to cook, but you just want to watch food getting madr

    LouisAzalic 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Basically just deep fat fried

    James Yeomans 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • this is so audibly pleasing

    Ali DWish 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Esta re duro el gato blanco 7:25

    Israel 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Nekos are not amused :3

    Drunk Weeb Marine 17/10/2022 am5:27
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    Romeo Wolfie Lintin 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Wait the caption is bullying-_-us

    Nabiha Fahim 17/10/2022 am5:27
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    Moshiツ 17/10/2022 am5:27
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    Anna talkar 17/10/2022 am5:27
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    V T 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • I love how calm and fat your fat cats are <3 also I hate seeing your videos, because I usually do it at night when I can't cook and the food always looks so freaking delicious.

    Axel B777 17/10/2022 am5:27
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  • Can I use regular milk

    Insane Tubers 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Im hungry and who here is hungry at their bed

    Jayden Linch Axelon 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • does this recipe work with an air fryer?, and if so, what heat and for how long?

    Luke ツ 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • French fries are intended to taste like french fries, not like cheese, ketchup or whatever people want to taste. If the fries taste to nothing, then it is another story, try to make them with rosemary then, a natural flavour and taste.

    Carlo Ferraro 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Gimme some 🍟 ❤️ 😋

    Victoria Smith Collins 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • Hi I am watching it with you right now

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    Trang Ho 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • I think we should normalize keeping the skins on french fries. They taste good when fried and aren't tough or papery, and they actually have the majority of a potatoes micro nutrients, like potassium, vitamins, and antioxidants. French fries are never going to be a healthy food, but leaving the skins on makes them not just empty calories.

    Also, a recommendation to anyone making this; even if you use mostly cheddar as the cheese, and in at least a little bit of american cheese. The emulsifiers in it help to make the sauce silkier and less likely to "break", where the fat separates out. Also, Nino clearly likes the sugar in there, but I don't understand the appeal.

    Tocs The Wanderer 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • i feel like i’m watching a movie

    PvtNess 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • I love the cooking, but I don't like the taunting of the cat's in the beginning of the video. Please don't do this. It hurts me to see that.

    UN1TY ELT3 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • What if u don’t have corn starch

    spider savage 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • I'm glad someone else does the double fry method it softens them then crisps the outside perfectly!

    Sprig on a Twig 17/10/2022 am5:27
  • That looks so good

    Shafna Naheem 17/10/2022 am5:27
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