Crispiest Homemade Onion Rings 2 Ways (Traditional and Tempura Style)

Onion rings are so crispy, so crunchy, so delicious… why not make them two different ways with not
one, but two dipping sauces?


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  • Just made these and I’m melting in my seat right now on how good it is THX JOSH

    RenBoku 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • On nyonh

    Aldrin Mecayer 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Lol I always thought onion ring is people chop then put batter then fry it …

    Joe l 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Just made the tempura version… o…m…b-roll

    Screech912 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • "Papa like spanko." 3:28

    Todd Flanagan 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Followed this tutorial to make me munchies as I wanted onion rings. Enjoyed the bloody hell out of them. Except I used red onions since I didn't have yellow onions.

    Thank You Joshua 🙏🐼🎨📼💾

    Jacob Ryan 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • This was my first attempt at frying something, as an 18 year old learning to cook it’s a scary thing, I think I had the oil on too high and the onion ring launched out of the pot and landed on the floor. They are now in the air fryer instead

    gixter 750 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Crazy awrsome

    American Trucker In Germany 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • This is the first yt recipe ive ever made. Certified BUSSIN

    Gus Woolf 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Papa Kiss if i cross the sauce?

    Todd Templeman 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • This is why I'm fat <3

    Loczek Musztarda 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Never understood why ‘chefs’ cut so much off the ends of veggies. The waste is gross. Premium tools, lots of practice under your belt, no excuse.

    T Dioxin 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • So if I bought your book, but want it signed….. can I send it to you and pay for shipping back?! 🥲

    shwoods 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • wtf is this fancy shit this will take 1 to 2 hours to make 5 onion rings that barely fills me up this tempura shit is not good and were the fuc am I getting a torch im not spending 1000 or smth like that just to make my onion rings

    my recipe onions cutted any thickness sauce just plain old mayo ketchup or mustard no mixing
    batter is flour egg milk that's it wtf is panko bread crumbs use just bread crumbs and dip any thickness onion even whole onion if you want into egg then your flour then your milk egg flour batter and then to bread crumbs then to 420 degree hot oil in it goes and wait until it looks dark brown or burned black then take out the onion rings

    should be tastier than this recipe in the video

    Kaisa Hiie 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Love your video, but your Dicon show was impressive 🤣😂🤭

    Lola Jacomino 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Uplifting again Josh as ever, ❤️ from Ireland

    Martina Darcy 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • Every time papa says "OÑO" in this video:

    Giacomo Moretti 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • No beer batter? 🙁

    Tactix 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • I made this for “calamari”, but used beer instead of club soda on my tempura. There. Now papa can kill me.

    ErGuille 19/10/2022 am11:47
  • FIX RECIPE ON LINK. Backing powder missing from instructions on dredge. I crosschecked against video.

    philip verdieck 19/10/2022 am11:47