Another freezer find at Costco. Who doesn’t love Tempura Shrimp when it’s done right. This Tempura Shrimp from Costco was cheap enough to garner my attention but, is it good? Let’s find out!


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  • There was a brand before the Kirkland brand it was way better. The sauce was better and the shrimp had a clean flavor. That brand was better. Then came Kirkland

    SlupitaB 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • No Panko?! Skiiiiiiiiip

    BKDDY 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • at the end he says it all " it's edible " which coming home drunk as a skunk! and forgot to eat something to soak up all the alcohol in your system what? just make sure to wear and oven mitten still have blisters on my right hand 😨 l.o.l

    Chuyo CACA 415 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Turn down your music so we can hear YOU.

    June Mohomed 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Thank you for your honest review. It helped me.

    Jan Lyyo 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • 😭😭😭 THESE SUCK NOW!!!!!! 11/2020
    Couple years ago Costco had these and they were light as air crunchy shrimps that were sweet juicy yum!
    Now they are so mass produced, they clearly get battered and put into some kind of fry press because the sides all look like crinkle French fries.
    These are so greasy!!!! The shrimp almost has pressed fish taste rather then whole sweet shrimp…I hate it when Costco jacks up products that were AMAZING
    This of course is my opinion but if you never tried original Tempura Shrimp…you might like them ok, they are still very crunchy

    Heather Holidays 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Thanks for sharing your videos

    Nelia Vlog 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Can I cook this in the air fryer? I have this and I can't wait to try it out!

    Pheara Lim 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Buti nalang naka japanese food kame last night di ako nag crave dito ahhaha sa wakassss pero mas malaki tempura mooo kuyaaa

    Thats Frances 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Delicious !!! πŸ˜‹

    kevin89067 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Awooooowwww subrang sarap naman nyan kuya foodie at napa ka crunchy sarap ng nguya kuya

    Dona J 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • sarap naman yan…gusto kong pag kain na yan…nice one foodie..keep it up and more power…

    Fredenel Bartolo 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Wow ang Sarap nyan Kuya Foodie,, shrimp favorite ko ya kahit na anong klasing luto. Lalo na siguro Kung shrimp tempura, wow sarap! Salamat Kuya sa blessing mo sa akin! God bless you more more and more. Stay safe and Pray always!

    Jenny Fuertes 2 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • wow tempura hope i can get it here😊

    Annethsky Flores 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • I am eating breakfast while watching this. πŸ˜… Just looking at that shrimp tempura makes me drool. πŸ’― Hhahaha. But the truth is, mas masarap talaga kapag sa mga resto. Bibihira yung mga frozen foods na masarap talaga yung lasa. 😊

    Andrea Severano 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • It has been a long time since we shopped at a Costco. Thanks for sharing some of what they have and thanks for being part of our YT family!

    David and Mercy Whipple 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Yes we love that haha. Its really good with rice.😊 Just put it in the oven then your good to go.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘

    Paolo Levy 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • Wowww tempuraaaa love it

    Numbfemme Angel 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • nakakalaway naman ang shrimp na yan.

    Lhay Lha 24/10/2022 am5:21
  • i love the tail too . .:) godbless and keep safe always
    na markahan nakita sir.. hintayin kopo ung marka nyo sa bahay ko godbless poh

    biker mak 24/10/2022 am5:21