Cooking from a 160 YEAR OLD Recipe Book | Sorted Food

Ben has left the boys the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! Using Mrs Beeton’s Cookery And Household Management, a 160+ YEAR OLD RECIPE BOOK, to create the ULTIMATE DESSERT! Will the normals succeed?

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  • "It's all in the book" reminds me of "All the information is in the task" iykyk.

    Rachel Frumkin 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Best episode. Be real. It works

    Werbna Right 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Pro tip soak the gelatine leaves in cold water to soften before use ,

    John Lander 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • The irony of citizens of the country that started the imperial system of measurement being confused by it, is not lost on this American who struggles with metric conversion.

    canaryinacoalmine 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • I have the same small scale at home
    But never used it for cooking xD

    Txomin Abel 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Every time it seemed like one of them was rising above the rest, they went back to normal mode.

    Malcolm Lake 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Gara-bicker-baldi was my favorite.
    As someone who loves to try to challenge myself by cooking in the metric system (I'm American, imperial is the standard…) it was fun watching them struggle with my system of measurements 🙂 would love to see this again!

    Sarah Haak 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • "What the hell is an ounce" say the people who weigh themselves IN STONES and measure speed in thruppence per foot

    Cyf Cyfa 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • 2:28 "What the hell is an ounce?" I laughed so hard that I almost choked on my water. At least you have a scale that can help you out!

    Waterflame 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • You are using a cookbook in Imperial Measure.
    Your Pyrex measures are in American Measure.
    An Imperial Pint is 20oz.
    An American Pint is 16oz.
    Cups, quarts and gallons differ at the same 5 to 4 ratio.
    Very tricky for gels.

    George Hardin 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Now you got to collaborate with Dylan Hollis: he recreates weird recipes from old recipes book and he’s really funny

    Carolina Marangio 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • 2:20 "Mix one egg and one egg yolk together" What was the point in separating them first?

    The Great Amida 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Escoffier!

    Jacob Bernard 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Ounce is both a volume and a weight. I think you chose wrong.

    Patrick Kimbrough 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • You guy's should try Joy of cooking it should be a staple in every kitchen and it still in print today. the latest edition is #9 . But if you can put your little hands on edition #6 it say that's the best one. Start cooking with JOY From that📑 to that 🍱

    Sylvie Seguin 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • You need to do a Victorian cooking battle featuring Mrs Crocombe from English Heritage. I'd love to see Mrs C and Ben giggling together while the normals try to figure out when to use a copper whisking bowl.

    Ellen Karlsson 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • What year is the one you are using re published in ? I want to try and get it

    Beauties & Foodies 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • I love your channel. You guys are amazing. Thank you. You make me smile. ❤️☺️

    Amanda Shelton 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • It gets old after a while: we get it; you use metric. I convert from metric to imperial sometimes but it doesn’t annoy me or ruin my day. Try to relax a bit; cooking should be fun.

    Alex D 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Was transfixed by the spot of custard in Mike's hair for seemingly over an hour before anyone told him…

    Sarah Bouzanis 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Mrs Beeton's cookbook is awesome and I still dip into from time to time, especially when making classic dishes.
    I'd recommend it as an addition to any keen home cook's library.
    Let's see more of her recipes on the show please.

    Nic Stroud 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • i love this one so much

    -0904- -386- 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • “Oh, and it’s all in Imperial!”

    Me: laughs in American

    slimkt 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Take a sovereign of butter with a half-farthing of Oliver Twist's tears, strain through Queen Vicky's left gym sock, garnish with nightshade, serve on leaded-asbestos plate. A meal fit for the Romanovs.

    bloemundude 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • That was amazing. Can we see more from the recipes in this book?

    Lynda Crossley 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Why is Jamie, who is red/green colorblind, the one adding the red and green coloring? These boys never learn 🤣

    Auhida Chowdhury 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • This is great

    B 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Next time, I'd recommend reading the recipe through first . . . and getting a conversion chart

    stecky87 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • The video thumbnail looks like the box image for a 1980's edition of Ker-Plunk.

    Daniel Stuart 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Guys, I love your videos, but if I may add a little remark – please try to take care of audio. Sometimes it is very hard to listen – sometimes it is too quiet, and sometimes too loud, this should be fixable in editing phase.

    Kalin Stanchev 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • My Mum has this book and STILL uses the scones recipe 😀

    SideshowRod13 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Seeing the guys flip out over imperial units makes me strangely happy

    CornyStew713 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • I have had an evil idea, cooking from one of the old cookbooks, while wearing the electric shockers.

    Jason Sampson 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Must admit looking at Barry and being a massive musical theatre fan…..can anyone else see Lin manual Miranda or is it just me

    Ryan Dunbar 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • I really enjoy these kind of episodes. It’s a little glimps into old almost forgotten foods, desserts, etc… and it’s a blast watching you boys interpret the almost archaic language. Cause I would never be able to

    Sabrina 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Without gender stereotypes, the world would be in ruin.

    Barzda Pabėgo 21/10/2022 pm10:31
  • Ba-va-rois NOT Ba-vois

    M M 21/10/2022 pm10:31