Classic Family Recipes With A Twist | Gordon Ramsay

Here are 3 classic family recipes, but with a twist to show off your cooking flair.

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  • I love the recipes but am I the only one that doesn't use alotta of these items like, dill, anchovies, oregano except on Italian food, sage etc…kinda feel like British food is way way different from American. Anyone else feel like this or am I in a bubble?

    Jay Milo 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • My inspired in the food industry

    Chef Nicholas 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Mr. Ramsay come to Bulgaria .

    Atanas Atanasov 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Always sift your extra coarse sea salt 😉

    Thomas Erickson 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Ad của dây dừa này chưa bao giờ ngán giọng hát. Từ 2015 đến bây giờ.

    algar eylam 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • I’d eat the fish but I wouldn’t care for the peas.

    ItsSoDane 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Exquisito

    xg kbg 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • 🌹🕊😇🙏❤💪 Sincerely Jacqueline Trimm Syme Hamblen Morrison family bloodline

    Jacqueline Trimm 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Every time I watch this genius I learn about 10 specific techniques / kitchen hacks / food prep / meal ideas.
    The greatest teachers are always generous & specific with their tips & advice, and Gordon is one of the best teachers IN ANY FIELD at providing this.
    A-1 👍☺️

    williamstdog9 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Offf çok lezzetli görünüyor.

    Nimet Tekin 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Salam dari indonesia

    Jadi baru channel 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Gordon , Id like to know what pan that is ???

    LoveLivingLife 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Doamne ce de bunătăți… ce bun trebuie să fie!!! Ca de la um mare chef!!! 😇👍🤗😘🤗

    Elena Dumitru 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Chef Gordon you are an amazing cook I would really enjoy this dish I would like to taste and try your fish and peas

    Lindsay Neubauer 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • You are simply the BEST!

    Kathy Ropa 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • "little knob" of butter ….everything looks fantastic.

    Tracy A 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Absolutely my kind of great food! simple fresh and quality! Hope more American will understand the real food!! And you're explain it fun and easy to learn! I always cook that way. But, learning from you your skill, it help to add a more tasteful and a sophisticated flavour and look! Thanks Chef Ramsay 🥰

    Laura Ackerley 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Why do people in foreign countries say round instead of around

    what weather 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • I've never understood why you would peel potatoes.

    KooK y KooK 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Sniper Elite is a walk on the park compared to this gentleman's skills

    F Peigonet 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • French fry sandwich 😂

    IMD1 SUPER 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • "The secret of a good chip butty is in the potatoes" yeah gordon it's a one ingredient dish I don't think that's a secret

    Leif Turtleson 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Egg an soldiers wow love the extreme detail. I've never really had an egg on a perch like that, do you us a small spoon to scoop it out???

    Solomon Salsberg 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Wow I'm proud of him for mentioning anchovies nutritional value…
    They are good but most can't eat them in America because mcds lol…

    Solomon Salsberg 19/10/2022 pm4:43
  • Light roasted bread on the fish sandwich lol… Mayo relish seasalt coleslaw!! Come on gorden… My goodness I'm old, homeless, and work, and alone and eat better then you…

    Solomon Salsberg 19/10/2022 pm4:43