Claire Saffitz Teaches How to Make Canelés | Dessert Person

Claire Saffitz Teaches How to Make Canelés | Dessert Person
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4 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 ounces food-grade beeswax

2 cups whole milk
4 tablespoons butter
Seeds scraped from 1 vanilla bean, pod reserved
3 large egg yolks
¾ cup sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
¾ teaspoon kosher salt
3 tablespoons dark rum

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  • Woo, woo! I’ve got vanilla beans, rum, eggs, beeswax, and new copper molds just came in the mail!!! I tried making these a couple of years ago in silicon molds & didn’t think they were worth the effort. Will try again now that I have proper molds and Claire’s instructions. Thank you, Claire!

    Dan Bev 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • On my recent trip to France, I was so excited to try these but could only find them in a Café Paul. The ones I had were quite bad – soggy and with too much of a chew. I'll keep looking and maybe, eventually bake them myself. 💪🏽

    @Claire – I'm a gin lover myself. Do you have a recipe that centres around a good gin and elevates its flavours? Similar to your recipes with Rosé? I'd love that!

    Manuel S. 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • 🌍🌎🌏🌏🌐🌐🗺🗺🗾🧭🏔🏔⛰🌋🗻🗻🗻🏕🏘🛖🪵🧱🏗🏟🏞🏝🏜🏖🏚🏠🏡🏥🏨🏩🏪🏬🏯🏯💒🗼🗼⛪🕌🛕🕍🕍⛩⛩🕋⛲

    Hoang Tran 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • please I'm in love

    Azraf Khan 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Of all the things I made working in fine dining as a pastry cook-these were the toughest to get right. Batch after batch each night burning my fingers until they didn’t feel anything anymore and hoping they came out correctly at unmolding. I think I have some PTSD from it 😆
    Fair warning: the beeswax will soak into the towels you use so make sure you grab kitchen towels you don’t care much about and can get stained from the beeswax butter.

    Janet Snakehole 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Yes but I'm now sad cause this reminds me of your lie in April. Great show but sad

    Maxine Crossfire 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Excellent. These are among my favourites too — there is a nice French-style bakery called Fol Epi near my work that has excellent canelés and also kouign-amman (the latter are my #1)

    Zac Thompson 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • This is my favourite desert of all times! I live in Montreal so thank God for the accessibility. Love you Claire!

    Anonymous One 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Is there any non-alcoholic substitute? Thank you.

    tahira parveen 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I had these for the first time about a year ago–but the local bakery that made them stopped!
    I was blown away by the slightly crisp, deeply caramelized exterior and the lovely cakey, eggy interior.
    I don't bake often, but might have to learn to make these.

    Tyghe Deerfield 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I wonder if you could grease the molds with melted coconut oil instead of the beeswax. It would solidify in a similar way.

    Brad Allison 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • What is the diameter of your molds?

    Vivien vd Corput 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • So a French churro

    Rudy Portillo 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • there’s a bakery that does incredible caneles,,,and creme brulees,, and madeleines,,,it’s a shame it’s kinda far from my place, but seeing the process makes me appreciate them so much more,,,

    J K 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Canelés have started popping up a little all over my city since this summer! I don’t know if it’s just one person who distributes batches to a bunch of different stores/cafés but either way I’m happy, these really are delicious 😋

    dreamergirl247 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Can someone direct me to the recipe? Is it not in the comments?

    Barbara Benjamin-Creel 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I tried canelés for the first time, but the outside wasn't crispy :") Anybody knows why it wasn't crispy or maybe because of not using that coating?

    3 AM 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • It might be the bartender in me, but a squeezy bottle of rum feels perfect for laybacks. Unless you squirted it onto the back of your throat… High risk high reward

    Cheskaz 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Ahhh, gin and rum – the duality of man 🙂 Add in some craft beer and Jaegermeister and I'm happy 😉 Also I love the team of "my little strainer and my quart container" 🙂

    unit3000-21 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • These look perfect! These copper molds are so darn expensive. Do you think they'll come out the same texture in a silicone mold?

    rodica I 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • These are some of my FAVORITE deserts! We had these, and ferero richer croquembouche for our wedding treats!

    Taryn Elise 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Better channel name would be 'Pudding Girl'

    Thrazkar 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Great video! I had caneles once from a farmer's market in Chicago, which was the first and last time I had seen them until this video. I'm so glad to finally be reminded what they are called so I can search them out with more efficiency (and maybe even bake them myself?!)

    Karen B 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I’ve wanted to make these for so long but because I’m a tad neurotic, I only want to buy the copper molds, but I’m on a dollar tree budget. Maybe one day lol

    Kjaye 27 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Never had or even seen these before. But they looked so good I wanted to try them. Drove by a French bakery randomly while far from home and there they were! I ate them as I drove home and they were amazing. Thank you for showcasing them and inspiring us all to try something new! Delicious

    Alona Harman 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Hi there, Canelés always look so intriguing !! I can imagine the wonderful flavour, the richness of the rum and vanilla. Quite a few techniques to use here, following the preparation of the moulds will make you a winner and needless to say the oven temperature!! You wish to bake something out of the ordinary, take time and follow instructions. Have a happy day – after eating canelés!!

    DownButNotOutYet 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Couch Simplification: mini bunt cake!
    Ummmm Noooo..
    Uhhhh YHassss

    Anthony Peters 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Never heard of these before, they look good – I will try them once I have beeswax.

    Lisa Hodges 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I feel lucky there are at least 3 bakeries that have these regularly. My friend from France introduced me when she was living here. I hope to go to France in 2023 and will try to get the authentic molds. I always have beeswax around for making things so that won't be a problem. Can't wait to try these. Oh and I'm going to make them gluten free. That will be a risky experiment but successful I hope.

    puggirl415 puggirl 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I saw these at my local pastry place last Friday. I bought one, ate it and immediately had to buy a second which was promptly eaten too. They were absolutely divine, I can’t believe I’d never tried them before!

    ChrisB 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Around my college theres a french bakery that has these and its SO GOOD. I wanna learn to make it but the steps/material requirements look reaaallly intimidating.

    Kyoko Usagi 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Not a knock on Claire's at all, but I don't get the fuss over caneles. I think they're a pastry that just doesn't know what it wants to be. Even from places that are supposed to be good, the inside never seems all that creamy and custardy, and is instead like an overbaked custard.

    PeirsolFan2 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I had one just recently while I was in Victoria BC from Fol Epi pastry shop and it was perfect. I took it back to where I was staying and shared it, that I regret lol as it was my last day there and couldn't go back to get another one.

    abbaelo 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • Thanks for sharing this!! My caneles tend to dome. What’s your advise? Thank you!

    Angela Ho 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I'm from Bordeaux and I have to say, the copper molds REALLY make a difference compared to silicone molds. Every time I made them using a silicone mold they came out soft and not crunchy at all on the outside, so now I only use copper ones.

    Juliette august head 19/10/2022 am10:08
  • I'm thinking it would honor their name by adding cinamon too right?

    Luz 19/10/2022 am10:08