Chris Carves a Roast Chicken | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Intimidated by carving the big bird? Get ready to exercise your hands and knife skills, because Chris Morocco is going to show us the best tips to make this dinner fly!

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Chris Carves a Roast Chicken | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit



  • Probably best to make sure the chicken is cooked properly first.

    Nick R 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • That chickens back is actually cooked. How do I cook my chickens back? 😅

    Lu Dennis 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • theres too much blood in that chicken !!

    milly 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Thank you so much, kind Sir. You made this simple and easy; and in almost exactly 3 minutes. Most people on YouTube take that long just to get past their "introduction" and explaining what they are going to do; before actually start.

    May Jesus bless you and yours, always.

    Dixie Lynn 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Thank you! This video walked me through my first chicken carving! It wasn't pretty 😔, but I got it done!!💪🏼😤🔪

    Annie Good 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Just kinda sorta a little bit like kinda like that

    Mefisto 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Nice raw inside and juicy

    Kha Led 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Sort of kind of

    David Lui 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • i can see blood still on some of the bones so i would roast it longer

    Simon Coull 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Nice except for the bit where he tasted with his finger and then put it back on the food. @1:13

    Donal Waide 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • You are going to kill some one. Serving. A chicken. That is not fully cooked. Look at all pieces they have a raw. Part. Go back to cooking school.

    Jim Pappa 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • The way you explain it makes it really easy. I carved a few chickens before and ended up with a mess and strings of meat all over. This method is clean and precise. Thank you kind sir!

    Steelwool Man 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Make sure chicken is done before carving…

    DeShoneTX2 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Humans are barbaric, including me. And Disney is heavily involved in child trafficking. Disney cruises went to Epstein Island. (Because Disney sponsored this.)

    D. R. Greg 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • The camera angles weren’t super helpful.

    Bob Hope 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Gordon Ramsay: It's raaaaaw you donkey.

    All kidding thank you this helps me a lot

    Ladislao Capule 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Why do I see blood

    pure imagination 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Is there a way to cut chicken without losing all that delicious juice?

    Nick W. 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • I started to cut the chicken and by the time I finished I had somehow ended up with a pot of chili instead. Any idea on where I went wrong?

    Dave Lawlis 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • you must be using the world's sharpest knife or something

    Searson 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Best carving instruction yet. Good job

    James Wright 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • That's why you remove the wish bone before you cook it.

    E Z 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • I love my chicken rare 😋

    snusmumriken232 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Superb

    John Sutcliffe 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Glad I'm not the only one stuck with bloody joints! He just kinda ignored that, didn't he? So will I.

    Paul Just Paul 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • But it’s even if you let it rest. How are you serving it s good temp? Burning your hands?

    Lauren Temmler 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • this is so well done, no meat is wasted

    Solo5MiiLy 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • This helped me significantly!! Before, I had been cutting down the middle of breast first.

    I still struggled with my wings but, overall the process was a breeze.

    Thank you! 🙏🏽😊

    PinkPrimaDonna 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Nice…love how the chef eats a piece of chicken while cutting the chicken…hope he's not the carver where I'm eating.

    Judy Fujii Hwang 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Was there a reason to do this demonstration so quickly? Slow it down and teach, please…

    ssisson 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • carving a bloody chicken. oops.

    AlexVids 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Who's here because Rachel Ray's video didn't help WHATSOEVER?! 🙋

    Sara Anschütz Alder 22/10/2022 pm6:35
  • Now I want to make roast chicken so I can practice carving!! Thank you so much!! ✌🏼💖

    Yvette Arby 22/10/2022 pm6:35