Chefs Try Each Other's Tacos

“OH MY GOD. Who made this?!”

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  • You’re supposed to baked those shells. I didn’t know for years 😂

    kd ryan 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Dam didn’t tost the taco shell.??

    Rob Haynes 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I love mushrooms….But the last thing I want when i'm in the mood for tacos…….is mushrooms. Mushrooms have a pretty distinct taste.

    nick peter 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • There's been a mistake. You've accidentally given me the food that my food eats.

    Hopper 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Thank god I skipped through and didn’t waste my time watching this vegan bull 🤮🤮

    Daij 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • "Vegan tacos" videos over

    spongelord 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • should there have been at least one mexican person on the taco episode? seems very colonizing of Buzzfeed

    TheLalo562 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Store bought tortillas can definitely be charred

    Oscar Hernandez 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I (he/him), love(yes/yês) vegan(they/them) tacos(that/that). thanks(why/why).

    Syrus Cloud 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Bro wtf is this, this ain’t tacos

    Jamal on top 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I'd have Remy's taco any day, my kinda flavours

    Shahana Tabbasum 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Nah

    GOUTHAM N 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Now do a video when the chefs make actual tacos with meat in them 😁👍 also mention in the thumbnail they were vegan tacos.

    Patrick Walsh 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Going to the UK to learn Indian food, ah yes let me stop by in Australia to learn Chinese food.

    AT 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I would eat all of them. Twice.

    Jesahn Live 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Although the last recipe looks incredibly delicious, it’s an Asian dish in a tortilla. Lacks creativity, however tasty. The original Latin taco was completely lost

    Lisa M. 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I'm surprised that Will thought he'd win, he didn't actually cook anything. At least the last one cooked her tofu

    Haris 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Going off appearance and ingredients I would want Remy’s but with the homemade tortillas instead lol

    Sarah Turner 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • I think i'm in love with Remy….so gorgeous and he can cook

    Indera Horsford 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • please write these up !!

    Nicola Brooks 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • These are not tacos 😐

    Cristian Muñoz 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Remy is so cute and respectful 🤍

    ZEENΔ 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • These aren’t tacos..

    Pea Pea 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Is it just me or are none of these tacos like…. It’s in a tortilla but baby these ain’t tacos…. Also where are the Mexican flavors like…. At all 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Portia Fatherree 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Is that the dude from Spider-Man

    Daniel Zapien 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • The Rollercoaster of volume in their vowels is killing me lmao

    Jonathan Lopez 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Took me a minute to realise Remy was in spiderman far from home, anyway, I'll keep watching

    M Nb 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • All vegan tacos?

    San bravo 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Remi is charming! He acted princess switch 3

    Hauwa Mahmoud Bello 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • This avocado girl is annoying me. Also has she even seen refried beans? 🙄

    jomsart 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • You know what would be great on these? Pickled cucumber, as he looks down at the pickled cucumber 😂😂😂😂

    Eccentric Strawhat 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Remy and Will all day….they are adorable

    Felicia Lewis 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Also, Will Mahusay was fun with his tasty crispy 🌮tacos. Yihaw!!! 🙂🤠

    Irene Tomazos 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Hello!! Remy Hii is my favorite (I loved him in 'The Princess Switch 3' and 'Harrow'). Yummy! 🤩💖

    Irene Tomazos 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Remy's was the closest to a real taco that's why he won!!!

    Sweet-Tish Eatz! 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • There is nothing wrong with being vegan or even vegetarian, but don't everrrrrrrr disrespect the TACOS like that!!! Those were NOT TACOS!!!

    Sweet-Tish Eatz! 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • This is low key disrespect to any Mexican 😅😂

    TLeigh123 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • This video got me annoyed 😒

    Migwigpee 07 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • What a sad guacamole.

    silencexxv 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Where’s Ryan???

    Haja Kamara 25/10/2022 pm1:18
  • Tofu taco get TF outta here… do any of these have actual meat holy shit the two in the middle used tofu and beans 😐MF beans bruh lol cool add them with some meat not by itself

    AlienHead11 25/10/2022 pm1:18