Carla's California Veggie Sandwich

This is a brand new/never-published-before recipe and I’ve posted the written version as a public post on my Patreon page. Have at it!

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Producer: Zoie Omega

Director of Photography: Tim Racca

Food Stylist: Cybelle Tondu

Editor and Comic Genius: Meg Felling

Theme music “Magic Hours” by Amy Crawford

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash
Photo by Nati Melnychuk on Unsplash



  • love the channel, but… we don't need sound bites to tell us how to feel. Very juvenile feeling, maybe that's the demographics you are going for?

    R Rialb 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • I don't like avocado or goats cheese so for me I'd do hummus. Love a veggie sandwich.

    Rose 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • do you have any idea how expensive goat cheese is? $10 for 8 oz. Yeah, no, we'll need an avocado, thankyou.

    Joey 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Yes, VOTE!

    Gloria A 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • I grew up in Poland and we always, always cut sandwiches straight across. Then I moved to Canada and my now husband cut my sandwiches on the diagonal. Life changer. Diagonal is superior.

    Weronika Walker 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Carla! Baby-girl! Quick question: so are the shallots just kind of a flavorer for the pickled beets & carrots? (Or do you sometimes have some pickled shallot-slices as their own actual veg. layer? (Its a dumb question, because – who cares, its all delicious & we can all do whatever we find yummy… but I'm just asking how you personally most often end up liking to use pickled shallots… as a part of an ensemble or on their own?). And thank you, Carla, for your wonderful, warm, compassionate energy. Kindness, lack of snarkiness, not trying to be edgy or 'too-cool-for-school' will bring me back every time. Thanks for raising the bar, my love. x.

    Dr. M. H. Patterson 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Do you employ the same crew that you previously worked with at the other place? A lot of the videography seems similar. I haven't watched that other channel in…. almost three years?

    mthlay15 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Had me with Bernie. Lost me with goat cheese. 😉

    ML T 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Carla you're from New York.. but us Californians won't hold you for that. Tubular sandwich dude! <3

    Local Gothdad 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • I love your sense of humor – and the sandwich looks delicious!

    Marianna Gurtovnik 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • I always appreciate Carla's consideration of different dietary needs (vegan/veg swaps, pork/beef subs etc) and making sure the recipe will still be delicious regardless of substitutions, but this is a whole new level!
    I love vegetarian/vegan food but HATE avocado. and the avocado boom in the last 10 years or so ensures that theyre on EVERYTHING. I appreciate not building the entire sandwich around the green mush of sadness

    Harpy 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • The general idea is good, but this version has way way too much acid in all ingredients and not enough cheese.

    GoodDay 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • You just inspired me to start making focaccia again, thanks Carla! <3 And girl you glowinnn'

    Power Plant Nutrition 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Too much talking.

    Anon 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • You have sufficiently answered all the questions and concerns I had about the construction of the “California” veggie. Thanks for addressing my and other Californians thoughts and concerns.

    Kemille Greene 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Looks appetizing

    OGBAH EJIRO 21/10/2022 am4:09
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  • Lovely

    Thompson Emmanuel 21/10/2022 am4:09
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    Desmond Obi 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Good

    Adelami Fisayo 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • BERNIE 2024 LETS GO !!!!

    Iitathebomber 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • I love all your videos. Keep it up

    Opeyemi Eletu 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • You never disappoint me before

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  • Lovely

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  • Carlaformation

    Chinonso Kingsley 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Your recipe are perfect

    Oluwafunmilayo John 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • whao

    jumoke esther 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Amazing in every single video

    Miriam Ajigboye 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • ooooo Could we get an affiliate link for Carla's uber fun yellow enamel pot? 🙂 Please!

    Emma Nina Karina 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Veggie sandwiches are a favorite of mine and this one looks delicious! Plus, all sandwiches of any kind are inedible if not cut on the diagonal. 🙃😂

    Laura Maze 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Carlafornia Veggie??

    Baylee Hamilton 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • spirulina dust from an exhaled guru 💀😂

    Colin Athens 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • New subscriber here!! Im so happy to have found your channel!!

    Marily Calma 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Carla, I forgot how much I love your sense of humor!! Subbing right now.

    Italiana 626 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • I wonder if Brad's contract would let him come on your show. Those pickled veggies would be great fermented too.

    Patrick 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • my family home in california had an avocado tree 💚

    Erika Nunotani 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • For the vegans out there Miyoko's Creamery Classic Double Cream Chive Artisan Vegan Cheese is great!

    Isidora Sage 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • As a native Californian it hurt my heart… Wisconsin cheese?!? Carla, how could you not use a Californian cheese in a “California veggie sandwich” 😒 Also the wrong sprouts… Alfalfa or radish sprouts… not bean sprouts (tbh I didn’t watch the whole video you might have a reason for this choice) It’s certainly your take on simply a veggie sandwich. 😏

    C 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Carla shading the Californians is 😘

    Joshua 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Added some Mexican chiles envinagres to this sandwich and it was quite delish.

    techto02 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Where is your cutting board from?

    Kea Perkins 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • I am here for this!!!🙌🙌🙌

    Tanya Amezcua 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • On a side note your nails are ALWAYS on point OMGGGGG ⚰️

    Katherin Madriz 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • We ❤️ you!

    Michael Vegas 21/10/2022 am4:09
  • Diagonal all the way! Never a rectangle.

    Jeff Harper 21/10/2022 am4:09