Can I make Chick-fil-A's Original Chicken Sandwich FASTER than ordering one?

Can I make the famous Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich faster at home?

Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich Recipe:

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  • To me Chic filet is waaaaay overated

    joseph tate 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • No vinegar to clean the chicken?

    socrates 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • By making your own "chick-fil-a" sandwich, you are not supporting a homophobic dirtbag!

    oo7warrior 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Whenever I see an American frying stuff at home in a pan i always wonder why they dont use a home fryer. Dont they sell those in the USA?

    K. D. C. 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Stop, you spend 60% of your time tanking condiment, cleaning, and searching for something…………….We like your video……..but cook we know you're better than fast food

    ZMF2017 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • I'd have started heating the oil before prepping the chicken. Also if you'll strain your oil through a coffee filter, it will remove far more particulates and "clean" it up better so it lasts a lot longer.

    White Rabbit 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • The amount of chicken cross-contamination in this video is too damn high.

    Chilli Potato 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Course mayo?

    BIGgourami 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • He beat you in time but when it time for evaluation it was game over you into your element and you kill crushed it. You both were so good it was funny.❤😂😂😂😂

    Rajah Ghany 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Chick-fil-A video was so good your comments along with tasting, seeing the look on your face, both comments.
    man that’s a superstar video I loved it for a beginner. You need to watch yourself and see what we’re talking about. I’m a Chick-fil-A fan but you are so right you crushed it!!😢😅😮❤

    Rajah Ghany 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • The only thing I am taking away from this vid is to Ethans point, it doesn't take that long to make a homemade chicken sandwich. But I'd still take Chick-fil-a's chicken sandwich over Ethans.. LOL.

    Crasher & Maple’s Adventures 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Subbed just because you showed yourself losing on top of the great information ty.

    RJB8games 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Gabe devoured that homemade version. It’s obvious which one won 😊

    wcg66 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Bigger pan and you could do all 4 in the same time and the little ones are for the smaller appetite people like me or a small child.

    BrigitofBergental 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • And making it yourself means you are not funding governments in Africa that have deadly anti-LGBTQ+ policies.

    BrigitofBergental 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • you should never reuse oil. during frying cancerous substances are created. Oil should be always used only ones.

    magdag771 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • "I don't think there will be a video yet where I don't knock something over"

    … Escher sentence?

    Jonathan Seibert 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • We also have price we should check out…

    Tyler Ngo 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Soap for the love of God soap after you touch chicken. This is how you get salmonella all over your kitchen surfaces

    Apollo 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Blasphemy! A chicken sandwich is NOT "a chicken sandwich"!

    PurplePigment 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Great show! Your talk about cleaning up as you go reminded me of Gene, the Anal-Retentive Chef skit from Saturday Night Live lol.

    Mat Huff 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • This looks amazing 😍

    Whitney Kani 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • Try a coffee type filter in your strainer to really strain out all the impurities in the oil. Make sure to pour it in the jar while warm (not hot) or it'll take forever to strain

    Asheville Comics 24/10/2022 pm6:28
  • 10:00 Uncle Roger would be proud.

    EliteTeamKiller 24/10/2022 pm6:28