Can Gordon Ramsay Cook a Burger in 10 Minutes for a Front-Line Workers Charity? | Ramsay In 10

Gordon went live this weekend to put himself to his biggest challenge yet….cook a burger in 10 Minutes or donate £10,000 to the NHS Charities Together. Find out if he’s able to do it as Gordon and and his family #StayHome. And don’t forget to join him weekly as he attempts to show you simple, easy meals that you can do in 10 Minutes.

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Full Recipe:

1/2 LB of Ground Beef
1 Egg
Frozen Chili
Slice of Cheddar Cheese
Grapeseed Oil



  • How am i supposed to eat that

    Hex Bread 17/10/2022 pm11:18

    oren 555 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • The amount of times he touches the raw burger then his towel and then throws it on his shoulder lmao. Good times he's a legend!

    agrododomac 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • He literally says literally literally too much

    We're All Thinking It 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Please. For all that is holy…PAN DOWN!!!

    Pete Wardrope 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • My guy puts salt on salt….

    JoseFromTheBay 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • His hair transplant is so fucking stupid. He's trying to be Peter Pan.. It isn't working… 🤦‍♂️😳

    Nick H 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Love that stove top; NO pot tipping over there !
    Need a good burger portion control set for making burgers of meats.

    robert hodge 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Omg what is the reason he use egg yolks
    My point of weave is for binding
    Omg yolk never binding agents 😢
    White is the binding agent
    Seeeeeee how’s legendary
    No one in the world they keep saying I’m legend or some one legends hmmmmmm😂

    Mrk 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Look at my buns 😍
    Beautiful 😋

    Spirit 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • haha amazing

    INOKZFROMTHEBAY 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Im doing my nails while watching this 😂made my night

    nancy ramirez 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • 7:21 the legendary meme

    STOP GOGETHELP 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • This guy has at least 10x more energy than I could ever hope to achieve.

    GuNCh Bandit 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Thats was messy smokey 🔥 yippee yummy burger 🍔 making me hungry 🤤

    Debby Bourgeois 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Gordon is one of the most entertaining people I've even seen and met. Great guy!

    Digital City PC Repair 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • It takes 10 minutes to cook the meats on low heat. The preparation do takes up times to do. Thus, the title was not correct. I do not knows s was what you mean.

    Theblessedone 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • I do likes you actually. But because I noticed your personality displayed in public I realized you are the type of people I would surely avoids. I have a winning recipe that I just tried on that I created myself. It is the tastiest & healthiest Hamburgers I have ever cooked. Totally 100% leaned Beef. Olives Oils instead of animal fats. I am not welling to tell. First time cooking my own Hamburgers with fresh grounded beef. I cooked 4 thick big Hamburgers. I do not used Tomato, raw sliced Union, Cheese, & Ketchup. I already had ingredients that substituted them all that I can taste them. I got everything I needs for the taste. Juicy, smoky, done right, etc…I Pan cooked them with just enough Olives Oils & using a lid to keep the inside cooked through fast & short.

    Theblessedone 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Mr. Ramsey is having using too much Salts issue. It showed on my Face. Your Face will have too much Water in the Skins. This makes you looked Chubby @ the Face but you are leaned the rest of the body. This is how you knows for sure that your cooking was bad.

    Theblessedone 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • the amount of salt in this video is astonishing

    bob builder 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Nobody:

    Gordon: PAN DOWN PAN DOWNN!!!

    Matt Lindsey 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • what is plain mint beef?

    Alfredo Rangel 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • 10 minutes to cook, 1 hour to clean up!!

    Nick B 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • I can cook a joint faster

    Souer Diesel 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • It's so cool to see how he opened up over the years. From that on screen personality.

    Father Time 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Most overrated self absorbed Cheft alive today. MPW taught him everything and basically all his recipes are spins off of him.

    Mr. Barnes 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • I usually watch cooking videos on x2 speed but this time I watched it on normal speed

    thsudy 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • The lack of watching his hands and touching all the utensils then putting the buns on the girls head. 😮😮.. nope

    adi eisner 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Can Gordon Ramsay cook a burger in 10 minutes without swearing at it?

    Randy VanBever 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • 1lb of salt fuk me for one burger 😢lol

    dinointhetube 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • It’s not 10 minutes all prep done cook didn’t see any washing up Gordon ??
    Not 10 minutes unless you got some to prep and wash up after you.?
    Fire alarm anyone 😂😂😂

    dinointhetube 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Jori kur mano burgeris?

    Dominykas Smilinskas 17/10/2022 pm11:18

    Kevin Covarrubias 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • 7:19 probably the only person in the world who can say that 🤣

    Aseem Thapliyal 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Gordon criticizing anyone he meets cooking: fuck you and this dish

    Gordon criticizing his wife cooking: says nothing

    Uncut F and U 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • The magical regret aboaly tick because cent etiologically touch plus a few fierce cushion. left, untidy grease

    Moez Z 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • What are you
    I’m an idiot sandwich

    Oliver Jenner 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Cross contamination -_-

    Zarahemla Dela Cruz 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Pan down.

    Påñtšü Mäśtęr 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Must be awesome having Chef Ramsay as a neighbor!

    Andre Dugger 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • The family interaction is just priceless, I could watch this all day, Tilly is my fave

    gmbrereton 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • First I think is funny, then after that I would not eat his burger, first his hand touch his hair. Second, one hand held the town, then touch cell phone, then slap his pants. Then touch meat. Hand should clean first, before touching meat.

    Buffy Vamp 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • I was gonna do this and take it to work . . . then I realised Rustlers are now part of the Tesco meal deal

    MC Afrique 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • Joe would be glaring at Gordon saying "Do you think forgetting the sauce is a good idea at this stage?"

    Wayne Palumbo 17/10/2022 pm11:18
  • He makes me very nervous being that hyper

    Michael Butterworth 17/10/2022 pm11:18