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”The Distance” by CAKE in HD
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He’s going the distance
He’s going for speed
She’s all alone (All alone)
All alone in her time of need
Because he’s racing and pacing and plotting the course
He’s fighting and biting and riding on his horse
He’s going the distance

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  • This is a good song for thinking of Max Verstappen

    Thomas Wiker 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Looks like Jeff from American dad

    Mighty Hawk 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • She deserves to be alone.

    The burning fire of eternal damnation. 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Get the fuck outta here, I never knew this song had a video.

    foodiusmaximus 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Used to hear this on the school bus in 6th grade lol pretty sure they stopped letting us listen to that station like 6 months later

    Knockout Artist #stoppage 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • love!!!!!

    ROCKA ROLLA 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • He's going the distance! No trophy. With muscle truck speed….. He's going the distance on his horse 🐎….. LoL October 10 of 2022

    Lauren REBEL MAN Myers 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • that bass

    SCORPION FIRE 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • why is he using a pre time skip trafalgar law hat

    Driv Forc 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • If only our Sacramento politicians were as awesome as this Sacramento band.

    Richard Hartley 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • 2022 and I heard this song for the first time 2 months ago… how?!?

    Nick Wells 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • 2022 🇧🇷

    Fábio Bittencourt 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • I remember that when I heard this music for the first time it was in Mario Kart Black (the Wii mod) :')

    marckXtube 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • This is a better song to test your speakers with than that Radiohead song.

    John D 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • @back stabbing DoD and feds-why do I get the bad feeling that Peggy from counter Intel and Bernard who shipped heavy water, ties to the Caribbean, and had an outstanding warrant under seal that was a principal in my murder for hire are connected? Oh let me guess! Warrants under seal from DC-thats an act right? Judges do that. 9 million hit job is an act too. Right? @crooked bastards.

    I. M Q-2 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • anybody know what that stupid ass ring he keeps insisting the camera see, is?

    marchatesyou1 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • What was the last thing you ate?


    Janelle 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • You guys should have management submit the band's catalog of music for consideration for use as television and/or movie soundtrack. Just a suggestion! Cheers, Ed.

    Edward Weiss 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Welcome to your 20's where no one is monogamous , good luck 🤞

    David Flake 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • LOL, I cannot unsee the satanic symbolism in this video after knowing what to look for. #babyeaters It's a shame, considering I liked their music.

    silver3344 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Dammit I love this song!!

    Shellz Moe 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • The lyrics have some of the best imagery in all music. Quasi-literary, even.

    Miles Knight Estrada 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Furioso D

    Rodrigo Salto 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • This song has been out nearly 30 years, but this is the first time I'm seeing this video.

    Evilmotorsports 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • horrible video

    Reese Whitman 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Put the speed to X2

    Brayden Simpson 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • I Fkn love Tom Green!

    Jay B 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • This video makes me think of the mentality I had during my junior year of high school-the guy running a race, competing against himself. Now, I look at my niece at the same age, and she's telling me about joining the school's crochet club. I kick myself for being too hard on myself back then.

    LadyGreyBlack 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • This should be the theme song for the Isle of Mann TT.

    firehouse62 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Lol idk why but I can hear Mordecai and Rigby singing this 😂😂😅

    Kam Musik 17/10/2022 am7:30
  • Thank you ❤️

    Renee Homco 17/10/2022 am7:30